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Buying a Bitcoin whether it's uh one Bitcoin or or a million satoshi's or a Hundred thousand satoshi's or one Satoshi is just like buying into New York City 250 years ago there's only one Thing as an average American there's Only one thing only one hang up I have Is that I feel like I'm a little late to The party there's no way I can Accumulate one whole Bitcoin I mean at This point I'm shooting for 0.1 Bitcoin So I mean I guess my question is is 0.1 Bitcoin of any significance You know New York was uh The greatest City In North America By about 1776. And you would have been late to the Party But the question is Would you buy a city block in New York In 1776 or if you waited until 1876 And you were really late to the party And New York was the greatest city in North America was it too late to buy a City block in New York City in 1876. Or How about 1976 if you were 200 years Late to New York City if you look at the Property values of New York in 1976 what You'll find is you would be rich if you Had actually bought real estate in New York in 1976. So the answer to the issue is in in

Every economic system Every economic Empire there's always one City one place that every one network Where people gravitate to In ancient uh and in the ancient Med it Was Carthage for a while and then it was Rome And then it was Venice And eventually the French Empire Terminated in Paris And the British Empire terminated in London And then eventually the uh the American Uh economic Empire terminated in New York And there are reasons why it's just Everybody comes together in that place Even today New York is still the Economic epicenter of the United States And so Bitcoin represents the economic Epicenter of cyberspace It is it is the one place where if I Want to create a digital application if I want to move money at the speed of Light And I live in Singapore I'm using Bitcoin if I live in Paris I'm using Bitcoin if I live in Moscow I'm using Bitcoin if I live in China I'm using Bitcoin so you see everybody in the World that actually believes in the idea Of a digital asset that once uh that Wants to build this is a treasury Reserve asset they're going to gravitate

Toward the most powerful Network Why because everybody else is Gravitating that why do people go to New York because the smart money is in New York I could go to New York 20 years ago I could take 10 meetings I could raise a Billion dollars in two days So why would be so stupid is to go to New York well because that's where the Money is the money is in New York so I Win and what did I bring with me I Brought my brain power and I built my Business there and and so I then Reinforced that Network effect Today the smart money is in Bitcoin uh Bitcoin's about a 500 billion dollar Network How big can it get Well 500 trillion A thousand X bigger in today's dollars There's a there's about 950 trillion Dollars worth of wealth out there 350 Trillion worth of real estate half of it Is just capital or monetary premium 300 trillion dollars worth of bonds half Of it is just a monetary premium a Hundred trillion worth of equity half of It is a monetary premium 11 12 train worth of gold 80 percent of It is a monetary premium So as the world gets smarter People are going to sell those things Because they don't make good money gold Is awful money right it's just awful

Money if you store your money in Gold You're losing half of your wealth every 35 years So why would you do that right it's not Working in the last two and a half years Gold is down five percent Bitcoin is up 150 percent the only people that are Buying or holding gold are people that Aren't paying attention right the smart Money is clearly running away from it And in time people will dump their gold And when they dump their goal Bitcoin Will jump by a factor of 10. so The answer to the question of why you Should buy a Bitcoin is a Bitcoin Represents one block In science and cyber New York which has Got 21 million blocks for all of Eternity And in the year 2500 People are going to be moving to cyber New York Right I mean New York was founded a long Time ago right the only thing that keeps People from continuing to come into the The great City whether it's the New York Or the London or the Paris is when the Economic flows move from the physical Domain to the digital domain As long as you did business in an analog World where you had to like put on a Suit and walk into a building and meet With people then you're going to see London and Paris and Tokyo and Hong Kong

Be great cities When the the economy moves to the Digital realm and you don't have to put On a suit and walk into a building and You can have a zoom meeting of 20 people In 20 places and raise a billion dollars In a day Right then some of the economic energy Drains out of the city networks and it Drains into the crypto Network and so Buying buying um a Bitcoin whether it's Uh one Bitcoin or or a million satoshi's Or a hundred thousand satoshi's or one Satoshi is just like buying into New York City 250 years ago Yeah sure you're late people got there 100 years before you Okay Well in this case someone got there 14 Years before you when I well you know I Once tweeted you know very famously I Said I think Bitcoin is uh you know go In the way of online gambling and I Think Bitcoin is like 100 coin then okay And I was wrong but I didn't need it I Was wrong When I needed Bitcoin Bitcoin was 9 500 10 000 a coin and so I bought it at ten Thousand dollars instead of one hundred Dollars People will buy it at a hundred thousand They will buy it at a million they will Probably buy it at 10 million Right because

You know how much does it cost for an Apartment in Manhattan people pay 10 Million dollars For four thousand square feet 10 million dollars right all of Manhattan was purchased for what like Twenty nine dollars in beads or Something if you roll the clock back Some some nothing and so You can't really get caught up in what The unit price is you have to ask the Question What is uh the dominant Network In cyberspace And Bitcoin is the dominant Network and The reason is the dominant network is a Bunch of things one all the smart money Arrived there right if all the smart People that wanted a decentralized Non-sovereign store value crypto network If they all showed up looked at ten Thousand choices and picked this one and Put all their money on it right that's Like all the smart people they showed up In America they picked New York you know Why they pick New York New York is sitting on 200 million year Old Granite right it's indestructible as An island Manhattan it's sitting between A bunch of rivers it's sitting in front Of one of the world's great harbors and It's sitting at the mouth of the Hudson River which is a mile wide deep and it Goes straight right into the heart of

The country so if you were picking a Port City It was the most uh Rock Solid Geographically sound logistically sound You know well engineered Port you could Possibly imagine you know and so it Matters and Bitcoin represents the same Thing Bitcoin is backed by 400x a hash of Digital energy and 400 extra hash of Digital energy makes it the most Powerful computer network in the world And so if I'm going to put a billion Dollars on it I would want the Indestructible nation-state resistant Fault tolerant most powerful computer Network in the world I wouldn't want the Second most powerful Network And I wouldn't want to network a hundred Times less powerful I want a network where you would need Every computer in the world to slow it Down 10 percent and you would need all The electricity in the world to slow it Down 10 percent And that's what Bitcoin represents Because the way it's engineered it Represents an indestructible Unstoppable Most powerful computer network And so Anybody is looking to If you're looking Right now You shouldn't look at it as well I Wanted to buy something cheap and wait

For it to go up 100x so I better buy Something that's a penny stock Okay you know there is a meme we call Penny stocks right the whole joke of a Penny stock is if you really wanted a Penny stock we can manufacture thousands Of them that's the that's the theme of The room of the movie Boiler Room you Know the Wolf of Wall Street did that It's been going on for hundreds of years People manufacture a penny stock and They tell you buy it for a penny it's Going to go up to five bucks you're Going to make 500 extra money That's not what you want you want you Want a cheap apartment I'll sell you a Four million dollar apartment in New York which looks expensive or I'll sell You a forty two thousand dollar Apartment you know in some random suburb You know in a third world country But the point really is which is the Better real estate investment it's not a Matter of the the cost to buy the thing It's a question of how secure is is uh The network you're buying into And everybody will tell you you buy the Beachfront property in Palm Beach or Miami Beach you're better off to buy a House on land than to buy the apartment You're better off to buy the apartment And the good building than the bad Building and you're better off to buy The apartment a good neighborhood the

Bad neighborhood And uh you're better off to buy the real Estate in the capital city of Rome or London or Paris or New York than to buy The real estate in the 13th biggest city In the country When the inflation comes So that that would be my answer to that Question be sure to click subscribe we Drop a video every single day giving you Informed about crypto


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