Portal Crypto: The Next Big Opportunity in Gaming (The Universal Gaming Coin)

Crypto gaming and crypto gaming coins Are about to be massive the industry in General for all of gaming expected to Grow by nearly a hundred billion over The next four years gaming is global It's bigger than film and music combined And by the way just like the mobile Aspect of gaming back in 2014 absolutely Was the next big Trend today player Owned economies are the trend player Owned economy player owned economy Player owned assets a Ka crypto gaming And I loved this breakdown from Portal Now portal is the next Generation gaming Platform and publisher and this is great Perspective that the last platform shift To Mobile gaming was doubted by Mainstream markets and Legacy game Companies until mobile became the Largest segment of gaming onchain gaming Is going through the same cycle and it's Inevitable so portal is one of the Emerging leaders in this space they have Some of the best advisors in crypto Gaming as well as hundreds of crypto Games already on the platform yet they Are newer they are still relatively Unknown to the mainstream so they are Supporting the channel sponsoring Today's video I loved this description Well portal is everything you need to Power your gaming ecosystem in one Single place so understand that they're Aiming to build the biggest onchain

Gaming ecosystem via infrastructure and Publishing infrastructure meaning Cross-chain user accounts that make the Blockchain invisible as easy as web 2 if You're a player their userfriendly tools Make it that you don't even realize There are blockchain Elements Incorporated in the games that you're Playing and essentially what that means Our integration with layer zero Labs Allows Gamers to move between tokens and Games on any chain meaning one seamless Platform for many different blockchains And then publishing we drive massive Distribution to games on Portal taking Web 3 mainstream meaning portal is for All games it is not designed to replace Existing gaming tokens but to allow Seamless transfer from game to game in Fact some of the games that they're Already working with on their platform Star Atlas which you'd recognize they Have casual games as well as basic Strategy games even mm o RPG and the Goal is to bring together all audiences Into a single ecosystem now they also Have their companion app which allows You to find and connect with friends This app is super consumer friendly Discover games across any chain such as Eth polygon clay salana Avalanche Arbitrum and more as well as trade Assets across those games as they have Partnered with over 200 games including

Star Atlas Undead blocks space Nation Aon thus finding new Gamers will become A worry of the past for games as portal Is the ultimate distribution engine and Their wallet big differentiator the Portal wallet a web 3 wallet built for The mainstream user you don't need to Memorize a seed phrase meaning users Aren't forced to remember any Complicated seed phrase or private keys They don't need to sign a smart contract Every time they want to process a Transaction and they don't need to know How Gas Works and pay exorbitant gas Fees instead the portal wallet uses a Oneclick signin solution utilizing tools That you're already familiar with such As Discord Google steam Twitter and a Ton more and many people make the Mistake when they say compatible with Discord Google and more am I giving up My data now one thing that I personally Love about portal is when you sign up With their wallet you have full control Over your data meaning you decide what Data is shared with who and you even Have the ability to monetize your data Which is a huge Market that is currently Abused by a few key players also for a Lot of these traditional crypto games You needed to own crypto to be able to Play portal solves this as well as an Effortless payment system that allows You to pay with your credit card Google

And Apple pay and of course the portal Token let's talk about the team but just To make clear for developers we saw why Consumers would like portal how about Developers people building the new games If you're a developer you can use their Plug- andplay tools to speed up the Development process and remove any of The frictions you might experience when Adding blockchain elements to your game That way you can focus all of your Attention on making a successful title And looking at the backer portals Advisers and investors span the best of Tech gaming and web 3 their advisers They have Rockstar Games co-founder Jamie King they have Russell Hansen ex CSO of consensus or looks like this AI Company a part of consensus Matt Dixon The ex- head of Business Development at EA Games and John Yao CEO team secret Esports so sometimes with these teams You get the who's who of who's that but With these advisers I have actually Heard of these companies obviously Rockstar which is a huge green flag and Then obviously early investors we have Goney we have Mando we have the Co-founder of moonpay again all notable People in the space and it's interesting I found this portal has signed with the World's leading talent agency WME William Morris Endeavor I live in Hollywood that's a major Hollywood

Juggernaut agency and with WME Representation The portal ecosystem will be connected To mainstream games and the world's Biggest streamers wme's AAA clients Include everyone from Snoop Dogg to Usher and Shakira so just to sum this up Game Partners check Esports advisors Check Marketplace partners blockchain Partners talent agency check che check And obviously it's not just one thing It's not any one thing that makes a Gaming ecosystem a gaming platform Quality but when we're looking at a Summation of all the things is it easy To use does it have good UI ux are Developers liking it meaning have games We heard of and even new games choosing To onboard we also have the token Central to the design of the portal Platform is the native portal token Portal now the entire ecosystem and Every single portal tool is of course Powered by the portal token and you'll Also be able to trade assets Within the 200 plus games that they've partnered With using the portal token rather than Going to the native game token and this Is really one of their main goals to Make portal a universal currency across Various blockchain networks and Different games it's used for Transaction fees pretty obvious it's Used for platform payments so you can

Use portal in marketplaces such as magic Eden or to buy and sell in-game assets In platform games by the way this was Announced a few weeks ago Portal is now fully integrated into Magic Eden every nft on Magic Eden will Be purchasable in Portal so I guess this Isn't just a token to power web 3 gaming But instead we're making sure it's the Token for all creators and collectors as Well as Gamers also governance meaning Use it to vote and influence the future Direction of the portal coin and Platform also node purchases exclusive Access to nfts in partner networks and Staking as of a few weeks ago portal Staking is live stakers gain VIP access To token pre-sales nft mints and drops From the most hyped games staking is Just one piece of our Launchpad which Supports and ignites the best of web 3 Gaming so give me your thoughts on Portal down below today's video was just Your beginner guide on how portal is Different by the way they're also doing An Esports event streamed worldwide like I said always more to cover but like Always I will keep you updated see you Tomorrow


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