New Artificial Intelligence Features Announced at WWDC 2024 | TechCrunch

Sounds like there's finally a good Reason to upgrade that iPhone you've Been hanging on to for so long Apple's Getting serious about AI how serious at The company's worldwide developer Conference this week it announced a ton Of new AI features including major Upgrades to Siri you can now type Questions to Siri and soon you'll be Able to take action in and across apps With Siri these new features and many of Apple's others are powered by Apple Intelligence Apple's ecosystem wide push Into generative AI Apple intelligence is Free but it requires an iPhone 15 Pro or Or on Mac and iPad an M1 based device or Newer also announced at Apple's Conference chat gbt open ai ai powered Chatbot is coming to Siri you'll soon be Able to Route questions to chat GPT Through Siri for example questions about A photo or a file in CER features There's gen Emoji which lets you create Custom AI images of anyone in your photo Library or someone you might be Messaging with there's also image Playground an image generator that works Across apps like notes and free form Apple's new cleanup features built into The revamped photos app on iOS can Remove unwanted objects and people from Photos lastly iOS will optionally record And transcribe your phone calls the Feature which has to be enabled manually

And informs the party on the other end Of the line that they're being recorded Transcribes what's being said during the Call and then provides a summary in the Notes app on iOS so what do you think Are you impressed with Apple's new AI Are these features enough to upgrade are You still sticking with your old iPhone


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