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What the hell is going on at open AI Here's what we know on Friday the Company's board said it was kicking out Sam Alman the CEO this is the Billionaire who arguably took the Company from a sort of promising Research outfit to one of the most hyped Companies on the planet they said that He was not consistently candid with the Board that's a very diplomatic way of Saying he lied but they didn't say what He lied about and they still haven't so Everyone in the company started thinking That this was a coup that was less about Bad leadership and more about AI Philosophy and safety like whether it's Is going to save us or kill us all a Bunch of people resigned including Greg Brockman who was president and chairman Until Friday then over the weekend Alman's crew went to open Ai and tried To negotiate their return and they Brought along sattin Adella the CEO of Microsoft who is the biggest investor But they couldn't make it work so then Microsoft suddenly announced it was Hiring them to run an AI division there And now almost all of open ai's Employees have signed a petition saying That they'll quit unless the board Resigns and from what I'm hearing that's Pretty likely Ilia sser the chief Science officer there and the one that Most people think is kind of responsible

For this whole situation issued this Abject apology and signed the petition Asking for his own resignation but then A few hours later Sam Alman is now Tweeting about how open AI success is His top priority from Microsoft oh my God basically it's total Chaos but one thing is for sure open AI Will never be the same stay tuned for More on this rapidly developing Situation I'm Devon coldway with tech Crunch


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