Prepare For The Great Crypto Reset | Coinbase to Leave United States?

Major news happening in crypto today I'm Going to share with you five stories Five pieces of news you should know as An investor so crypto Story one of five Coinbase has just received their Bermuda License outlines their Global expansion Plans The Exchange is also in talks with Abu Dhabi Global Market Regulators about Opening a regulated exchange there so Notice with all the regulatory Uncertainty in the US as outlined by us These last two days covering the Congressional hearings coinbase isn't Taking any chances and they plan to be Here with or without the US market so Coinbase has received the regulatory License to operate in Bermuda and the Reason they chose this jurisdiction Bermuda was one of the First Financial Centers to pass comprehensive digital Asset regulation back in 2018. Bermuda Was chosen as one of our International Hubs as the BMA Bermuda monetary Authority is a highly respect affected And experienced Financial regulator that Is led by a world-class exec team and Board of directors so while the United States is seemingly now in this Regulatory Purgatory the rest of the World is taking advantage you know Coinbase we've evaluated over a thousand Different assets and as I mentioned Earlier 800 of them we've rejected and We do think they have some properties of

Being a security so we don't trade those Today another 200 or so of them we do Trade today and we feel that those are Commodities so you know look I think as A as a CEO we want to basically just Have a clear rule book right and if a Clear rules are published we're happy to Follow it and if those rules change you Know we're happy to follow those Um but I think you know when we when we Became a public company we explained to The SEC in our S1 filing and in dozens Of meetings that we've had with the SEC I think we work pretty collaboratively With them we've explained our business To them many times including in our S1 And you know they approved us to become A public company so we'll continue Working with Regulators all over the World about where the boundaries are on What's a commodity what's the security Or what is something else Co-founder of Gemini Tyler Winklevoss Also sounding off today about Potentially moving to Europe while U.S Regulators have been busy infighting and Refusing to provide the most basic of Clarity for the crypto industry the European Union just approved the mica Regulation which provides a Comprehensive regulatory framework for Crypto in Europe it's sad to see the us Being left behind on such an important Technology and its promise and in an act

Of sheer Defiance the meme coin Market Surprisingly is popping off clogging up Ethereum while Dogecoin takes a dip so Spacex's Starship explodes and the Dogecoin price reacted here's the video Was icing on the cake This far honestly is amazing Well if you're just joining us Starship Just experienced what we call a rapid Unscheduled disassembly and just for Perspective on the magnitude of all this This is the size of the Starship this is The size of the average U.S male and This is an example of what usually lands On the moon or orbits around the moon And this is what I believe Jeff Bezos And William Shatner took off in so Elon's Starship much bigger now when This happened the Dogecoin price tanked Five percent and we are reaching a Tipping Point a reset in this market Case in point forget the price the Bitcoin mining boom is quietly going Parabolic so while bitcoin's price may Be struggling at or under thirty Thousand dollars under the hood all-time Highs of a different kind keep coming The latest data shows that the Bitcoin Network's fundamentals difficulty and Hash rate will hit new records this week So looking at these two graphs you can See the parabolic nature of both the Hash rate and the network difficulty These graphs are from 2010 but

Especially in this year 2023. according To data from the difficulty will Again increase by approximately 2.1 Percent on April 20th reaching 48.91 Trillion and to put that number into Perspective the dizzying tally is a full 13 trillion higher than the start of This year alone now how this affects you And me as the old adage goes price Follows hash rate usually of course it Doesn't have to and one of the key Focuses on why hash rate continues to go Up one of many is that Russia is Stepping up their mining activity over The past year to reportedly become the World's second largest Miner in 2023 This according to a report in Russia so Take this for what you will but to me This reminds me of a famous clip back Around 2019 in the depths of the bear Market when hash rate was continuing to Go up yet price was middling Mark yusco Drop in the knowledge every fundamental Indicator of Bitcoin usage wallets block Size transaction size number of Transactions every single one hash rate Making new highs all of the indicators Of the network and the network value are Rising the price of any asset fluctuates Let's take Amazon Amazon's been a public Company for 20 years in every year Including this year that a double digit Drawdown the average Peak to trough Minus 31 twice minus 90 percent when was

The right time to sell never who's owned It since the IPO to today Jeff and his Mom and dad that's it all right we're Gonna leave it there mark all right Thanks thanks Rick Morgan Creek capital Outcast And a major Milestone just happened if You like Solana helium completes their Solana migration minting nearly 1 Million nfts in the process so this was A complete reset for helium they're now On Solana and as part of the migration Process an nft is being minted to Represent each physical hotspot node Running on the ethereum network Ultimately tallying over 991 thousand Solana nfts Hot Spot owners will claim Their respective nfts when they log into Their wallet tied to the hotspot and Owners can still transfer or update Hotspot locations as they please and why This 1 million nft mint is such a big Deal if you hold Solana because this is The most prominent test case to date for Solana's new state compression feature Which lets creators mint potentially Enormous amounts of nfts for relatively Low costs compared to other platforms And even a much lower cost than Sylvana's standard nft minting process And to put this into perspective According to the Solana Foundation this New process cuts the estimated cost of Minting 1 million nfts to now about 113

Dollars worth of Soul compared to an Estimated 253 thousand dollars worth of Soul using Solana without the compression Tech so 113 compared to 253 000 or also compared to 32 800 if you Chose to do this with polygon they say Minting this on ethereum would cost People a million nfts would cost 33.6 Million in total so a huge milestone for The Solana ecosystem and next piece of News a little reset for defy altcoin 0x The blockchain infrastructure provider Xerox rolls out a new line of apis the New platform is aimed at providing Developers the tools to build Financial Products on crypto rails and if you hold 0x this is what this new update means The new project according to their Statement includes five apis among them Swap API which connects developers to More than 100 exchanges and transaction Relay API which enables trade fees Without gas fees what is an API an API Is a channel that allows two computers Or software systems to communicate with Each other and in a direct quote from Xerox on why this is a little reset why This is a big shift they say this Represents a big shift for us meaning The Xerox team has already helped build Several popular retail-focused crypto Wallets like coinbase wallet Robinhood Wallet and metamask but with this new

Platform the company is now better Equipped to provide professional grade Tools to institutions all with the Underlying structure of the Xerox Protocol be sure to click subscribe Because you want to stay up to date on The crypto market and like always see You tomorrow


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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