NEW Crypto TV Show to SHOCK the World! (Shark Tank 3.0)

I think for the next hopefully this can Be sharp down 2.0 or 3.0 uh and run for The next 10 15 years and really kind of Take crypto to the masses yes today we Sit down with grammy-nominated creative Director Paul gaslin who is the Showrunner of an upcoming show called Killer whales sort of the web 3 version Of shark tank now I'm so excited to Share this with you because one my Brother and I altcoin daily we are Judges we are producers of the show and Two just like the original Shark Tank Back in 09 brought entrepreneurship and Investing into the mainstream it Popularized it the goal of this show Killer whales is to do the same with Crypto before we get the killer whales What's your background because I know You're a Grammy nominated creative Director Yes that's correct so my background is In the TV industry I've spent 15 years Kind of directing and producing shows Um including the VMAs for MTV and the Grammys uh as well and I work with some Of the biggest artists in the world from Kind of Rihanna to Justin Bieber to the Weekend Um and Via that path it's kind of left Me it left led me into the crypto Industry with the creation of a web 3 Entertainment company called hello labs And killer whales is the for lack of a

Better comparison shark web 3 Shark Tank That Aaron and I are going to be judges Producers on what is killer whales So first of all I'm super excited to Have you guys on board I feel like You're not only great on camera and Handsome handsome guys you're also going To bring so much credibility to the show And really help kind of amplify it Across different mediums including YouTube and the TV side of it but if I Had to kind of sum up killer whales in a Few sentences if you were to take Shark Tank The X Factor crypto and nfts and Put them all and give them Melting Pot The results would be killer whales it's Basically going to be the kind of first Venture into kind of mainstream Television for a crypto show yeah that's What I'm excited about crypto's just Getting more and more mainstream Something like this Um just like entrepreneurship back in 2009 with the start of regular shark Tank really brought entrepreneurship Onto the American or I guess world Global scene Excited about killer whales bringing Crypto to the mainstream but my question Then for you Paul is what's your why for For killer whales what made you want to Do something like this Well I mean I've obviously been in the TV industry 15 years and I've been in

The crypto industry for two years and in Those two years I've probably seen more Drama and Scandal and characters than I Have in all those 15 years in the TV Industry combined and like and and also When you factor in the money that's Involved as well it just makes a great Recipe for something that is not only Dramatic and also TV worthy but also can Educate and entertain people at the same Time and I just think with characters in The space like obviously SPF and and Richard Hart and and you guys and Everyone's kind of a hero or a villain We've all got our favorites we all have Our favorite coins our favorite kind of Teams behind the scenes and this killer Whales will kind of give those guys a Platform to kind of to almost ask the Questions that we all want to be asked And we all spend all our days on Twitter And Instagram and YouTube trying to find These answers what killer whales would Bring all that together and put these Kind of Founders and projects influence Of Um people like you guys people who Understand what they're talking about And so that the viewers at home can have Kind of an insight into kind of what um What they should be looking out for and The risk of reward involved in crypto so At the base of this show web3 projects Are pitching their projects to the

Judges what is the overall format that Our audience can look forward to Yeah so like you I'm a big fan of Shark Tank and I've watched it for the last 15 Years but I think it's time for the Format to be reinvented and I think Crypto and blockchain lets us do that so The process at the moment is we've got Um we're doing a global search for the Top 50 projects across the world whether They're in America the UK Asia Everywhere we're kind of bringing Everyone together and then those Projects would then be invited to Los Angeles to Hollywood to be on the actual Show and then those projects will then Pitch to the five whales and each whale Will vote sink or swim based on what how They think that pitch is gone what are The fundamentals what are the tokenomics What are the team all the things that we All should be looking forward each Project and then each score has given a Score out of five Um based on kind of those things I Mentioned so it's almost like combining Shark Tank which show is like the voice Or America's Got Talent OR X Factor and It's almost gamifying the whole kind of Pitch process yo I'm excited I'm excited So then the the judges at the end of the Round then they give the the project a Rating and they give their thoughts in

The project that's correct yeah so out Of five so each each of the whales vote Uh sink or swim based on how they think The pitch went and we've got this kind Of amazing studio that you'll see in the Trailer with a whole ceiling kind of the Lighting of the ceiling turns red or Green based on how the pitch went so There's kind of that voting mechanism That really makes it easy for people to Understand what the judges think of each Project and the judges in this space are Like you say on crypto twixer or YouTube Everyone's got their own opinions so it Kind of leads to so much drama and so Much cannons Asking the hard questions that I think Need to be asked in this industry Okay I've heard about it I love the Concept I want to watch Austin and Aaron And Paul on the show how can I watch So we've got kind of two distribution Strategies we're going for a mainstream TV distribution we've got 250 million Homes in the US already signed up with a Major distributor and we're talking to International Distributors as well uh The aim for this show is to get it in a Billion households across the world but The clever part of this the real hook of It is that there's also the web 3 Version that you can access using the Hello token so the other seven billion In the world will have to pay just a

Hello token to be able to watch the show So it's a real kind of web 3 meets Global television kind of concept so I Think there's there's a lot of potential In this The fact that you already have Distribution on the streaming side is Huge obviously that comes in part Because your background it comes in Parts of a great show Why would somebody chew and I love the Fact that it is web 2 and it's web3 Because that's truly what's going to get The mass the masses watching what is the Benefit for watching through web3 The PTF web 3 that it's everywhere so That there's no barriers to entry like Everyone's got kind of their own Amazon Or their Netflix and every Region's got Their own kind of versions of their Streamers but the great thing with web3 Is that it's everywhere there's no Barrier so whether you're watching your 11 pm in LA or 7am in London or 4 P.M in Singapore it's all going to be live at The same time so you can watch it you Can buy your hello tokens you can access The app and you can watch the show in Real time and I think it's going to be The first show that ever ever to kind of Experience that whole world is watching Kind of phenomenon which very few shows Managed to gain and because if you watch It on catch up you've already missed

Your opportunity and I think that's the Really key thing and that's something That I think when people realize that How crypto is not only breaking down Barriers across the world but allows People to interact in real time as well I think that's the real kind of the real Hook of this and why I think it's going To be so huge And then is there an nft component or is That part of the hello token component Yeah there is so I mean so many people I'm lucky that I've worked in the TV Industry for the last 10 years but There's so many people that I mute that Would love an opportunity to kind of Have their voices here when they can be Shows so we're going to be creating show Producer and executive producer NFC Collection that allows the holders to be Able to interact with the shows be in The Discord with the producers be in the Discord with the whales and kind of Really feel part of it and really Influence the show and how it's going to Be put together and which projects will Feature on the show So the nft holders get full control Although they'll have some of the picks If they if you use true like what are The specifics Yeah so I wouldn't say we've got to be Careful that we don't give too much Control away we want them to be part of

It and really have their voices heard But we also want to lean on the kind of Really quality of the Hollywood Production team to be able to kind of Really bolster and make this show and Then it's also then the reality holders Will be able to kind of vote on which Projects they think they should feature They'll be able to kind of have this say In the kind of the rough cuts of the Show they'll also be able to kind of Interact with you guys with Wales and The production team so I think it's more Of a collaborative effort that nft Holders can work with the production Team and together we'll have a really Kind of Um really great Foundation to build Build the show on When's it gonna air so we're due to film In end of May with the broadcast going Out in kind of September October time if The market keeps going the way it is and I hope and and pray that we're still the Bull Run continues for the rest of the Year we might bring those dates sooner I Think timing is everything in crypto so Finding a sweet spot where kind of People are optimistic again and we Really kind of shine a light in the Projects that are innovating I think It's a perfect storm and I think I'm Looking at kind of Q2 into Q3 as the Perfect time to launch the show

Links to Paul and killer whales and all This stuff down below I encourage our Audience to go follow of course we'll be Updating you throughout the process Paul Thank you so much for coming on today Final thoughts final words for the Altcoin daily audience I think it's just a great time to be in The space I feel as though the last Bull Run kind of there's a lot of meme coins And everything was kind of just Speculation and I really feel like a lot Of that's been cleared out and I think 2023 into 2024 and 25 I think it's going To be a really great kind of time for The space and and I'm super optimistic And it's great to be working with you Guys and I think we're going to build Something really special together and I Think for the next hopefully this can be Shot and 2.0 or 3.0 uh and run for the Next 10 15 years and really kind of take Crypto to the masses Um


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