Population DECLINE: Is Elon Right!? Here Are The FACTS!!

What’s the biggest risk to human Civilization well if you answered Demographic decline then either your Name is Elon Musk in which case you Surely have more pressing things to be Doing than watching this or you’ve done Enough research to know that he’s right To be sounding the alarm that’s because At the end of the day it’s human Demographics that fuel everything from Innovation to economic growth and as it So happens cryptocurrency may be part of A solution to the population problem That’s why today I’m going to explain What effects a demographic decline will Have on all of the above examine where This demographic decline is coming from And see how it could potentially be Solved Before we start I should note that Demographic decline is a pretty massive Area of study and is set to affect Different parts of the world in Different ways so for the sake of time I’ll mostly be focusing on its causes in And effects on developed nations in this Video The causes and effects of overall Population decline in the developing World are a whole other video in Themselves Okay so let’s start with a few Statistics there are currently around 8 Billion people on the planet and most of

Them were born over the last 100 years The exponential growth the human Population saw following the second World war is actually what originally Gave rise to the overpopulation Narrative There were of course all sorts of crazy Projections and predictions about how The human population would quickly swell To over 10 billion and would use up all The world’s resources in the process A book called the population bomb Written by Stanford Professor Paul Ehrlich in 1968 popularized these ideas Yet 50 years later the human population Has yet to hit 10 billion You might be thinking that this Milestone will be met within the next Few years and it certainly looks like That at first glance however just like Those last 1.8 million BTC left to mine It’s going to take a lot longer than a Few years to hit 10 billion people The United Nations currently projects That the human population will Peak at Just 11 billion in the year 2100 and This estimate is debatable That’s because other population Projections from medical journals such As the Lancet project that the human Population will Peak at fewer than 10 Billion in the mid-2060s now this sounds Incorrect until you consider that the Populations in many countries and

Regions around the world have already Peaked this list includes North America Europe and many East Asian countries Like Japan this list even includes China Which saw its first year of population Decline in 60 years in 2021 meanwhile Population growth in India is expected To Peak sometime in the 2040s and Population growth in Latin America and Africa is expected to Peak sometime in The 2050s fun fact it’s believed that French will soon be the most widely Spoken language it’s spoken in many African countries population growth Projections for individual countries and Regions seem to be the reason why Elon Thinks the un’s global population Projections are seriously overstated It’s also why he believes that Demographic decline is the biggest issue Humanity currently faces bigger even Than climate change Now there are many reasons why Demographic decline is a very bad thing But before I get into these I should Probably explain the angle that Elon and Others who share his view are coming From In case you missed the memo Elon is a Hardcore humanist meaning that he loves Humanity if you’ve ever listened to him Speak you’ll know that his love of Humanity is why he’s so obsessed with Sending people to Mars colonizing other

Planets increases the chances that the Human species Will Survive especially When the sun overheats and explodes in However many billion years talk about a Long-term time frame now elon’s love of Humanity is hard for many to understand These days and perhaps understandably so Humans are doing serious damage to the Planet in every way possible many of us Are not particularly good people many of Us are objectively useless or worse and Only a few of us are intelligent and Hardworking FYI this is why many Elites Hate humanity and want to see the human Population decline however if you take Some time to think about it you start to Realize that almost all the things that Make Humanity unappealing are simply the Consequences of bad incentives to my Mind most of these bad incentives are Coming from inflation or more accurately The ability to create money As I mentioned in our video about how Inflation is destroying the environment And the economy over consumption lies at The core of almost all the environmental Issues we’re currently facing This over consumption doesn’t come from Capitalism it comes from inflation Caused by money creation if money is Going to be worth less tomorrow then It’s more likely to be spent by contrast If money is going to be worth more Tomorrow then it’s more likely to be

Saved this means that in an economy Where money preserves its purchasing Power people would only buy the things They needed and over consumption would Stop In some if you can change the incentive Then you can change the collective Outcome of Humanity’s actions into Something that’s objectively good this Is what Elon seems to see when he looks At Humanity he sees the potential for Humans to do good to create innovate and Improve the quality of all life Obviously elon’s love of humanity isn’t The only reason why he’s obsessed with Demographic decline There are some serious economic and Social issues that will arise as Populations plummet the most discussed Being the pensions that many governments Owe to their aging citizens over 80 Countries have state pensions whereby Their governments give sustenance money To retired citizens Not surprisingly most if not all the Governments of these countries have Spent the money that their citizens have Been obliged to pay into their state Pension schemes If there aren’t enough younger citizens To pay into the state pension Ponzi Scheme then the government won’t have Enough to pay out to retirees this means They will have to resort to money

Printing which will cause ever more Inflation as the population ages Now this relates to another issue Associated with demographic Decline and That’s a decline in consumption and Production If there aren’t any wage slaves around To spend their money on mostly useless Stuff then businesses won’t have the Capital they need to grow and hire more Wage slaves Jokes Aside if there aren’t enough young People around spending money then Businesses will eventually have to Reduce pay cut working hours and Eventually lay off existing staff And because one person’s spending is Another person’s income then this will Inevitably drag down the entire economy In the event that this economic drawdown Causes widespread unemployment then you Can expect to see a huge increase in Crime this increase in crime will Inevitably result in more populist and Authoritarian governments which will Eventually lead to social unrest when People start to resist the worst part is That the effects of population decline Will be particularly bad for developing Countries this is because developed Countries will start opening their doors To young people from developing Countries to sustain their own aging Populations and sluggish economies this

Is arguably happening already and it is Likely to lead to both domestic and International conflicts Domestically it’s likely to lead to Conflicts because Mass migration tends To lead to resentment of newcomers by Those already living in the country in Question this breeds resentment and Stokes nationalist sentiment and Increasingly polarized politics Nationalism then fractures relationships With other countries leading in the end To an increased likelihood of conflict And last but not least demographic Decline will cause stocks real estate Cryptocurrencies and all other assets to Crash This is something the corporate Elite Cannot accept which is why they’re Trying to engineer economic growth in The face of demographic decline through Various carbon credit schemes more about Those in the description Now if you’re wondering why human Populations are plummeting around the World the number one reason in developed Countries at any rate is the costs of Having children some of you may have Seen the headlines that the cost of Raising a child in the United States Recently Rose to a record high of over Three hundred and ten thousand US Dollars oddly enough Elon doesn’t buy The idea that high costs are why people

Aren’t having children his evidence for This is that rich people don’t have many Kids either Now this is questionable given that rich People tend to have no time for kids and Many of the anti-human elites don’t have Kids because well they hate people Moreover the high cost of child care was Cited as the number one reason why the Average person isn’t having kids as per A 2018 poll by the New York Times According to a Pew research poll from 2021 financial reasons were the second Reason why the average person isn’t Having kids this makes sense when you Consider that having a child requires Not only having money for child care but Also having a larger home and a larger Car or even two cars if you live in the United States then you’ll also need lots Of money for medical emergencies if you Don’t have good insurance raising a Child also requires a lot of time which Is in increasingly short supply for the Average person this is because people Are having to work more as living costs Increase though I suppose you could Debate how much work is actually being Done given the trends of working from Home and quiet quitting on that note the Cost of raising a child seems to be the Reason why countries have fewer kids as They get wealthier this is often Misunderstood as being a result of

People spending more time and money on Themselves elves but it’s possible if Not likely that it’s because of the Economic Dynamics in richer countries Take the United States for example it Has a GDP per capita of seventy thousand Dollars but the median income of Americans is just Thirty one thousand Dollars this suggests that most of America’s wealth is concentrated in the Hands of a handful of individuals and Institutions which is in fact the case Although poorer countries have wealth Disparities of their own their economies Aren’t geared towards serving the top Percentage of earners like wealthier Countries they’re geared towards serving The average earner which makes it Possible for the average person to have More children food for thought Now you might have noticed me mentioning That the more recent Pew research poll Found that financial reasons were second On the list of reasons why the average Person isn’t having kids Believe it or not but the number one Response to Pew’s poll was medical Reasons While the poll didn’t provide any Details about what medical reasons are Being referred to here these medical Reasons likely relate to fertility Issues this is because twenty percent of Women report being unable to get

Pregnant after one year of trying and 20 Percent of women who do get pregnant Experience a miscarriage The former statistic might have Something to do with the fact that sperm Counts in men have fallen by more than 60 percent since the 1970s bet you Didn’t expect to hear that stat on a Crypto Channel eh In all seriousness it looks like all These fertility issues have a common Cause and that’s chemical disruption Dr Shanna swan has been tracking the Fertility crisis through a chemical lens For decades and what she and her Colleagues found is shocking in short There are chemical compounds in Plastics And other products that are disrupting Hormones in humans most notably in the Womb during early development Now the first class of chemical Compounds are called bisphenols which Increase estrogen levels even male fetus Or a young boy is exposed to too many Bisphenols then it makes them more Feminine The side effect of this is a lower sperm Count among other things more about Bisphenols in the description now the Second class of chemical compounds are Called phythalates which decrease Testosterone levels the side effect of This is again a lower sperm count in men Among other things

So when you combine bisphenols and Phenthalates you get a recipe for low Fertility more about phythalates in the Description Now besides chemicals in Plastics There’s a growing body of evidence to Suggest that seed oils used in cooking Are also contributing to the fertility Crisis this is because seed oils cause Irritation in the body which leads to All sorts of medical issues including Cancer and obesity Again this is still being studied what Is known however is that obesity also Negatively affects fertility and obesity Levels have been skyrocketing around the World for decades Stress levels are also known to Negatively affect fertility stress Levels also contribute to obesity as Well as insomnia which also leads to Fertility issues so in case that didn’t Make it clear enough human health is a Complex thing you should also know that I’m not a nutritionist or doctor and That none of this is Health advice Anyway human health is just one of many Factors that are contributing to the Current demographic decline now the Third reason why people aren’t having Children according to Pew is because They can’t find a partner to have Children with this might have something To do with the record levels of

Loneliness and Community disconnection Particularly in developed countries here Are a couple of statistics A 2021 study by the survey Center on American Life found that half of Americans say they have fewer than three Friends with more than 10 percent saying They have no friends at all A 2019 study by c-note found that Two-thirds of Millennials feel Completely disconnected from their Communities The already high levels of loneliness And Community disconnection went Parabolic during the pandemic as a Result of lockdowns the effects these Had on people trying to find Partners is Perhaps most evident in tinder’s Q3 Earnings which came in way above Expectations speaking of which another Factor that’s been affecting the Formation of relationships is the Massive change in gender roles over the Last century or so I am of course Referring to women entering the Workforce something that seems to have Changed relationship Dynamics more than We realize for starters the doubling in The supply of labor meant that the cost Of Labor has been gradually cut by half As a result economies have gone from Being places where a single income could Raise a family to being places where two Incomes are now required increasing

Child care costs don’t help Then there’s the introduction of social Media which has opened up the dating Pool from your local community to Essentially the entire world you’re no Longer competing with others in your Neighborhood for a partner you are in Fact competing with the men and women of The world This means that it’s easier to trade up Rather than resolve an issue with your Significant other the absence of any Community that pushes you to keep Together only makes things worse throw The very high likelihood of divorce into The mix and it’s easy to see why it’s Hard to find a partner these days I Would go as far as to say that this Intense competition is ultimately why Social media is associated with so many Mental health issues in addition to Making it harder to sustain a serious Relationship a heavily interconnected World also increases the competition for Jobs which decreases the cost of Labor Logically this decrease in the cost of Labor means that the average person gets Squeezed financially even more which Makes it even harder for them to make The money they need to raise a family as You can see it’s all interconnected and It’s all driven by incentives Now the final Factor affecting fertility That needs to be mentioned is one that

Unofficially sits in second place According to many articles and studies That’s the feeling that the world is a Dark and depressing place and that Having a child in such a world would be Wrong it would also contribute to Climate change Well regarding the state of the world It’s important to remember that things Aren’t nearly as bad as the media makes Them seem in fact things are better than They’ve ever been by almost every metric Be it wealth health education gender Equality or longevity not only that but All of these are still improving the Reason why so many people feel this way Is once again because of social media And also the mainstream media both have A huge negativity bias because humans Are wired to pay more attention to Negative news naturally social media and The mainstream media want your attention 24 7. the good news is that most people Are aware of this which is why so many Of them are pushing back against both Unfortunately there are still many People who are thoroughly in The Matrix And doom scrolling for hours on end Every day with some luck those folks Will eventually get out too Now regarding climate change you’ll Recall that the negative effect that Humans are currently having on the Environment is mostly due to bad

Incentives being driven by inflation In my opinion the real concern here Relates to Natural Resources It’s widely believed that the world will Run out of things like oil and even Water if the population continues to Grow or if the entirety of the existing Population starts living like people in Developed countries Well the prices of almost all Commodities have been going down when Adjusted for inflation This suggests that resources are not Becoming scarcer over time they’re in Fact becoming more abundant this is Mostly due to technological innovation Which continues to increase the Efficiency of resource use and Extraction Now according to Elon if you’re Concerned about the state of the world And about climate change the solution is Not to have no children it’s to have as Many children as possible so that they Can continue sharing the values of Caring for others and for the planet Otherwise these values will die with you And this brings me to the big question And that’s how the impending demographic Decline can be prevented in theory all You would need to do is address the Reasons why the average person can’t or Doesn’t want to have children in Practice however this is much easier

Said than done That’s because it fundamentally requires Rebuilding the social and financial System from the bottom up the economic Pressures the chemical pressures the Social pressures and the emotional Pressures that are suppressing Population growth in the developed world At least are all byproducts of these Systems the economic pressures are Coming from inflationary Fiat currencies That demand more growth to maintain Their values and pay off artificially Large debts the chemical pressures are Coming from the corporate imperative to Produce everything as cheaply as Possible regardless of the consequences The social pressures are coming from Social media and the mainstream media Which literally make billions of dollars By making people feel upset and alone These two are also causing most of the Emotional pressure that the average Person feels on a day-to-day basis Elon’s recent acquisition of Twitter Suggests to me that the social media Elements are the ones he wants to Address if Twitter can become a positive And productive place where people have Meaningful conversations and make Meaningful connections then that’s a Step in the right direction Trust in the mainstream media is also Collapsing and this means that it’s only

A matter of time before their negative Bias is gone for good What’s annoying is that social media is Actively manipulating the algorithm to Prop up mainstream media sources What’s reassuring is that this will Eventually fail On the chemical front meanwhile more and More people are starting to become aware Of just how much their hormones are Being disrupted by Plastic Products Ironically this is thanks in part to Social media which has made this Information easy to find and to share Note that many of these chemicals do go Away over time too And finally the field of cryptocurrency Is slowly but surely creating a new Financial system that will eventually be Robust enough to replace the existing One The real question then is whether these Existing Trends and technologies will Advance quickly enough to prevent a Population collapse well if BTC manages To become the world’s Reserve currency By 2040 then Humanity might just make it In time More about that using the link in the Description That’s all for today’s video about Demographic decline if you found it Interesting be sure to smash that like Button por favor

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