Premier League Embraces NFTs for Fantasy League in $150M Deal [ Crypto Espresso 1.31.22 ]

Sick and tired of the work week might I Interest you in a good old-fashioned Tuesday news day that's right I'm your Host Andrew and it is Tuesday so let's Kick things off with crypto espresso Your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines first up After a long-running legal tussle two Anonymous backers of Sam bankman Freed's 250 million dollar Bond will be named Media Outlets had argued that this Information was in the public interest But his lawyers feared that they could Face harassment the other co-signers of The bond sbf's parents have allegedly Received threatening correspondence with Three men driving into middle barricades Outside of their home and saying ominous Things like where to be back it will be Interesting to see who was willing to Put their wealth and neck on the line to Keep SPF under house arrest as he awaits Trial the judge's decision comes after a Slew of media companies including the Associated Press Bloomberg CNBC Wall Street Journal and others have sued for The information the premier league has Teamed up with fantasy sports league so Rare to offer nft playing cards of Players from the 20 top ranked teams in England the nft cards can be used in so Rare's fantasy football league with Players choosing five cards to create a Team that performs based on those

Players actions on the pitch top Performing fantasy teams win rewards the Deal is rumored to cost 150 million Dollars and comes despite the recent Slump in nft trading volumes rewards Range from an additional player card to Ether match tickets signed kits and once In a lifetime experiences such as Playing Five aside with football stars Officials hope this will enable fans to Feel closer to the Premier League Elon Musk is moving ahead with plans to turn Twitter into a payments app that would Eventually include cryptocurrency Options while musk wants to focus on Fiat currencies like the US dollar first And foremost crypto payments could come Later according to a January 30th report In the financial times the report adds That Twitter is applying for regulatory Licenses from the U.S treasury Department as well as state Regulators Throughout the country and hopes to have Them in place within a year as with most Things involving Elon Musk and Cryptocurrency the article drove a quick Spike on the price of Dogecoin which Rose from 8.6 cents to 9.1 cents Although it's kind of Fallen back within Two hours and finally before spf's Empire collapsed elevator research Repaid almost half a billion dollars in Outstanding loans to already bankrupt Crypto lender Voyager digital but now

The management team overseeing the FTX Group's bankruptcy wants it back besides Arguing that because the payment was Within the 90-day avoidance period in Which a bankrupt company can claw back Money if paid the FTX restructuring team Said Voyager and other crypto lenders Share some of the blame for the Exchange's collapse calling Voyager a Feeder fund the FTX groups filing said The lender solicited retail investors And invested their money with little or No due diligence in cryptocurrency Investment funds like Alameda and three Arrows capital and speaking of quality Well-thought Investments you dear viewer Have the opportunity of a lifetime by Liking this video subscribing to our YouTube channel and clicking on that Little bell icon to get buzzed whenever Every new crypto espresso video goes Live what'd you think about today's Episode by the way well that's too bad Because I'll never know comments are Still disabled because because Bots Questions about our headlines are crypto In general why not ask Alex in that Description below Alex is a great Resource for all things web 3 and the Metaverse and that about does it for Today again I've been your host Andrew These have been your headlines and we'll See all of your beautiful shining faces Tomorrow


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