NEAR Foundation and Alibaba Cloud Partners To Drive Web3 Growth [ Crypto Espresso 6.27.23 ]

Tuesday Newsday is just so cool yay I'm Your host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines and we're Going for it first up HSBC Hong Kong the Largest lender in Hong Kong has become The first bank to allow its customers Access to bitcoin and ethereum ETFs on Its investment platform while the bank's Customers have been able to trade these Investment products since they were Listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange In December of 2022 these ETFs were Listed on HSBC Hong Kong's easy invest Mobile app on Monday offering Traders Exposure to bitcoin and ethereum Futures Based on derivative contracts that trade On the Chicago Mercantile Exchange the Offerings are csop Bitcoin Futures ETF And csop ethereum Futures ETF managed by Csop asset management and Samsung Bitcoin Futures active ETF managed by Samsung Asset Management Hong Kong According to csop Asset Management ETFs Offer an easy transparent way for Investors to capture the performance of Digital assets FTX the failed Cryptocurrency exchange owes its Customers 8.7 billion dollars after Misusing and commingling their deposits Since the start of operating The Exchange according to a new report from The FDX bankruptcy team the report Alleges that senior Executives including

Caroline Ellison the former CEO of Elevator research knew as early as August 2022 that 6.4 billion dollars of The money owed had been misappropriated About 7 billion dollars in liquid assets Have been recovered so far with Additional recoveries anticipated CEO John J Ray III has been working to Settle the exchange's Affairs ever since It collapsed back in November as the Company is currently going through Bankruptcy proceedings in Delaware Sam Bankman freed the company's founder and Former CEO will be tried in New York in October on a number of criminal Allegations the near Foundation has Entered a partnership with Alibaba Cloud To drive web 3 growth in Asia and the Middle East in an effort to encourage Additional developers to build on on the Near protocol the agreement gives the Near Foundation access to alibaba's Cloud's developer ecosystem the Plug and Play infrastructure as a service Provided by Alibaba Cloud will enable Developers to establish additional near Validators users will also be able to Access the near blockchain operating System or boss a platform that was Introduced earlier this year and uses The infrastructure of Alibaba Cloud to Enable developers to integrate into and Communicate with other users according To coin market cap data the price of

Near gained over 7.5 percent following The news of this partnership azuki a Popular Blue Chip non-fungible token Collection is releasing a new collection Called azuki Elementals The Collection Includes 20 000 nfts based on the four Azuki elements of earth fire lightning And water with different levels of Rarity traits that will be revealed upon Mint holders of azuki nfts or beans Another azuki derivative collection will Have first access to the sale which Begins as a Dutch auction on Tuesday and And starts at two eth until all 10 000 Of the Elementals nfts are sold the Price will decrease by 0.1 each every Five minutes at a follow the rabbit Event held in Las Vegas certain nfts From the new collection were airdropped To current azuki owners alongside a Spellbound token as of the time of Writing azuki's floor prices 14.67 eth And the total trading volume is over 663 693.66 eth or over 1.2 billion dollars And finally the total trade volume of The BlackRock nft collection which is a Blend of ether Rock and The Unofficial Branding of the investing Titan BlackRock surpassed 910 000 The Collection consists of 999 Individual BlackRock nfts at the time of Writing it has a floor price of 0.1519 Eth or about 282 dollars The Collection Sold out on June 21st 2023 and the

Creator has kept ownership of 100 of the Nfts or 10 of the collection worth Noting that BlackRock has absolutely no Affiliation with the the nft project According to the collection's openc Profile blackrock's application for a Spot Bitcoin ETF on June 15th had an Immediate effect on the cryptocurrency Market with bitcoin's price surging Above 31 000 to reach a new yearly High The etheroc collection of 100 rocks Which was released in 2017 gained Popularity during the nft frenzy with The price of one ether Rock going for as Much as 1.8 million dollars and if you Want 100 rocks you can find them a lot Cheaper by digging in some nearby dirt But what's cheaper than the dirt itself Liking this video subscribing to our YouTube channel and clicking on that Little bell icon to get buzzed whenever A new crypto espresso video goes live Though I suppose time is money so I Don't know maybe it is a little more Expensive than the good dirt but on Today's episode do you like dirt let me Know in that comment section below Because I read those comments and they Keep me up at night so really if you Want to just torment me you can leave me Some negative comments and then I'm just Never going to be able to sleep yeah Questions about our headlines are crypto In General take the plunge and disc Alex

In that description below Alex is always A great resource for all things web 3 And the metaverse and that about does it For today as always I've been your host Andrew these have been your headlines And we'll see all of your beautiful Shining faces tomorrow


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