Over 1 Million New Tokens Were Launched in 2022 #shorts

So in its 2023 crypto crime report Blockchain intelligence firm chain Alice's revealed that a staggering 1 Million tokens were launched last year Although launched maybe a strong word Because if you weed out those that did Not actually have more than 10 swaps and Four consecutive trading days in their First week that number drops to 40 000 Which is still quite a lot however 9900 Of those nearly one quarter saw a 90 Price drop in the first week after Launch which suggests that they may have Been developed for pump and dump schemes Chain analysis said and they also said In some cases teams involved with token Launches did their best to form a Healthy offering and the subsequent drop In the price was simply due to Market Forces or other challenges of the Relatively new digital asset space the Company noted and then when it comes to The ease of creating a new token it can Be done virtually cut and pace and it's One of the reasons they are so popular At crypto


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