New BOMBSHELL Evidence Proves Crypto Will Skyrocket!! (Fed Minutes Today)

But really what's important is where's The FED ultimately going are they going To just go to 550 and stop there that's Really no different than 525 but the Market is starting to bet on the idea That they might go to six percent by the Fall yes welcome back everybody my Name's Austin huge announcement coming Out of coinbase today as well as a Bombshell piece of news coming out of Google but first very quickly we have to Talk about macro because just like 2022 What the FED chooses to do with interest Rates in 2023 affects you and me as Crypto holders and this is a huge week For markets back on February 1st Federal Chairman Powell was asked if a Fed pivot Was discussed Powell said that the FED Minutes which just came out yesterday Will give a lot of detail about the path Forward did you or your colleagues Discuss the the conditions for a pause At this meeting this week We you know you'll see the minutes will Come out in three weeks and we'll give You a lot of detail these will be the Most important fed minutes that we've Ever seen now obviously since this Meeting we got much more data on the Situation that inflation is still very Very sticky it is hard to suppress as Well as the labor market the Unemployment numbers have never been Stronger and so the minutes came out

Yesterday with Jerome Powell telling us In so many words to expect even more Rate hikes for a further explanation on This how this affects me and you listen To this quick 90 second clip on CNBC the Latest fed minutes indicating more rate Hikes are needed to bring down inflation And our next guest suggests that weakens The case to own stocks what did you Think of the minutes did it change Anything about how you think the FED is Going to proceed the next meeting Now the minutes were hyped because Jay Paul said February 1st that he would lay Out a detailed plan for how the FED Would pause and when we got there we Didn't really get a detailed plan or Whatever plan we got was before monster Payroll report before an uptick in CPI And it really doesn't apply anymore and That set the stage for what we've seen In the last two weeks and that is a big Rise of interest rates 10-year yields up 50 basis points the street is coming out Now and saying that the FED is going to Raise rates not only in March and in May But again in June and go to five and a Half percent and that is becoming more And more of the reality and the minutes Didn't do anything to stop that train That were going beyond the five and a Quarter that the Fed was saying would be Their terminal or end point just a few Weeks ago

And I guess there's also the Wild Card Of a 50 basis point hike the next Meeting we know that at least master in Bullard were in favor of that at the Last meeting we don't know who else Might have been also because the Language in the minute seemed to imply That there could have been another Person who is who's in the same camp but I'm wondering Jim if we're just you know We're we're not looking at the big Picture here whether there's 50 now or There's an additional 25 the end point Is higher but where do you how long do You think we will be at that end point No you're right I think that you know Whether we do 50 or 25 at the next Meeting is really a function of the Stock market if we're 42 4300 I think we Do 50 if we're 4 000 where we're at now Or lower I think we do 25 but really What's important is where's the FED Ultimately going are they going to just Go to 550 and stop there that's really No different than 525 but the market is Starting to bet on the idea that they Might go to six percent by the Fall so Obviously Jerome Powell is suggesting That the federal funds rate is going to Stay aggressive this is undoubtedly bad For crypto prices in the short term but Most other channels won't share this With you I will the big players are Taking out their positions in crypto

Quietly behind the scenes today Google Cloud to become a validator on the Teslos network meaning the tech Giants Corporate customers will now be able to Deploy tezos nodes to build web 3 Applications on the network meaning Google wants to be a part of the Infrastructure for tessos meaning Google Is a big believer in the future of this Space the integration with tezos marks Google Cloud's latest integration with a Blockchain network although subscribers Of this channel will remember they're Also supporting ethereum the Infrastructure as well as a big Supporter of Solana and again the Mainstream media will not cover this but This is happening that Google cloud is Running a validator on ethereum soldana And now tezos as well as what one of you Pointed out they're also apparently in The Ronin Network they also do support The Theta Network and also Google is Also a validator on hedera network hbar Besides many other huge companies I Guess in hedera so what this means to You and me is Google isn't so much Throwing all their support for one Blockchain they're saying they believed In the space and they want to help Support the infrastructure Such Integrations demonstrate the Interest that Tech Giants are taking in Blockchain web3 projects they may also

Inspire confidence in other firms Interested in moving into the industry Knowing that they can do so using Infrastructure with the scale and Resilience provided by firms like Google So the downside of this obviously if People choose to use AWS Amazon web Services or Google Cloud the risk is Centralization of nodes something like This is a big signal that these major Players are getting into this industry And next piece of bombshell news case in Point Spotify now testing web3 wallets Integration so users can access the Token enabled playlists from Overlord Floof moonbirds and kingship with their Nft wallets meaning that the only way You will be able to access certain Curated playlists is if you hold is if You're a part of the certain nft Communities Overlord a web 3 gaming Ecosystem announced its partnership with Spotify on February 22nd the token Enabled Community curated playlists from Overlord may now be accessed via web3 Wallets to only those who hold the Creeps non-fungible nfts on Spotify and Besides Overlord other participants in This three-month pilot are flu fluff Moon birds and kingship metaverse Communities and to unlock these track Lists including hits by Queen Missy Elliott Snoop Dogg Led Zeppelin users Need to possess a kingship keycard nft

If you want the curated playlist And coinbase just made a major Announcement coinbase launches its own Ethereum layer 2 Network for building Decentralized apps the network known as Base is designed to be a low-cost secure Developer friendly environment that Coinbase said will serve as a bridge to The underlying layer 1 as this is a new Layer 2. here was that direct Announcement we're excited to announce Build on base base is an ethereum L2 That offers secure low-cost Developer-friendly way for anyone Anywhere to build decentralized apps our Goal with base is to make on-chain the Next online and onboard 1 billion plus Users into the crypto economy and let's Be very clear here important base is not A token we do not plan to issue a new Network token for base and we'll use Ethereum as the native gas token so if Successful and coinbase is a huge Juggernaut you know traditional Finance Loves coinbase if successful this will Lead to so many new people being Onboarded onto eth so if you like Ethereum you like this and many of you Probably saw this bigger news optimism Pumps 16 amid coinbase layer to launch And the reason is base will be built on The op stack used by optimism it will Start off highly centralized they admit That though coinbase has released a

Detailed plan regarding how the network Will decentralize over time and of Course it will start off highly Centralized I like how they admitted it Now an easy way to decentralize one of Them would be if they launched their own Base token and made it more of a Dao a Governance token and that would Decentralize the network for the users To be in control but if they're not Going to launch their own coin which They you know can't because they're in The US I do like how they're looking to The Future for decentralization in their Announcement coinbase said that bass Will be fully open sourced and freely Available the company said it is joining The op stack core developer team to Ensure it's a public good available for Everyone Very troubling news for Voyager this was About to be good news I was about to Come here today and announce voyager's Binance U.S sale plan which seemed full Steam ahead 97 of creditors have so far Voted in favor of the plan with hours Left to go on the boat meaning that Binance U.S was about to make a purchase Of voyager's assets and Voyager has been Very clear the reason that they chose Binance us voyager's attorney said that Binance Us's offer was the best deal for Creditors to get some of their money Back so this was about to be bullish

Unfortunately as of yesterday the SEC Objects to binance Us's one billion Dollar Voyager deal alleging the sale of Unregistered Securities and in my Opinion this is sort of obvious because If they came down on celsius if they Just came down on Kraken for offering Interest on your assets if you deposited It Voyager was a crypto lender they Obviously did did the same thing and now The 1.02 billion dollar deal by binance Us to purchase the assets of Voyager Digital has been opposed by both New York and the federal Finance Regulators Who made a filing on February 27 22nd Saying this was unlawful so just when Voyager account holders again saw Potential out the SEC ruined it the Minute I get new information I'll make a Video I will keep you updated and if You'll be in Miami Beach May 18th Through 20th of this year I hope you Join us I hope you use code altcoin Daily for 10 off your ticket for Bitcoin 2023 link down below


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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