Polkadot 2.0 is about to SHOCK the Cryptocurrency Industry!!

Which coins are the top undervalued Altcoin projects in the space today Comment an altcoin bursting with Fundamentals and potential something Like an ethereum something like a salana Something like a chain link injective Polygon Unis swap hell even something Like a cardano because these coins are Quality but I want something undervalued Too the coin I'm thinking of that I like Which I'm updating you on today is polka Dot the polka dot of the past is quality But the polka dot of the future is Exceptional polka dot has a huge Catalist coming up polka dot 2.0 we've Talked about polka dot plenty of times On this channel before but this video is Made possible by a polka dot treasury Grant by the way the wallet I'd Recommend for polka dot is Nova wallet It's the best one I'll have a Nova Wallet review and tutorial coming out Soon as well but let's get into it what Is polka dot what makes it unique what Is the current polka dot value prop what Can polka dot holders look forward to Going forward let's get into it what is Polka dot you can think of polka dot Like an alternative ethereum it's a Decentralized Dap platform like ethereum But it's really more of an interweb a Connector connecting protocols and Entities to each other ethereum is an L1 But polka dot is a layer zero Gavin wood

The founder of polka dot was one of the Origin founders of ethereum with vitalic With Charles hoskinson are you working With Gavin wood he reached out to us and We're still trying to figure out what Would make sense but I'd love to do Something with polka dot I think that'd Be a lot of fun it's good Community good Ecosystem great engineers and as I said Before I think uh polka dot is what Ethereum 2 should have been by the way Cardano blockchain recently announced Plans to adopt polka dots Tech polka Dots Tech is so good cardano is adopting It pretty cool But to continue polka dot was built to Embody the ideals of decentralization Interoperability flexibility security Very user Centric as in power to the People and coste effective if you're Into polka dot for the tech one thing You probably know polka dot for is its Par chain auctions polka Dot's par chain Auctions are competitive events where Projects bid and Lease slots for a set Period of time pair chains are Blockchains that are connected to polka Dot's main relay chain these auctions This all changes with polka dot 2.0 Polka dot 2.0 was first announced by Founder Gavin wood in June of 2023 polka Dot 2.0 is set to go live very soon Beginning of 2024 what is polka dot 2.0 Polka dot 2.0 introduces new features

And improvements to make polka dot more Scalable flexible and easier to use for Developers and businesses asynchronous Backing is part of it this increases the Execution time plus enhances efficiency In scalability without sacrificing the Security of the network another key Feature of polka dot 2.0 is the Introduction of elastic cores and Something called core time which enables The network to adapt to changing Computational needs polka do 2.0 Replaces parach chain auctions and crowd Loans with block SP allocation and core Time purchases this is all to transition To a more advanced more flexible Fundamentally better new model a very Rigid system now becomes more flexible And user Centric I love this analogy That Gavin wood uses he explains the new Upgrade in the simplest of terms 1,000 Pancakes listen at the moment what we do We we produce flour and Milk uh and Water and Salt and eggs Mhm like we actually have internal Mechan means for producing each of these Things but rather than selling them we Just make pancakes with them we make um Batches Of a thousand pancakes right and we sell The only thing that we sell is a th000 Pancake yeah batches or 10 ,000 pancake

Batches and that's all very well yeah uh But it might be that people don't want To buy 10,000 pancakes at once so rather Than doing that what we're now starting To do is to sell individual pancakes We're we're selling um pancake mix and We're selling even individual you know Eggs flour and Milk and uh and by doing this we can Allow people to make things that are not Just pancakes but bread or Omelets more recipes with eggs milk and Bread flour cake Gelato also polka dot is implementing a Token burning mechanism meaning that Polka dot becomes deflationary or at Least could the burning mechanism Creates deflationary pressure on dot This balances the overall circulating Supply of the token all of this is Something to take into consideration When considering the future value of Their token also speaking about future Polka dot has regulatory Clarity polka Dot was one of the only cryptocoins to Register with the SEC they took Gary Gensler up on his offer and they have Officially morphed from a security to a Software polka dot has regulatory Clarity can you guys chat a little bit Around the morphing argument right that Poad do it was perhaps a security at Some point potentially but it has Certainly now at this point more into

Software right and how are do you expect Regulators to kind of respond to this Argument and how have they publicly you Know responded to arguments like this to Date sure and this is just an Alternative approach you know we we saw What was out there and we decided to Take the SEC up on on its offer to come In and talk to fin Hub so part of what We did was say okay we're gonna we're We're buying into this right we're Before The Regulators were buying into This what can we do to get out of this And the SEC has very um helpfully I will Say provided a way out people might not Necessarily like this way out but there Is a way out of being a Security even if You initially sold something as a Security and that is through its April 2019 framework that it released um which Is available online and that is the Investment Company analysis for digital Assets and So within that framework it Gets a lot of it gets a lot of flap People say oh almost everything is a is A security under this and and if I were The SEC I'd say yeah that's what we're Saying that's exactly the point but There also are nine factors where it Says you know something initially sold As a security may be reassessed at a Later point it may no longer be a Security so part of our process was to Show look we're applying against this

We're applying our facts against this Framework and look we in our view have Satisfied these so there are multiple Factors about that I will just say Before I guess I I hand over to Angie And Daniel about this point in terms of Reaction from The Regulators during the Process not one time did anyone ever say That this didn't work or that our Analysis was wrong and given that we Hope to have long Futures in the Industry and in legal and in broker Dealer world and and the like and that You know we are licensed these are not Claims that we would make if we had had Any doubts in our minds also a favorite Meme coin in the polka dot ecosystem it Seems to be a coin called dead it's a Meme coin that comes from the idea that People think polka dot has been dead Since 2021 seems like they have some Nfts or maybe some games or some stuff Planned in the future you can keep an Eye on them through their X account or Telegram but what about polka dot what Do you think about polka dot keep polka Dot on your radar hit subscribe for more Videos just like this we have two more Polka dot dedicated videos coming out in The near future one is top five polka Dot ecosystem coins and one is Nova Wallet walkthrough review see you


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