Nebraskangooner: Looking at BTC price charts more so than news

Cuz if I'm stubborn then the Market's Going to beat me down a lot of life it Takes away my emotions something called Bitcoin and I was like oh way for me to Not get trapped welcome to coin Telegraph's Crypt trading Secrets Podcast hey folks thanks for tuning in To crypto trading Secrets presented by Coin Telegraph I'm your host BJ pyrus Today we have Nebraskan gooner from Twitter gunar is a crypto Trader who has A solid following on Twitter he entered The crypto industry in 2017 and Eventually transitioned out of a career In the medical world to focusing more on Crypto trading goar prefers to keep his Trading simple based largely on Technical analysis all right here's Nebraskan Gunner hey gunar thanks for Coming on the show hey thanks for having Me so do you mind just sharing the the Backstory of your Twitter There's some some interesting uh stories Out there and I've been doing that with A couple of my guests on previous Episodes so um yeah well don't search it Up on that's the one Thing you're not allowed to Do it's some weird weird definitions out There that are not anywhere where it Originated from but um basically uh it It started out being a soccer account I Just used Twitter to catch up on soccer News I'm a big Arsenal fan over in

Europe so Um that's where it came from and I just Put Nebraska in since that's where I Live and I started posting Cryptocurrency stuff uh back in 2017 2018 I finally had like 10 to 20,000 Followers and I was like huh I wonder if I should change this but everyone Already had known me by gooner by then So I just kept it and yeah I mean that's Basically what it was it started as a uh Soccer account and turned it into a Cryptocurrency account I did for like a Month change the Nebraskan crypto uh Just to see if it helped people identify Me as crypto but it was kind of weird I Felt like I lost my identity so I went Back to bras and gunar gotcha that's Pretty interesting so in general I Look To do three segments the first one is Called finding the bottom where I Basically ask your opinions on Bitcoin In light of the bare Market in the Outside world so first question in this Segment so what's your opinion on Bitcoin's price lately uh flat and Completely sideways and Uneventful if that sum it up and there's Been nothing happening for weeks now Gotcha do you have any opinions on where You think Bitcoin might be in terms of a Bare Market bottom it's tough to say you Know I don't know if we should read into The correlation or you know anything

With stocks but there's a lot of stocks Such as Apple um or you know the S&P 500 That just look like they have a lot of Room below so it'll be interesting to See if Bitcoin holds up well during that Also just all the events we've had in The market you know the FTX thing um Will Michael will Sailor ever have to Liquidate any assets um will more funds Go Underwater uh so it's just really really Weird I mean normally you'd say anything Under 16k should be our bottom with you know Potential of like maybe a 10 to 12K uh Quick drop um but you know I mean we had The covid pump and we're seeing a lot of Assets in the traditional markets of and Crypto um retracing all the way back to Kind of the top or the Midway point of That covid pump which would for Bitcoin I think would be below 10K so it's just You know it we're in an interesting Point in the global economy so I'm not Counting anything out for Bitcoin as far As how low it could go um but you know Do see a possibility of even if we do go You know to 10 to 12K there's still a Chance that we could do 100% pump from There yeah it's definitely been been a Crazy year um in a lot of in just in General so yeah I mean history history Says that uh and I've actually posted a Chart uh earlier this year at the

Beginning of the year and recently Updated it uh history basically says That the bottom should be anywhere below 16k um but it should get bought up Quickly which technically has already Happened we've seen a wick below 16k and Then so ideally anything below 16k Continues to be bought up and we form an Accumulation base above you know from 16k to 25k area um before next Bull Run Hopefully regardless of what stocks do Bitcoin could you know kind of go Sideways and show resiliency during that Period um because I do think stocks have More downside to go and if that happens Then I would be pretty confident that Bitcoin is in a nice sideways Accumulation period which could Potentially last for years um which is Fine because if we do get a multi-year Accumulation period on bitcoin that Could send us you know to $200,000 interesting so what do you Think about the mainstream world and Mainstream news events and everything Outside of crypto how do you think that Is impacting Bitcoin um you know I I've Never really been a believer in too much News affecting anything I think uh news More so just accelerates price action um I've always been a believer in uh tell Me the news and I'll show you the chart Uh basically you know it just good news Always seems to happen at support and

Bad news always seems to happen at Resistance um you know more bad news Obviously comes out in bare markets and More good news obviously comes out in Bull markets so I mean I don't really See the news as like changing the tide On anything um rarely does it happen so I more so just trade the chart s you're Always going to have news events Everywhere and again they're going to be Worse in the bare Market which is what We're seeing gotcha so I think you just Answered this question pretty much but If I'm if I'm understanding you Correctly my next question was what do You think the biggest thing impacting Bitcoin's price lately is and from your Last answer it sounds like you just Think the charts are dictating bitcoin's Price is that correct yeah yeah 100% I Mean we've been in a bare Market since Technically you know 52k breakdown um my Indicator topun X has only given three Weekly sell signals sell approaching Signals ever um and it's been um before Extended bare markets every single time So that's where my head's been at Obviously we're in a global recession um Stock markets are in a bare market so Yeah I mean the charts are extremely Telling I'm more of a technical Trader Anyway uh anytime I try to trade on Fundamentals I perform poorly gotcha Next question last question in this

Segment inflation and US Federal Interest rate increases have been two Common topics in 2022 again I think you Were hitting on this before but how do You think that has affected bitcoin's Price or might affect it in the future If you do think that at all um you know I honestly don't pay too much attention To news events um I just try to stay out Of the markets during them because you Know price action can be a little bit Unpredictable um but again we're Obviously in a recession everything ra The interest rates rising and all that Um so I think that people are more Hesitant to buy right now and crypto is A very high-risk asset so when you have A riskof environment you're going to Have a hard time finding people to buy The highest risk assets during that time Gotcha the next segment is called trade Secret So basically tell me about your Background as much as you're comfortable Talking about what did you want to do When you were little oh man when I was Little I wanted to be a doctor uh I Don't know why I always thought that Those uh shows like on uh on TV with all The surgeries and all that stuff was Kind of cool um and then like those 911 Shows where people were like in trouble And like I don't know I just always Thought those like medical shows are

Really cool as a kid MH um but then you Know I got older and I realized how much Schooling is involved with being a Doctor right and I was like okay I'm not Going to school for 10 years so I ended Up being a nurse and just going to School for like four and a half five Years and uh was a pediatric nurse for Six years did that whole thing um you Know I started a dialysis unit at one of The children's hospitals here um really Enjoyed being a pediatric nurse but uh I Got into crypto in 2017 and I really just saw the Opportunity I was like okay crypto could Literally change my life and I was like My my main goal was just to pay off my House and my student loans with crypto Um and it's become so much more um Basically I just started studying it Night and day started learning from Traders um in the space and it started Basically crypto trading started to take Over and my normal job was getting in The way of me crypto trading and that's Kind of when I realized that I needed to Quit my job and go full-time crypto cool Cool so you got into crypto in 2017 do You remember yeah anything specific that Like your first uh interests like Anything specific around that well yes Um so actually like back in I don't know 2014 or something I had done this app Where you could earn Bitcoin for free

And back then it was basically worthless So I I remember earning a couple Bitcoin On there and then kind of not Understanding what to do with it and Google wasn't as advanced back then There wasn't as much resources to find Out about it I was also a broke college Student so I kind of just gave up on it And you know forgot about it and then in What 2017 I remember being at my parents House and on the TV was breaking news That Bitcoin had reached $2,400 um and I was like holy cow what You know I was like I was shocked Because I remember seeing it basically You know under a dollar um and so at That point I was like wow I need to Start researching this and see if There's opportunity around here because To me like I said earlier it just seemed Like a once- in a-lifetime opportunity That doesn't come around every Generation you know um kind of like the Era bubble uh so I was like I really Need to capitalize this on this and I Just started doing a lot of research lot Lots and lots of research and then Obviously just started you know dabbling And buying a little bit of Cryptocurrency here and there um and in Early 2017 that ended up being you know About the best time to buy so I have a Similar memory of back yeah it was like

2013 or or something like that I Remember hearing from a friend something About something called Bitcoin and I was Like oh and then in 2017 I think I Looked at it and it was yeah similar to What you said it was like $2,600 I'm Like what in the world like that just Took off out of nowhere right I mean we Literally could have just put $100 in Our first time hearing about it and Forgot about it which we probably would Have um and then come back in you know 2017 and have quite a quite a nice stack Of Cash so how would you describe your Trading strategy let's just start there I know that's a bit of a broad question Yeah I mean I really like to dumb down The charts and keep it simple because I Don't like using many indicators they Just kind of distract me and it gets Becomes overwhelming so I keep it very Clean to mainly price action because What are the indicators anyway well the Indicators are dictated by what the Chart is doing so I just prefer to read The chart and kind of be my own Indicator you know I let the Candlesticks and the volume um indicate To me which direction price is going to Go um and I kind of like to use momentum So I'll basically just say okay if this Level is breached I know that price Should go to at least this level this

Next key level um and keeps it really Simple it's not over complicated um you Can set alerts very easy for this Strategy so you don't have to sit there And watch the chart for you know hours On end um to find a setup and uh it's Really easy to uh educate and share Online as well because if I'm using all These fancy indicators nobody's going to Understand it but if I just post simple Chart with a couple lines and some price Action and kind of the way I just Explained it to you I mean it's very Easy for people to understand sure sure What do you personally look for in a in A trade on a chart so there's a lot of Different things I could look for um but If we want to keep it brief and simple I Really like trend lines so if I find a Trend line that has multiple touches on It I know that the more times a trend Line is touched the more likely it is to Break on the next touch and not only That but the more times a trend line is Touched the stronger the move is likely To be on the other side of that trend Line when it breaks so if something has You know if a trend line has two touches And then it breaks it may not be that Strong of a move on the other side but If a trend line has with withstood five Or more Touches then the breakout to the other Side is more likely to be that much

Stronger so for keeping it simple that's The easiest way to look for trades on a Chart for me cool yeah that that makes Sense to me so how did you learn your Style of trading um you know I'm pretty Much self-taught I like to make my own Rules and I don't like to do things the Same as everyone else um and that's just How I've been my whole life I've never Liked to go with the trends and what's Happening and the things that everyone Is into um which has worked out for me Well here because I think if everyone is Looking at the same thing on a chart It's less likely to happen and but not Only that like there's just like in Trading the beautiful thing is you can Literally make it whatever you want it To be and if you try to emulate somebody Else's trading style 100% it's probably Not going to work out for you because we All have different uh profit goals Different lifestyle goals different Personalities and things like that so You really need to make it your own and I found out early on that I could take Really key important points from traders That were successful and mentors that I Admired um and put them into a style That works best for me so that goes Along with kind of my next question on How you found your Edge and what that Process was like and how difficult that Was and maybe some trial and error there

Yeah so definitely a lot of trial and Error I mean I know for at least the First six months when I was learning to Chart I wasn't using any money I was Just charting watching the chart seeing How things Reacted um and kind of going from there Uh but really when I had my breakthrough Was when I created topon X which is an Indicator that literally just emulates My trading style um it's very momentum Based and volume based and I like Momentum and volume and Trend reversals And it actually will tell me in advance If there is a trend reversal um Happening and it works on any time frame So as I mentioned on the Bitcoin weekly Chart it gave a sell approaching alert You know at 30k before we bounced to 70k Or whatever it was um so I can actually Use that on low time frames to say if I Get an alert that says buy approaching That means that topun X is saying the Trend has changed on this time frame Look to buy the dip and we expect price To continue upwards after the initial Dip so um that's really what has helped Me out a lot because topun X tells me Where assets are in Trends on any given Time frame it's a good bias check for me And if topun x says that a trend is Bottomed out I shouldn't be shorting and Vice versa if it says a trend is topped Out I shouldn't be longing so that's a

Really good way for me to not get Trapped shorting at the lows or or Buying at the highs and so did you code That yourself do you have coding Experience not at all Actually uh satachi heavy on Twitter is The person is my friend that coded that And I remember we spent weeks on the Phone just making like little little Tiny tweaks to everything in it from Just literally everything in it to get It exactly perfect how we want it and Even changing like certain zones on the Indicator like by like 0.01 decimals um On the Y AIS just to get them picture Perfect and then we tested it over and Over and over um to make sure that it Was showing us accurate results so not Only did you have to trial and er your Trading your personal trading system Based on what works on the charts for You but you also had to trial and error What works automating it in the creation Of the bot is that correct right yeah But it's really cool because it's Literally mirrored after my trading Style but it takes away my emotions Because it's telling me what I would see In the chart basically it's just telling Me when there's Trend reversals or Trend Continuations um and it helps me keep my Bias in check and keep from being Emotional on these charts um and it's Definitely helped me look for buys or

Sells um when it provides the alerts Ahead of time which is really nice um And also hold on to trades because it'll Actually tell me when there's Continuations of trend or not and of Course there's rules that go along with This uh you know like Fibonacci levels That play in as well interesting yeah That that definitely makes sense so I'm Going to head into the next the final Segment here which is the next Bull Run So my first question is if because Nothing is a sure thing we have another Crypto Bull Run what are you looking for That would tell you that maybe the Market has changed into a bull run how Will you know for yourself that's an Interesting question um you know I don't Think I would know until we were there Because I don't like to try and predict A bottom before it's happened um it's Easier to tell when a bottom has Occurred after the fact and have more Confidence in it and make it less risky Because I would then have a clear inv Validation level um so I I really Wouldn't know until after I see what Happens because let's say we dropped to 12 let's say Bitcoin drops to 12K and I think that's bottom and it Just keeps nuking right like it just Keeps dropping I I wouldn't have that Clear sign if it drops to 12K and Immediately goes back to 15K within 4

Hours then to me that would be a very Very clear bottom sign if it just goes To 12K goes sideways for a week or two Then I you know I wouldn't have a clear Bottom sign yet um so I'd prefer to wait Um on that end for the bull run in 2020 My clear sign was a downtrend break of 13,900 on the monthly time frame so once We breached that 13,900 on the monthly and closed above It I was very confident that we would Continue up and I think we had like five Or six straight green months after that Occurred So based on bitcoin's recent Price action and everything like that How long on of time frame are you Looking to see personally that would Give you confidence that you would Change your bias from a bare Market to a Bull market oh man I mean I I really Have no clue again I'd like to see a Reaction in the market so it like like I Said if we dropped to 12K if Bitcoin Went to 12K overnight and 4 hours later Was back above 15 or 16k my bias would Likely change um you know that would be A really strong reaction that would give Me good conviction to say okay we at Least bounce you know to 25 or 28,000 From here um if I saw a reaction like That so it really just depends I don't Like to guess what the Market's going to Do I like to read what it's already done And then kind of react from there so

What kind of time frames are you looking At on charts what's your bread and Butter um my bread and butter is Probably the 15minute chart um but it Really depends on what the Market's Giving me because there's nothing better Than Trading daily and weekly charts and Holding something and just buying Sitting on it and watching the money Flow right like that's everyone's dream So back in 2020 when we could hold for Months that was great um I enjoyed that It's much less effort um but in current Conditions like we're seeing now with The markets sideways and choppy um and Not much Trend action that's when it's Less ideal to be on these daily time Frames and that's when you're going to Start losing money and so yeah I've had To into the lower time frames for sure And again I really like I feel really Comfortable on like the 15minute time Frame so it sounds like most of your Trades are intraday trades especially Lately Yes so how does that change from Depending on what type of Market we're In and what would that change to I know You hit on this a little bit but maybe Describe like how you change between Looking mostly at the 15minute chart Versus panning out and and looking most At the daily weekly well it really Depends on the market volatility I mean

Back in like April the markets were Moving 5% like you know traditional Markets were moving 5% a day but lately We're seeing you know almost like a 2% Range on either side we're going up 2% Back down 2% you know so we're just in This in tight range across the markets And when there's not much volatility you Can't hold for very long time frames and If you are there's opportunity cost of Okay well I just held this position for 2 weeks and price has literally gone Sideways and it's been within a 2% range For 2 weeks like for me that's just Missed opportunity where I could be Using that money elsewhere um for maybe Just intraday trades or intraday Positions or on an asset that's more Volatile and if there's not very many Volatile assets at the time then kind of Just have to wait and as a Trader you Have to take what the market gives you You can't force the market to do Anything you can can I say you there uh Just back I'm and start again as a Trader I have to take what the market Gives me I can't force the market to do What I want it to do um when the market Is stubborn I just have to literally be Not stubborn and because if I'm stubborn Then the Market's going to beat me down Um so I have to take what the market Gives me and if that's a 1% move or a 05% move on the day or on the week then

That's what I get sure that makes sense So a little bit deeper into to that do You have any expectations for yourself Um or any anticipations for yourself on The next Bull Run if Bitcoin goes into a Bull run if I'm not mistaken you expect To just trade the same way you have been Over the last couple years uh yeah Hopefully better uh but I mean you know We could always do better right I could Always buy the exact bottom and sell the Exact top right um but that's not Realistic goal um yeah I mean I just try To do the best that I can and stick to My strategies that I know work for me MH They might not be the best people not Everyone might agree with them but They're keeping me profitable and sure I Might not make as much money as I could Um but I feel like I'm not losing large Amounts of money especially when there's Large draw down I feel like my risk Management is really good and has really Helped me protect my Capital as best as Possible whether it's bull or bare Market cool gotcha Um let me just add in one last question Not really from this segment is just a General interest I have is how how Difficult has trading psychology been For you I mean it's definitely a Struggle that I think every Trader goes Through at some point if not at all the Time once you learn once I learned risk

Management I think that really helped a Lot in just keeping my psychology in Check my emotions in check and honestly I took the time to study Market Psychology and how psychology makes the Market you know go up and down and Things like that because I think that Psychology is one of the main Mo driving Factors of the market um because why Does this pump here or why does this Pump really hard at the top and then Sell off really quick well it's because People finally fomo into that and it Pumped really hard because there was a Lot of fomo buyers and then what do fomo Buyers do as soon as they see price go Down really fast they fomo Sell psychology is super important just For overall understanding Market Cycles But also even just for low time frames Understanding these you know fake pumps Or maybe even fake dumps and then Capitalizing them as far as trading goes Gotcha yeah a lot uh there's a lot to Psychology um and it's interesting topic So I think that yeah I mean everyone Should really key into their emotions And learn them and acknowledge them Because I think one of the biggest Things that I did initially and I Actually read a about this was I Suppressed my emotions and I ignored Them but once I Understood how my emotions worked and

Like how they could help me trade and The emotions I'm feeling right now might Actually help me you know if I'm feeling Super bullish or super greedy maybe I Need to take some profit or if I'm being Super bearish um maybe I need to look For Longs or not be shorting or take Some profit on my shorts so I think it Can actually be a really useful tool Once I learned to acknowledge my Emotions is when I really took that next Step forward yeah yeah that definitely Makes sense and a lot of a lot of life Um is from everybody's perspective Between the years so that's so I think That wraps it up for today um thank you So much gonar for for coming on the show I really appreciate it awesome thanks For having me man that was fun thanks For tuning in to crypto trading Secrets Presented by coin Telegraph we'll catch You next Time Oh


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