OpenSea Puts 3 Hour Hold on Some NFT Sales

Nft Bots can steal your nfts openc Stated fast resells can be a sign of Theft the leading nft marketplaces new Tool can actually give time to detect Thefts and prevent purchases of stolen Property last March nft collector Dino Dealer launched a plaintiff Tweed Explaining that he'd accidentally listed A very rare ether Rock for whey instead Of eth selling a 1 million dollar Plus Nft for less than a cent a bot Immediately sniped it and promptly Listed it for about six hundred thousand Dollars in one click my entire net worth Of one million dollars was gone he wrote To mitigate theft related risks sellers Will be prevented from accepting offers On certain items for three hours after Some transfers and sales openc tweeted On February 6th nft theft is a big and Growing problem with blockchain Intelligence firm elliptic revealing Last August that more than a hundred Million dollars worth of nfts had been Stolen in the 12 months prior


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