​​Prepare for Bitcoin’s Insane NEXT Move in July

The short answer is that liquidity Matters it's the most important thing For investors we haven't spoken about China yet but China means badly to Goose's economy we're moving into a new Era we're moving into a new era Bitcoin Just pushed now above 31 000 and in fact Looking since the November lows were up Near a hundred percent in price the Bigger question today is what's next What's next for Bitcoin well we know That hash rate meaning the strength of The underlying computer network is at an All-time high we know that Regulators Are warming up to this space if BlackRock all of a sudden has filed for A Bitcoin ETF that's not Futures based It's spot Bitcoin right okay I don't see How this changes anybody can get it done Would you would you bet against BlackRock no you know they're they're The bmoth but a much bigger factor that Not many people are talking about is Liquidity Global liquidity in the Markets the short answer is liquidity Matters it's the most important thing For investors really to watch and track Uh the reason the Market's gone up is is Very clearly to do with more liquidity And that's the key factor Um what is liquidity Um let me start by saying what it isn't It's not a measure of interest rates It's not conventional money supply in

Terms of our definition which is a Long-standing definition that basically Goes back to the time that I was at Solomon Brothers back uh probably two Two decades or more ago it's looking at The flow of money through Global Financial markets so it's the cash and Credit that is available for purchase or Investment in assets uh and it's the key Measure that drives asset prices so Liquidity matters and in a recent Episode of forward guidance awesome Podcast macro expert Michael Howell of Cross border Capital said something Really interesting well I think the I Mean the answer is that we're we're in a A liquidity cycle uh upturn that Liquidity cycle upturn will not be a Straight line but the next Peak is Likely to be 2026 and the point that We've been making is that you know after Suffering a headwind uh investors Suffering a headwind over the last 18 Months with liquidity being drained and What they're beginning to catch now as a Tailwind and that Tailwind should last Uh two to three years uh if we're Correct meaning looking at Global Liquidity meaning not just the FED but The European Central Bank the bank of Japan People's Bank of China Bank of England Etc this rally this optic is far from Over and that's absolutely not to say

That we won't have nasty pullbacks that There won't be crashes everything is Possible especially in crypto but in a Direct quote from Michael Howell he says QE is coming back Big Time central banks Have spent much of the last few months Bailing out Banks what they're going to Spend much of the next few years bailing Out is governments there is this threat As I uh pointed out that Central Bank QE Has to come back big time to basically Repair government or fiscal finances and That's the other thing you've got to Start thinking about in other words We're moving into a new era the covid Crisis was a watershed in many ways but It was a watershed in terms of the Policy decision of how government Spending was funded it was not funded by Higher taxes okay that is unusual it was Funded entirely uh by issuing debt and The central banks took that debt up so He's essentially saying that all that Increased surplus of spending wasn't Because we got more money from from Taxes like it would usually be done but In instead they printed so much money The government took on debt the central Bank took on debt but looking forward We're about to see similar issues and Not because of kovid but of other areas Of government spending That we're going to need to keep up with It was funded entirely uh by issuing

Debt and the central banks took that Debt up uh what we've got is a similar Problem coming up because you've got Another big spending program which is Being caused by effectively two things One is aging demographics which are Forcing mandatory spending programs up Uh and you've also got the defense uh Bill to pay and if you look at CBO Projections Congressional budget office Projections they've got a relatively Passive uh forecast or projection for Defense spending if you get back to Cold War levels when America was spending at Least five percent of GDP on defense Then your son to look at serious uh Levels of debt issuance in the next 10 Years an average of 2 trillion a year in Fact and the Federal Reserve will likely Have to come in and take a large share Of that debt issuance in other words the FED balance sheet goes up and while Michael Howell's thesis is the Fed is Going forced to print much more money Because how else are we going to pay for These programs the bigger catalyst is Global liquidity especially in the East People's Bank of China liquidity and Then the overall Asian markets it's Going to increase because other central Banks are going to be adding liquidity We haven't spoken about China yet but China means badly to Goose's economy It's already have one go at it at the

Beginning of the year it's cooled off But it's it's going to do it again They're going to have to do that there's No question there's no way out with These tickets are coming the liquidity Speakers are coming in China yeah it has To come simply because you can't sustain An economy uh even a uh you know a Chinese type economy with 20 youth Unemployment it just doesn't it just Doesn't work they're going to have to You know promote more growth and I'm Sure that's coming we got the you know The first inkling is of it in the last Few days anyway and then you've got as Well uh what's going on is a major Capital shift towards Asian markets now That's another fact factor which comes Back to the cross border flow element That cross border those cross-border Flows into Asia will be monetized by the Central banks and that Capital shift is Evident Vis the Japanese stock market That's going up we've got liquidity Indicators and there's some in the pack Which show the liquidity movement into Japan Um and I can give you a maybe a uh There's a chart reference if I can find It quickly but basically what that's Showing on page 17 is the Japanese Liquidity cycle uh and the nikai 225 Index and basically that's showing why Uh you know the Japanese Market is going

Up and if you believe that liquidity is Going to continue to go up in Japan then The market must rise uh pretty well you Know Warren Warren Buffett's made a Brilliant call here by shifting some of His funds into Japan uh catching it Around the bottom uh you know great Great call as always but you know other Markets are going to start to do the Same and so yeah you've got to start Thinking about is the effect of these Capital shift and again I'm not a Financial advisor nor can I see the Future so do your own research and the Price action we're seeing for Bitcoin in The United States is interesting Bitcoin's price has been trading at a Premium on coinbase relative to other Exchanges since the BlackRock filing This is likely us-based High net worth Individuals and hedge funds front Running expected institutional flows Bitcoin is is digital gold it it is Taking the place of what gold did for Five thousand years right there's only One money in the world that's gold money Is an asset that exists in the absence Of a liability gold has played that role It sits at the base layer of currency Currency backed by debt created by Governments to facilitate Commerce sits On top of money gold and for five Thousand years Gold's done a good job But gold isn't portable and it's not

Divisible able Bitcoin a permanent Immutable Ledger does play that role as A base layer of new money going forward And we'll build the future of Finance on Top of that and I will give you the full Story because you know on this channel I Won't just share with you the bullish News I'll share with you all the news so You can make the best decision for you And breaking bitco has canceled their Prime trust acquisition as users report Frozen withdrawals so crypto custodian Bitco announced that it was ending talks To acquire rival Prime trust ending the Acquisition two weeks after it was Announced and the reason this is big News is because the speculation and Again this has not been proven but the Speculation is that Prime trust is Insolvent around the same time bitco Made its announcement social media users Were sharing images of what appeared to Be an email from Prime trust to its Customers it announced a halt to all Withdrawals for digital assets and Fiat Currencies and the reason was the Message said the pause was a response to A cease and desist order prime trust Received from Financial Regulators in Nevada so in a direct quote from the Nevada Regulators Prime trust has a Shortfall of customer funds as well as Prime trust is operating at a Substantial deficit or even may be

Insolvent the order said this is Obviously an ongoing story like always I'll keep you updated and for those of You that want to join us for a festival In Portugal next month use code altcoin Daily 50 for 50 off your tickets link Down below


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