On the sites that may not be deserving of its protection

If you were going through that process He were turns out you were also Defending some sites that weren't you Know maybe deserving of your protection It's uh you you didn't shut it down but You shut down your protection of of a Chan at the time because you know do you Want to explain a little bit why that Was the case yeah so you know cloudflare Um it's about 10 of all internet Websites are behind uh our our Network And that means 10 of the amazing Wonderful things but also means 10 of The sort of horrible awful things and You know we've we've been very reluctant To impose what are our values and morals On how the internet works from the Earliest days we would always ask the Question you know if cloudflare ran the Internet what would the right policy be And that was pretty absurd when it was Eight of us over a nail salon in Palo Alto California was your answer at the Time though well it was really similar It was it was it was we don't want to be Be the one saying what is good and bad Online and I think that that is probably The right thing because if there are Going to be a relatively limited number Of companies that provide this sort of Edge protection uh and we all operate on A massively global scale Um you know I'm not sure you want my Morals deciding what is and is not

Online and that works pretty well for Most cases Um except in certain cases uh the the Sites themselves are Inherently Lawless they inherently have Structured themselves in such a way that They don't respond to regular legal Societal Requirements and so while I think in Most cases it makes sense for the site Owners to be deciding what it is in some Cases when the site owners just Basically you know flip off the the the Rest of society well I don't think we Should be the first line of defense There might be times when we should be The last line of defense and so right Was we were in the middle of we were in The middle of the IPO quiet period and Otherwise Um Han which was this um really pretty Designed to be vile uh organization Um it turned out that there was a mass Shooting in El Paso that the uh that the Shooter had posted kind of his plans and A Manifesto on and this wasn't the first Time that it happened and it was Actually the third and Um and it it caused us to really sit Down and think Okay we we don't we if we don't want to If if if if Facebook were a customer and Um and the manifesto have been posted on Facebook we know that Facebook is

Actually trying to do the right thing And they're trying to take down you know What is this reprehensible content or Illegal content and they have a trust And safety team and they're not just Sort of thumbing off the the Um society as a whole whereas this other Organization was and and we we said Listen We're we don't really want to have them On our Network even though it's not Something that uh that it was from a Financial perspective it didn't matter But um but it it just it just wasn't Someone we wanted to do business with we Fully predicted that the next day they'd Pop back up and what was what's sort of Scary Is it's now four months later and They're still not back online And what and they've tried And what that what's what's what's Frightening about that I think as an Internet Community as a whole is that Then does really mean that us making a Determination that someone's not online Means they're not online


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