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I've been on a heavy crypto buying spree Injective Cody super but what else you Know they say that when the market dips Like this that now is the best time to Buy and of course Bitcoin could dip a Little bit more but in the long term This thing only goes in One Direction Now this video is not Financial advice I Can only tell you how I think and what I'm doing the thing is so many people Are bearish again you're going to wish That you bought more Bitcoin 3 to 6 Months from now I think like do you Realize that bitcoin's Supply flow gets Cut in half in less than 30 days do you Realize that most of the potential ETF Buyers have yet to actually buy because This ETF is a process a claimed broker Bernstein is predicting 90k Bitcoin by End of year and some analysts say Bitcoin could actually end the year a Lot higher Standard Charter I think is Calling for Bitcoin to hit 150 this year That sounds a little Rich to me I think You're more of a bull than I am make Your case well I'm not going to say it's Going to hit 150 this year it very well Could uh I'll say this much you know Bitcoin is finite and so there's only so Much of it you lose your keys you lose Your crypto so even that which is out There is probably a lot smaller than we We understand right now so the world is Is opening up right now with

Institutional money coming into these ETFs and so instead of having to open up Some random type of an account at Coinbase you can do it through your Brokerage and so when we look at the Supply and demand man factors ultimately April here is coming this having time Frame so they can mine about 900 coins a Day right now that's going down to 450 And so we're already doing about double Right now the the the sales or purchases On a day-to-day basis and so as we get Into this April 17th time frame here for Having just basic supply and demand says Prices are going to go higher just Quickly is Bitcoin what's the use case It's not a currency is it a hedge on Inflation like Jackie's gold what is it Um well I think that uh that it is a Hedge on currency uh it is a hedge just Like gold is uh but also it's this Peer-to-peer idea and so with more uh International countries having Challenges in their finances I think That it's it's important to understand If you're a migrant crossing the border You might be robbed 10 times before you Get to the United States who knows but If you remember your password to your Crypto account online 12 words you just Keep that in your head you walk through To the other side and you've got money Anywhere you need to be so there's a lot Of adaptations here that's just one that

I don't think many people are talking About David thank you the problem is I Can't remember my darn passwords you're Not a good test Cas you're not a Candidate for not a candidate cash Taylor good stuff David good to see you Thank you appreciate thank you look this Dip is much needed I'd rather have a Cool down and a chance to reload opposed To blasting straight up to 100K Violently wicking back down to 80k Retail getting wrecked and never coming Back again bull markets need need Corrections to remain stable the Alternative is much worse so what coins Are you buying on this dip if any let me Tell you what coins I'm looking at Standard Charter analysts are bullish on Ethereum now Standard Charter Bitcoin Prediction is something we just watched On Fox business's big money show for Ethereum they're predicting that eth Could hit 14k by the end of 20125 the Analysts also think that the spot Ethereum ETF should be approved by May This is interesting now they made this Prediction before we found out what's Happening with the SEC and ethereum now There's a couple different schools of Thought how you can think about what's Going on here with ethereum versus the SEC I would note that black rock is Still in ethereum's corner and the General rule is when there's fear in the

Air when there's blood on the streets That's the time to get in that's what I Think could be going on here with Ethereum because my bull thesis is still Intact and what's going on with the SEC In my opinion would only be temporary I Mean they could fully be trying to to Nuke ethereum in America that is a small Possibility but I think ultimately even If that happened they wouldn't succeed Long term and overall I'm just not so Sure that's what's happening so there is A little bit of uncertainty for ethereum In this bull market but like I said I'm Taking the risk my bull thesis is still Intact I think ethereum is still a buy And vitalic is saying that ethereum must Achieve mainstream adoption within 5 Years so we'll be watching this closely By the way chain link Labs was just Named one of fast companies this is a Big publication just named one of fast Company's most Innovative companies of 2024 earning praise for tackling the Blockchain industry's interoperability Problem through chain Link's ccip chain Link literally setting the standard in Crypto and accelerating tokenization of Real world assets on chain Swift working With chain link in a big way and Swift Making the announcement we're going to Up what we're doing with tokenized Assets and tokenization in general Listen guys chain link isn't going away

So the question is where is chain link Going chain link Labs Ryan Lovel sees Three exciting opportunities in capital Markets creating funds on chain issuing Securities on chain tokenizing deposits In cash and connecting all of these Tokenized verticals chain link I'm Seeing three really exciting things Happening and they happening in in silos And what's exciting to me is chain link Is going to be combining these different Silos into really powerful workflows in Into the UN upcoming years so those Three things are in one pocket of the Market I see asset managers creating Funds on chain and funds are just legal Structures that invest in Securities and Give investors exposure to those Securities the other pocket of the Market is actually issuing Securities on Blockchains so we're seeing a lot of Things in bond tokenization ESG type Tokenization individual Securities That's another pocket of the market the Third pocket of the market is stable Coins tokenized deposits wholesale Cbdcs and when you picture these three Things they all need to be connected Once they're connected through things Like chain link ccip now the asset Manager creates a fund that invests in The Securities that uses a tokenized deposit Or a wholesale cbdc to pay for thus

Doing you know delivery versus payment And creating a lot of awesome and and Efficient products for asset managers And Banks and central banks polka dot Polka dot 2.0 is just around the corner And with that a massive overhaul in Polka dots tokenomics is already ongoing By abolishing slot auctions in favor of A burn mechanism from purchasing block Space in short more usage of polka dots High-quality flexible blocks resulting In more dot burnt the beauty of this new Model and the flexibility of open goov Is that no matter how high the price of Doc goes the price of block space can Still be kept at a reasonable rate put Simply the price auction of dot can be Decoupled from the cost of developing The security of the protocol will Increase with higher value dot but we Can prevent pricing out projects I'm Bullish on dot check out this video to Learn more I like Avalanche they're Really trying to come for salon's market Share I mean Salon is killing it right Now particularly surprisingly with meme Coins in the salon ecosystem and Avalanche is trying to take a piece of That and they're investing a lot of Money into that so I'm like an avalanch Right now and you guys know I'm an Investor in Cody I really like Cody Right now they're launching their 10 Million Rewards program to support their

V2 rollout Cody's both the Privacy Narrative and the eth layer 2 narrative Ethereum based confidentiality layer Cody will distribute Cody V2 tokens Worth 10 million via airdrop to Holders Of its native Cody token so I'm holding The regular Cody token right now Cody V2 Is a privacy Centric layer 2 protocol on Ethereum dedicated to safely Transmitting sensitive data over the Blockchain across web 3 applications Guys if you're La locals get your Tickets to the roast of altcoin in Los Angeles April 11th ticket prices do Increase soon but right now they're Doing a special two for one deal let me Know which cryptocurrencies you are Buying on the dip I'm going to read your Comments I'm going to check out some of Your suggestions and try to include them In future videos so make sure you Subscribe see you tomorrow


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