New Crypto (About To Launch) Announces Historic NFL Team Partnership (& MORE!) | Amino Rewards

Yes I just found this new crypto app I Want to share this with you could be big They have already signed a 3-year deal With a major NFL team I mean here's them Literally in the stadium the app is Already live they have millions of Signups hundreds of thousands of daily Active users and by the way this is Pre-t token the token is not live yet as Well as Partnerships and commitments From over 200 leading merchants of Course I'm speaking about Amino Rewards And as a partner of the channel and with An ecosystem that has three main Components Amino move Amino shop and Amino catalog let me share with you how Cool some of this stuff is as well as How you can take advantage and start Earning crypto and I do just have to say That Amino is so so so much more than Just your standard move to earn crypto Yes that is a component we'll dig into All these with more detail but here's Even 30 seconds of founder Andrew shore On the crypto our us Channel explaining The origins of how this all started I Always admit how how this project Started it started off the back of the Move to earn hype very happy that we saw The way that that unfolded with the Other move to earn because similar to What I was saying before I mean we Learned that that's not really a Sustainable model but I think that there

Was something really good there that People did enjoy using the blockchain That way it was a fun use of the tech Rewarding for steps we never launched That project I took a step back and Really wanted to see how we could use This and take it five steps further to Build a real business out of this um and That's that's where Amino was born so Plain and simple what is amino it's a Loyalty program on the blockchain you Can actually shop with Amino shop at any Of these retailers and earn cash back Amino is a tokenized Health and Fitness Customer loyalty program so just like Starbucks has a loyalty program your Credit cards have some sort of Rewards Program these these programs have been Used by the biggest companies in the World for years because they work they Work to engage their customers and Increase business again Amino is Tailored to health and fitness and Lifestyle and they of course use Blockchain to tokenize the rewards Points which obviously comes with many More benefits to the individual benefits Of a blockchain number one fungibility IE easily swap your rewards with other Cryptos number two you can self- custody Your rewards if you want you're in Control number three unlimited utilities And Integrations on chain that one's Pretty obvious and number four the

Obvious blockchain benefits like always Of security and tracking to prevent Fraud so a loyalty program on chain has The potential to be a better mous strap The question is can this team can this Project execute and just to get specific What are the details of each different Component Amino move earn free am Mino Rewards with Amino move for walking Running and participating in challenges Which has the potential to solve a huge Problem only 14% of us adults walk Enough and hardly any get paid for it Amino move fixes this many many people Are already using it I showed you these Stats before but this is actually from About a month ago the updated I believe Now up to over 2 million signups via Email over 600,000 app downloads and Over 150,000 daily active users which Does beg the question how is this a Loyalty program and the answer is by Itself it's not this is where the users Live though they're onboarded and then They're converted into the Loyalty Program then they become Shoppers and While many other quote unquote move to Earn projects in the past have failed It's actually these other two components Of the ecosystem that to me that make This sort of a game changer like the Problem with move to earn as I mentioned Is there's no real Revenue stream Backing that it's it's uh I I don't want

To say a Ponzi scheme but it works a lot Like that where you're holding back half The supply and giving out those tokens Eventually it's it's going to cause a Big crash um it's not sustainable the Way that Amino works is we hold a very Small percentage of the supply that we Give um through Amino move for walking And running but we accept that that's a Marketing expense um the purpose of Giving out those tokens is just to Engage people reward them for being Healthier but um most of the rewards in Our ecosystem are actually linked to Revenue which allows for a real Sustainable model in business because When we give out those tokens we can Actually buy them back and replenish so That the the Project's sustainable so That brings us to component number two Of the overall ecosystem Amino shop shop At over 200 major retailers and earn Cash back Rewards gain access to Exclusive special offers so for those of You with the app you'll see something Just like this earn up to 30% cash back In their native token with the amino Shop app Additionally the app rewards You with bonus rewards when shopping at Amino approved health and fitness Retailers incentivizing you to make Better shopping choices this is the main Revenue generator for amino so let's say I wanted to go to one of these merchants

And earn some crypto back just by Shopping and my understanding is these Merchants that they've garnered how they Got them is a lot more legitimate than Other crypto shopping cashback apps We've seen before I actually take a lot Of pride in the way that we did this if You look at a loli or um a rutin a lot Of these cashback programs actually use The rutin network so they're splitting Their commissions with rutin and it's Like plug and play and you just get a Lot of the stores Um we have a team who's done this before And we actually went Merchant by Merchant and got approval from their Affiliate team so if you were doing your Due diligence and you reached out to Nike and got in touch with their Affiliate partners team and said have You heard of amino they would say yeah We're we're part of the amino Rewards Program so we have a direct contact Contact at these retailers we're still Trying to get approval for more but um Yeah we're basically assigned a rep and They keep up to date on our numbers and We're going to try to negotiate better Deals and more cash back as as we uh Grow this program and a way we can tell For example if we're on the website and Say we want some aloe moves major yoga Brand and I want that 20% we can go to Their website we can see for example

Right on their website Alam Amino they tell you you can earn Amino Rewards with each step you take it's Just cool to see for me the web 2 Company actually acknowledging the web 3 Company the partnership we can also Click through let's try Adidas shop Adidas and we can see right on the Website if we scroll through the amino Discount is coded right to the website And it is important to clarify in General that Amino shop is shopping at The retailer site in Fiat so these Companies never touch the crypto and Then with Amino catalog you're Redeeming The token on their site that's where Amino catalog comes in redeem the token For amino merch redeem it for products At wholesale prices or redeem it for Exclusive Sports experiences the San Francisco 49ers obviously excited to Provide some of the experiences we are Very excited to announce our new Three-year partnership with Amino Rewards we will be onboarding 49ers fans To their health and fitness themed Loyalty program with fun contests and Exclusive fan experiences now I'm more Of a b basketball guy and I like I do Hear the Lakers Los Angeles Lakers may Be on board next with a partnership and Just to be clear on how amino is making Money on all this again Amino shop is

Their revenue generator Amino makes 5% On average from all the shopping deals And they use some of that to buy back so Some of the money goes to buy back some Of it goes into their pool meaning that This is their way to be self- sustaining And I do love this visual on how all of These components work starting with Earning then using then growing so users Start by just walking and running and Earning through the amino move app then They purchase lifestyle products from Brand Partners maybe Alo yoga this is in The using category you can also just Accumulate your ammo tokens hold them Use them on the open market then number Four users can redeem their ammo rewards In the catalog when users do this Amino Is then paid commission by the Affiliates at least 60% of commission is Used to buy back the token ammo bought From the market is added to the rewards Pools and then those rewards incentivize The users using the move app to continue Walking exercising and earning Amino Also something to note this partnership Flaky is excited to announce our Partnership with Amino rewards Amino is One of the most promising upcoming Projects and they will be locking all Vest to and LP exclusively with FiFi Locker we anticipate it being one of our Biggest locks let me know what you think On this down below generally speaking my

Thoughts well first off understand Investing in cryptocurrency in general Can be very risky never invest more than You are willing to lose but obviously Earning earning crypto just by walking That's awesome I also think it's very Rare we see this amount of work these Partnerships pre-launch but will they Continue to implement long-term that's The question link down below check this Out for yourself see you tomorrow


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