OpenAI Dev Day Announcements | TechCrunch

So open AI announced a lot of stuff but The thing you're probably going to be Hearing the most about is their little Mini custom chat gpts which they just Call gpts the idea is you can make a Specialized chat bot just by describing What you want and giving it some data to Work with you could say hey I want you To act like a tutor and use this Annotated Shakespeare that I'm uploading Right now but what's wild about this is You can make one that does pretty much Anything supposedly you can give it your Last few years of taxes so you can ask It where to find some numbers that you Aren't sure about or you could upload Your company's style guide and say how Do I make this blog post fit into it and If you want you can upload your GPT to Their GPT store which is exactly what it Sounds like except you can't buy or sell Anything but if your GPT gets popular Open AI will give you some money an app Store for purpose-built AIS could be a Very very big deal like Apple's App Store but depending on how they run it It could just end up being a bunch of Corporate partners and other boring Stuff no one really knows how this is Going to play out least of all open AI But you will be able to test it out soon If you're a paying customer find out if It lives up to the hype


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