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The base case of the committee seems to Be that there is going to be at least One rate cut this year big news for Crypto holders today smash the like Button let me tell you what you need to Know first of all the Federal Reserve Jerome poell just had their fomc meeting Today the takeaway is that interest Rates are being held unchanged 5.2% to 5.5% now indicating only one rate cut Happens this year the base case of the Committee seems to be that there is Going to be at least one rate cut this Year but your growth forecast doesn't See any slow down in the rest of the Year nor does the unemployment forecast See any uh significant weakening of the Labor market and your inflation Forecasts basically average out to no Change so if at the end of the year There is no change from conditions now Why would you anticipate cutting rates What what what would be the point for a Rate cut we think policy is restrictive And we think ultimately uh that if you Just set policy at a restrictive level Eventually you will see real weakening In the economy so that's always been the Thought is that you know since we raise Rates this far we we've always been Pointing to cuts at a certain point not To eliminate the possibility of hikes But you know no one has that as their Base case so uh no one on the committee

Does you know that's how we think about It and that's that's what we've been Getting that's that's what we've been Getting is good progress on inflation With growth at a at a a good level and Uh with a strong labor market now Ultimately we think rates will have to Come down to continue to support that But so far they haven't had to and you Know that's why we're watching so Carefully for signs of weakness we don't Really see that we kind of see what we Wanted to see which was gradual Cooling In demand gradual rebalancing in the Labor market while we're continuing to Make progress on inflation so I me we're Getting we're getting a good result here We're going to see at least one rate cut This year we might see two we might see Three Anthony scari basically explained This in our interview the other day I Have been in the camp that we're going To get two and possibly still three rate Cuts I think the consensus now is one Rate cut but I actually think it's gonna Be I believe that yes I do believe that I think they're going to come in the Months of October November December I Think you're going to get the rate Cuts You get the rate cuts the you're going To get a tear in Bitcoin you're going to Get a tear in uh risk assets bitcoin's Over 100,000 by the end of the year That's my honest opinion and the thing

Is something needs to be done Jerome Powell has said before that the only way Out is to take on more debt at the end Of the day there's only one solution to This problem and that is Congress Whatever else may happen will happen but Congress really needs to raise the debt Ceiling that's the only only way out and If we fail to do so I think that the Consequences are hard to estimate but They could be extraordinary arily averse Adverse and could do long-standing harm So because of this because this is such A problem Bitcoin given enough time can Only go up Mike Alfred explains why Bitcoin can only go up in 75 seconds Because of the debt because of the Deficit listen the US is adding couple Trillion dollars to the national debt Every year which is effectively you know A high single digit deficit I don't Think that deficit style spending and Adding to the debt is going to stop and So effectively what they're doing is Creating more money um every single year Whether they call it that or not and you Can't create more Bitcoin faster right The money supply in Bitcoin is entirely Dictated by the code and the algorithm So you have this immovable Force which Is this decentralized immutable Ledger Backed by all of this hash power right That can't change won't change and then You have the Fiat systems globally which

Effectively have no incentive to uh Introduce austerity they have no Incentive to reduce spending the Politicians are only going to be in Office as long long as they make their Constituents happy and so they're going To continue to take the easy path while Bitcoin takes the hard path and you get The benefit of that as a holder because It's about relative scarcity right it's It's not that there's not going to be Any new Bitcoin of course we know There's going to be about 450 new Bitcoin a day it's that there's a lot More dollars a lot more Yen a lot more Rubles a lot more Euros right a lot more Yuan being created than there are Bitcoin and so effectively that means The Fiat denominated value of Bitcoin Goes up things are really heating up for Bitcoin particularly as current Presidential candidate and former President Donald Trump is continuing to Lean even harder into Bitcoin day after Day Donald Trump just met with Bitcoin Magazine CEO and US Bitcoin miners his Message I support you I support Bitcoin This is him meeting with David Bailey The CEO of Bitcoin magazine this is a Tweet or rather a post or rather a truth On Truth social that Donald Trump posted Immediately after saying we want all Bitcoin made in the US it will help us With energy dominance this is huge

Clearly he's going to the right people To get his talking points and I just Hope that Joe Biden and Democrats will Continue to feel the pressure he needs To be Pro crypto if he wants to win That's what I think because crypto isn't Partisan crypto is for everyone case in Point one of the world's largest banks The ICBC says Bitcoin is like digital Gold and ethereum is like digital oil This is notable for two different big Reasons number one this is one of the Largest banks in the world on par with JP Morgan Chase and number two this is a Large Bank in China and with Chinese Banks so tied to the nation of China Like this coming around you got to think Are they opening back up to bitcoin and Ethereum will we be seeing some Bitcoin And ethereum ETFs soon like we have in Hong Kong will they come to China which Is a lot bigger Market it's amazing when You dive into their report and actually See what they say about bitco coin and Ethereum Bitcoin retains the scarcity Similar to Gold through mathematical Consensus while solving its problem of Being difficult to divide difficult to Identify authenticity and inconvenient To carry and then they called ethereum Digital oil ethereum has been Continuously upgrading its technology in Terms of security scalability and Sustainability providing technical power

For the digital future I mean they say a Lot more than this truly is amazing to See the fact is the best part of the Cycle is still yet to come here on Pump's podcast Matthew seagull vanx head Of digital asset research and portfolio Management gives his price predictions On bitcoin ethereum and salana listen What is your bullish case for Bitcoin Eth and salana right now out of the Research yeah so out of the research uh The official price Target on bitcoin is 325,000 uh which is half the market cap Of gold we're going to have some new Research soon that incorporates the ler Two opportunity um and should send the Price Target higher for eth new report Dropped uh today 22,000 per coin we Estimate that the network is going to Produce $70 billion of free cash flow by 2030 33 times that and then Solana our Base case was 300 bucks uh that base Case is obsolete now because we used a Lower market share number for Solana Because of some of the technical debt uh And they've made a lot of progress so Bull case on that 3,000 365 22,000 and 3,000 yeah now is The time to get into altcoins in my Opinion now the Bitcoin has broken All-time highs now that the having is Behind us historically this is really When you see these massive gains in Altcoins you know bitcoin's going to

What 3x from here altcoin is going to 5 10 20x from here depending on which coin And this image really does sum up the Current state of the market perfectly Bitcoins had a major run altcoins not so Much if you're wondering why sentiment Is so poor relative to the price of Bitcoin here's your answer and with Teruna or more specifically terraform Labs agreeing to pay 4.47 billion under The settlement with the US SEC from Teral Luna's 2022 collapse the cream Really is rising to the top in crypto Nowadays something big is happening to Cardano cardano prepares for its voler ERA with node 9.0 launch this upgrade is Set to unlock decentralized governance In community funding Charles hoskinson Says it looks like June will be the Month that cardano node reaches 9.0 this Means that cardano is Chang Fork ready It's the most significant milestone in The history of cardano and for the Industry as a whole cardano will be a Decentralized civilization spanning the Entire world with millions of residents Will have the most Advan Advanced Blockchain government system annual Budgets a treasury and the wisdom of our Entire Community to guide us it's been Nearly 10 years for some of us on this Remarkable journey I can't believe that In a single decade we built a nation I'm Proud of all of you cardano gives me

Hope for our industry in the world let's Spend the next decade making a big dent In the universe if you're looking for More of a low cap gem check out cookie 3 Cookie it's an AI data layer for all Marketing the first open marketing F Economy shared between businesses Creators and users so this project is Just getting started I think it's got a Lot of legs I mean just take a look at The numbers 14 billion plus multi-chain Transactions 18,000 K's with 410 million Followers 700,000 plus social Community 5.5 million in funding secured Blue Chip VCS like Anoka Brands top tier angels And advisers hey look at us right there My preferred exchange for cookie is Bybit use our bybit link below launching I mean maybe when you view this video It'll be launched on bybit another thing That I like about this is if you steak Cookie you can then collect airdrops From multiple projects within the cookie Ecosystem like here quoto Finance so They've got a fairly large ecosystem for Where they're at right now you guys are Always asking me about low cap gems get Cookie on your radar and if you've been Following us on Twitter you've probably Seen us tweet about cookie before anyway Maybe something that you haven't seen us Talk that much about but is certain Really getting in there as far as making A name for itself in the market is ton

Tons daily active addresses reached 417,000 Surpassing ethereum why is this well This impressive growth is fueled by Telegrams 900 million plus users hey Make sure if you're on Twitter you Subscribe to us you're one of our Exclusive subscribers on Twitter cuz we Get kind of deeper going over what makes A coin more valuable sometimes than just Overall provid you with exclusive Alpha For our X subscribers so if you're Interested to know more about ton in This case subscribe to us on X don't Have to only if you're interested in Hearing more Daily Alpha or chatting With us injective I think injective is Going to come back in a big way they've Got a great token burning mechanism Their their L1 injective itself the Protocol is getting used people are on Boarding money is coming in and Injective turned the 50-day EMA into Support broke the downtrend and Confirmed the treadline as support now Too yes it's still consolidating for Sure but if we can keep 32 break into 33 I think we could see injective kind of Get back into the hearts and Minds like We saw more towards the beginning of This cycle hey make sure you get your Tickets for Bitcoin Nashville my brother And I will be speaking at Bitcoin Nashville use code altcoin daily 10% off

Tickets come hang out with us it's going To be the biggest Bitcoin crypto Conference in the world and it's taking Place in in Nashville in July altcoin Daily 10% off subscribe to our Channel Join our team see you tomorrow


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