NeuralAI – Top Ai Crypto Coin [Still Early]

So we thought okay we have a 280 billion Gaming Market we have an insanely fast Growing AI market and we're combining The crypto Market in one project if we Do it right we really have a good chance Of becoming very very successful with This neural AI is the latest leading AI Crypto project AI powered 3D asset Creation on bit tensor now working Closely with aash network today we sit Down with their founder to find out not Only the basics can you explain what Neural AI does in simple terms okay well Thank you for having me on the show by The way very very simple description of What neural does is the tokenomics talk To me about tokenomics what are the Primary benefits for token holders in The neural AI ecosystem so there's Multiple benefits Partnerships and Integrations is there more to say on Your relationship with the bit tensor Ecosystem like participating and adding To the bit tensor ecosystem what is your Relationship to c network we have a very Good relationship with them smash the Like button this video done in Partnership with neural AI we dive deep Into this project let's do it I'm Bullish on AI projects neural AI is one Of the leading AI projects in this new Bowl cycle now neural is an AI based Game asset generator on bit tensor I'm Joined here with nuro the founder of the

Project first of all neuro can you Explain what neural AI does in simple Terms okay well thank you for having me On the show by the way um so the very Very simple term uh description of what Neural does is we're basically creating A One-Stop shop for game developers game Studios and 3D artists that seek to Streamline and reduce the costs of their 3DS production while also we decent We're decentralizing the infrastructure Behind it that in turn comes back to Token holders and rewards them with real Revenue that we generate from this uh Decentralization which is on the bit Tens Network so we generate rewards in In to and this then comes back to our Holders and we also do gam incubations Which uh reward our holders as well and I didn't mean to uh you know jump past An introduction of yourself I'd love to Learn more about you and even more Precisely what is your why why I make Something like this can you share some Of your personal journey and what Inspired you to venture into Ai Blockchain and especially 3D all right Well I mean I could talk about this Forever but uh just a very basic Overview so I started in general with Software development in 2009 I very Quickly went kind of into the business Side as well so I was never just a Developer and I I started a a game

Project with some other people and um Over time we made it really successful Actually quite successful for our you Know own uh expectations so we we Managed to actually generate five Million user accounts on that game over Five years and uh we had like 300 400,000 monthly unique users which I Think at that time was pretty pretty Great right then I kind of after those Five years I kind of wanted to Transition to something else so around 2015 16 I started working more in in uh With e-commerce companies and I started Providing software services to them and I basically created teams of Developers For these companies and by that I drew Our team size quite heavily over a few Years so we ended up having uh 30 40 Developers uh that I was managing and Leading so that was quite an interesting Experience as well and then around that Time also I got into crypto around 2017 and of course like At first uh I Mean I invested a little bit earlier Already but I kind of lost that wallet So that that's gone um 2017 2017 I'm Sure you were buying Tron and EOS and All of those yes I think that my first Investment was actually Litecoin apart From Bitcoin at that time I I was super Happy you know within two weeks of my Investment I doubled my Money but you know it also went quick

Again back down so yeah I went through a Lot of icos as well and I always had This idea in mind of also starting a Project a company myself in this space But first of all like what I did was Coming from the software Services space I started working with actually already Established um tokens or coins that Needed developer support they started Building teams for them and then I did That for a while until like around 2020 2021 and then that was the time when I Started getting really interested also In a mix of crypto and AI right so that Was early signs of AI becoming more Mainstream it wasn't like the cat gbd Time yet I think but uhit a little bit Before that and I started working on you Know early llms uh playing around with Deep fake technology and stuff like that To understand like image generation and And image manipulation and I kind of Dragged some part of the developers of My previous projects also into This and so basically I kind of through That I kind of Built My Own AI team Which is now the foundation of neural AI As well and we worked on you know we Went through the early llms then we went We worked a lot of St stable diffusion Based image Generation video generation Like we we really tried a lot of things To really understand the space we worked On text generation with different

Frameworks we trained our own data sets And models for our own purposes and for Clients and then basically at some point I think it was sometime in 2023 we were Thinking okay look we the core team that I grew there we all had some experiences Gamers working in gaming before so we Kind of thought okay so what if we can Combine like all three of our interests Which is AI gaming and um crypto and Actually make a a meaningful project out Of that and we started doing some Research and we real realized that the 3D asset generation space is actually Insanely let's say it's Underappreciated um and the the Competition that was there was also very Very low quality for that at that time So we thought okay we have a 280 billion Gaming Market we have an insanely fast Growing AI market and we're combining The crypto Market in uh in one project If we do it right we we really have a Good chance of of becoming very very Successful with this and also from my Personal experience from the previous Gaming projects that I did I know that The 3D asset generation part of creating A game is isn't a huge time sync and Money sync right um so we know that Companies are looking for this like they They they might not uh understand it yet But in a few years latest I'm pretty Sure every game development company is

Going to use 3DS a Generation Um there's No way around it because in the end the Conclusion we made was let's build this Up let's try to compete with app2 Quality and then on the other hand let's Also try to decentralize this over time That was our vision and that's where We're going right now and we're actually Pretty close to achieving both things so Yes very cool and and you kind of talked A little bit about this in um describing Your journey but what is the current Neural I team size what is their Background you can you know just answer In brief and then what company size are You aiming for in the long run okay so Very briefly right now we have 15 people In the team we have seven developers and The rest is comprised of you know Marketing managers and mods and few Support team members and design and then We have in terms of the plans for the Future we're hiring right now actively Subnet specific developers and AI Engineers additionally to what we have So we have a team of as I said before The core team is very experienced with AI crypto and gaming just uh different Priorities based on the team member and Then we we're now adding developers that Already launched subnets before so that They can give us input on you know what What to avoid and what the what issues They they faced and stuff like that and

Also we're always expanding our AI team So the AI engineering and uh in general AI tooling is very important for us we Want to get that side constantly Evolving and yeah that's what we're Doing but in general we try to avoid Growing too fast and hiring too many People this is I think a pitfall for Many many crypto and in general startups If you have some funds available people Tend to just grow it really fast and Throw money at people and hope that it Works out from my Experience very painful experience and Lessons uh that never worked out um so Uh we're trying to stay very lean while Making good progress and only expand as Necessary I've seen that amongst my Peers in the content creation space as Well they go crazy uh hiring people in The bull market than in the bare Market They have to cut so yeah I think it's Smart to to stay lean exactly exactly Let's jump to the Token talk to me about Tokenomics what are the primary benefits For token holders in the neural AI Ecosystem all right so in terms of the The primary benefits token holders have Multiple benefits from holding the token Alone so you can first of all it's an Access to the to the actual D app that Lets you generate the 3D assets second Of all token holders can very soon Probably around the time this video

Releases they will be able to stake Their tokens so they stake neural and They will receive staking rewards paid Out based on real Revenue that we Generate on the back end so right now we Have the first we basically operate this In a two we window staking will be Refilled every two weeks based on Revenue that came in so the first Staking twoe window will be start with $5,000 worth of tow and those will be Paid out to staking holders and then on Top of that neural holders will also be Able to participate in the incubations That we do so right now we have a gaming Incubation which means we support a game That's actually a web 2 game from a very Reputable uh company in the web 2 Gaming Space and they want to go to web fre and We support them in in many different Ways and for that we made a deal with Them to receive a certain percentage of Their to Total Supply and be able to Actually give that back to neural Stakers over time and then there's There's a few other benefits that are Going to come along but the main one the Really really prevalent one is revenue Share and there's many revenue streams That we are building with the Most exciting one to me that as a if I Was a holder that would be the one be Like yeah tell me about that yeah Exactly so on the tow side we we we have

Multiple revenue streams on the tow side We have tow miners that are generating Tow right now we also have soon as soon As the subnet launches we will have Additional revenue streams that come in Just from running the subnet and then Also supplying Miners and validators on The subnet plus actually supplying these As as templates to other people that Want to start miners on our subnet so There's multiple streams just from this And then also we're building a 3D asset Generation API for bigger gaming studios In corporations to integrate into their Workflow seamlessly um and this will Also obviously be paid and then later on When we have the marketplace we will Also Revenue share the marketplace fees Where you can on our Marketplace you can Actually 3D assets that you generated Directly from the D app so it's like a Very seamless process and uh people can Either generate their assets then or buy Buy already existing assets which uh Will come with a fee and that fee goes Back to the staking pool as well once All these revenue streams come together We're definitely looking at high six Figures seven figures a month and Revenue potential of course this is you Know a step-by-step process but we're Looking at quite High Revenue share That's actually generated on real use Cases you know which is I think quite

Rare in crypto yeah and this is what I Want to hear about and then we I mean we Just talked about the tokenomics as it Relates to the the token holders and you Know you said as as use case develops That's obviously going to be good for Generating Revenue so talk to me about The other side of that coin I guess the Game developers are going to be using Neural AI what are the main benefits of Using neural AI for game developers so There's mult mble benefits for example If we think about game development There's a prototyping phase there's a You know development phase and then There's like a polishing phase in the Prototyping phase we speed up the Prototyping insanely because developers Don't need to you know create their own Assets even if they're low quality for Prototyping it takes them some time Right uh for us they can just type in go To our app or soon also go to our Plugins in Unreal Engine and unity and Just type in what they want you know They want the chair they get a chair They want a I don't know a ball they get A ball a character they get a character They just have to really it's it's like Chat GPD prompting in a way or image Prompting right and that goes really Fast we generate these models within Approximately worst case like 2 minutes 3 minutes so they can have their models

Ready for prototyping that very way more Uh resemble the the final product than They used to you know where they had Like a two months prototyping phase can Now be cut by half probably just by Using us which is an insane money sync Already then of course in general what We're also doing is we will also be Adding stuff like Auto rigging so you Can automatically rig your characters in Our app we will further expand the tools To to in very detail correct things on The models you know if you generate Something in mid Journey For example Sometimes it's not perfect right and you Want to slightly edit it or overpaint Something and stuff like that the same Will be possible for us soon so we're Working on these systems right now and Then in general the benefits are speed Cost efficiency and in general you can Just move way faster as a games game Developer and then on top of that if you Combine that with what we're going to Offer on the subnet which is validators Right so yeah I'm not sure if we should Go into subnets now probably that's Going to come in a little bit later on The question so I'm just going to uh Stop it here but yeah there's lots of Benefits for for game developers for Sure we could be talking about each Question for you know half an hour I'm Sure but you know top of the funnel top

Of the Funnel exactly you know I want to hear About your relationship to Akosh Network Now as I understand at the time of this Recording you are pseud Anonymous to the Public you and the team you have doxed Yourself to aosh network I want to hear If there's any plans to uh eventually do You ever see yourself you know doxing Yourself uh totally or the bigger Question is what is your relationship to Akash Network okay yeah so we are now We're not docks to two companies by now So we docks to aash network which is as You know like a a billion dollar project And then we also dos to haken the audit Company um which we just performed and We did for the staking and the marketing Contract and they by the way they got Rated very highly so there's uh no Issues there and yeah so the connection To aash is basically we've been in touch With them for month months already akaj Doesn't do you know Partnerships the kaj Does useful Collaborations I would say so they if if We um we have a very good relationship With them because we utilize their Services for our 3D asset generation Needs for our tow miners for tow Validators for additional support Services and model training so there's a Lot of use cases that we can derive from Aash and on the other hand they're

Obviously very happy if they have a an Actual use case project that's utilizing Their their platform that just gives Them a lot of validation as well um so We benefit each other very nicely like I I really love their cash team we have a Private chat with them we're constantly In touch we're going to organize uh Upcoming Events maybe together and then There's this also at some point there Will be a time where we're going to you Know dos fully but for now yes it's a It's we're dos to a cash and we're dos To H is there more to say on your Relationship with the bit tensor Ecosystem like the big question is what Is neural ai's plans in participating And adding to the bit tensor ecosystem We talked a little bit about it but is There more to say in terms of the bit Tensor ecosystem so as we progress the Next few months basically everything We're doing right now in terms of 3DS Generation will be relying on the bit Tenser Network so as we create our Subnet all of these 3D asset generation Tas TKS are outsourced to miners on the Subnet and then validators for you know Actually validating them and um rating The Miners and basically this will make a Few things happen and it's quite Interesting because I think most people Don't understand the bit tensor Network

And what it actually does so when you Have a subnet there that is focused on 3D asset generation and actually high Quality 3 3D asset generation like we Tried to achieve we create a product Well we create access to a product that PE people actually want to use and it's Decentralized so there are going to be Hundreds of miners quite a few uh Validators that are going to basically Populate the the network the subet for Example if you're a big gaming studio Right you would pay insane amounts of Money in order to maintain your own you Know for example 3D in-house AI Generation and it would cost you a lot Of stuff a lot of uh gpus and stuff like That and it's just not really feasible Right now um but what you can do instead Once our subnet is running you can Actually become a validator on our Subnet as a gaming studio and becoming a Valid data gives you direct access to The miners right so that means you can Give them tasks and they will complete It so basically you can Implement our Subnet into your workflow as a validator And you basically send the requests Directly to our subnet and the miners Will take care of it and they will They're incentivized to create high Quality assets and by the natural Competition that occurs in subnets these Assets should become higher and higher

Quality naturally and they should be Also focusing on speed so it's kind of Like a balance that we want to achieve With our in mechanism so yeah basically What you will have is the subnet Generating better and faster models over Time without us even giving a lot of Input or doing a lot of uh extra Research so this would mainly be driven By the actual miners that receive Rewards based on their quality output Which is an insanely interesting concept So this is how how the the pit tensor Network works with us so over time we Will become a validator we we the net Owner but we will also become a Validator on the benser network for our Own applications and other people will Be mining um we will provide miners to Them as well through aash and then also Other gaming companies can come in and Become validators or they can use our API whatever is easier and or or works Better for them so there's a lot of Options that we open up here for a Market that really needs it so I'm super Excited about this I feel like already I Have a much better understand Understanding about what neural AI is And what you guys are doing my final Question as we're wrapping things up is You know thinking about what happens and Say the next three years what are your Long-term goals for neural AI what would

Success look like okay well success Would look like for me what I want to Achieve with this is I want to basically Become the subnet should become a kind Of self-perpetuating network that Constantly evolves and in 3 years from Now I really hope that we would be at a Stage where AAA companies could just Plug into the subnet and generate their Models on mass with just very minor Additions or changes uh to the result That is my goal and to populate that Network give back to the holders through The revenue generated from it and just Become insanely valuable for the bit Tensor Network as a whole that's that is My my long-term vision for it excellent I encourage everybody from our audience Check check out neural AI I'm going to Link all the pertinent websites and Social media down below final thoughts Final call to action for the altcoin Daily audience if you like what you Heard definitely check us out I'm going To check it out I'm going to try out Staking awesome can't wait thank you Nuro


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