My ‘Retire in 5 Years’ Crypto Strategy: $1k to $100k | 9 NEW Low-Cap Altcoins!

It's worthwhile to start with the prices Here of Bitcoin and how you think it Might be impact into the having a lot of Questions out there of whether a lot of Those Rises have already been baked in Bitcoin Insider Fred teal this is the CEO of marathon digital one of the Largest Bitcoin mining companies in the US comes clean as to what he expects With Bitcoin after the having I think The etf's approval um which has been a Huge success has attracted Capital into The market and entally brought forward What could have been the price Appreciation we typically would have Seen 3 to six months post having so I Think we're seeing part of that now uh Already uh these ETFs 11 were approved Four of the 11 ETFs are the most Successful ETF Launches on record uh Ever and the total amount of capital in The ETFs uh already has surpassed 50% of the Amount of uh assets under management in Gold ETF so uh what has happened in Three four months compared to 20 years With gold is pretty astounding and so we Think that has pulled forward some of The demand uh the having event will Reduce the supply of Bitcoin by about 450 a day the new emissions of Bitcoin Uh which will have some small impact on Price most probably but as miners we're Very excited to go into a having where

For once price has not declined prior to The having but rather price has gone up So everybody's obviously maximizing and Optimizing to that supply and demand d Dynamics will be in full effect prepare For a continuation of this trend I think Personally we're going to see a rotation Into ethereum after the having think About it Bitcoin ETF and having Narrative will be in bitcoin's past the Market is forward-looking ethereum ETF Still on the horizon ethereum narratives Still have yet to really break through Not that Bitcoin won't continue to go up I think it will I just think we're going To start seeing lower cap spe Calculation like we normally do after Bitcoin breaks all-time highs we're Already starting to see the media Prioritizing ethereum listen a lot going On in the cryptocurrency space we have The having with Bitcoin coming up in a Few weeks and also either the idea of Not only ETFs but just the fact that a Lot of people see it as a more viable And useful cryptocurrency because you Can build apps on it what's your take on Some of these moves that we're seeing I Think that when crypto's back it tends To come back across coins you don't Usually just see only Bitcoin and that's Certainly we're seeing we've even seen Some of those you know coins that are a Little bit uh there's not much utility

For them you know have a huge ramp up Over the last kind of couple months and So I'm not surprised to see this Excitement around eth uh I think that The crypto die hards think that eth is Sort of a more perfect Bitcoin it's just That the price never quite catches up um But I do think that we're going to Continue to see some positive moves in It all right eth makes it sound so cute Seriously all of these Bitcoin ETF Conversations are slowly adding in Ethereum listen to this interview with The CEO of vanc the reporter can't wait To interject and ask him about ethereum Listen The Narrative was really this is Going to bring in the big institutions Who are perhaps on the sidelines for a While in this market has has that Happened yet you know I I think it's a Different narrative actually to me it's That it's legal to own Bitcoin in the US You don't understand like when we Launched our first gold Fund in 1968 it Was illegal for Americans to own gold Bullion we had to invest in gold mining Shares so I think it's that legal Approval that's the first step it's just Very early for many institutions there's No Private Bank in the US that has Approved their advisors to call Customers to invest in Bitcoin so zero So we have a long long ways to go before It's fully adopted and Alles now really

On ethereum uh and whether there's an ETF in the US to Market I know you've Got an ethereum exchange traded product Here in Europe uh but are you planning To launch anything in the US for an Ethereum ETF we're first to file as as Well for ethereum in the US and we and Arc Kathy Wood um are kind of the first In line for may he goes on to say that Vanek is not expecting an ethereum ETF Approval in May but in fact later down The line but that all doesn't change the Bigger picture that the mainstream media Is just now waking up to the fact They're just starting to understand what We know ethereum has real investable Economics and its upside is quite big But perhaps the best kept secret about All this Is it has real investable economics the Network right now is generating over7 Billion in fees all paid an eve and all These fees fund a programmatic buyback In dividend so when the network expands And entrepreneurs building on top of Ethereum have their own success it Drives value directly to token holders At its current scale of activity the Supply of eth tokens is actually Declining now two implications I want to Point out about this the first is eth Can be analyzed using traditional fo Cal Tools you can build an ethereum DCF and I think you'll be surprised by how this

Pencils out when you have this recursive Relationship between demand growing and Supply Shrinking the second thing is you can Start to see why more and more people See ethereum as a comp to bitcoin as a Non-sovereign store of value for a Digital world Bitcoin offers greater Certainty of Supply but ethereum uh now Pays a dividend and is deflationary and The upside here is quite big smash the Like button let's get into it nine low Cap altcoins I'm buying keep in mind and It's good to assume I'm an early Investor for many of these even an Advisor for some of these projects full Disclosure we are always going to be Open with you about our disclosures here At altcoin Daily guns big partnership Integration for guns huge news for all Guns users and Builders guns is Integrating with openc making it the Ninth Block Chain to be supported by This leading nft Marketplace if you Don't know about guns players and openc Us users alike will be able to trade In-game items natively on the guns chain Through openc using the gun token which Will work for any game built on the guns Blockchain starting with Off the Grid so This is a massive injection of utility For guns with this partnership even the Avac CEO acknowledging this with guns on Openc you'll be able to trade arms legs

Body armor and of course guns to use in The game this is one of the leading Blockchain games out there but speaking Of nft marketplace I like Creator hood And their token kood I think Creator Hood has the potential to be an even Better version of what openc does so This is like if openc blur and friend Tech combined because this gives Revenue Back to the users team is doxed with Experience across Harvard trafi hedge Funds Bape Yacht Club Council and raised Over 7 million with BigTime advisors Including your truly kood is the token Launching April 10th hope polka dot Active addresses hit a record $600,000 you got to think polka dot is Down price and narrative wise but polka Dot is not out and polka dot 2.0 is Right around the corner chain GPT a blue Chip this year in the AI crypto space Big announcement we are accelerating AI Development with $1 million worth of Grants so companies are applying for This now and basically what chain GPT is Offering access to advance aned SDK Tools cross marketing and promotion Mentorship and networking chain GPT is One to watch this bull cycle karate Combat karate token I like karate token And karate combat for the entertainment Aspect I use the karate token for its Intended use batting on these games and The fighters it's highly entertaining in

My opinion I'll actually be in Attendance for the Dubai April 20th Fight so I think this organization is Going to continue getting bigger and Better both in the entertainment space Fighting space and in the crypto space Metamask users many of them are getting An airdrop of a meme token called foxy Foxy Linea foxy is the mascot to Linea And the first ever culture coin built to Reward the community so yeah metamask Users many of them especially those who' Have used the swap feature are getting Aird dropped these tokens as well as Users of these few products in front of You seems like the airdrop is going to Metamask users Linea users and kind of Ethereum company users or ethereum Product Centric users hey this airdrop Is still pre pump I speculate and say That because this airdrop is still pre- Price history Cody one of the fastest Lightest and most confidential l2s on Ethereum or at least that's the goal has Its big version two coming actually the Founder just getting featured in a Number of Articles talking about their Tech bullish on Cody still liking TRX TX 20 or is it T-Rex 20 is it TX or T-rex 20 well it's revolutionizing and Pioneering in game five built on the Bitcoin protocol so this is the big Difference here with a lot of other Things this is a Bitcoin token this is

Defi or smart contracts on bitcoin game Five built on the Bitcoin protocol with Multiple games plus an nftf Marketplace And Progressive Lotto Under One Roof TX 20 is finally live prominent dexes Prominent Sexes I like pancake swap I Like I like Max C and right now They're doing some juicy staking APR Trying to incentivize their Community Their base not to sell but get rewarded By staking and this was interesting TX 20 tx20 is now live in trading and Trending in many countries currently I Did not predict this that this coin Would be trending I'm overly excited to See how this one will be performing Especially as my thesis remains we will Be seeing a huge pump in the brc2 Ecosystem very soon yeah guys in my Opinion one thing is clear the Bitcoin Token ecosystem is just getting bigger Just getting more Plumbing more Infrastructure like it's going to Explode kind of like ethereum did in 2017 I think so if you like Bitcoin if You like gaming check out txx 20 with Its ticker t X20 maybe check out some of Its three games in its season 1 play and Earn and I'm sure this is not the last Time you'll be hearing about these guys They do have big plans for 2024 and Beyond another coin I like easy gamified Liquidity solution and Marketplace for Digital assets tokens and real world

Assets on blast layer 2 backed by Anoka Brands check out the easy token and Finally honorable mentions to cardano The cardano community is is strong and Passionate let me know if you are in the Cardano community you always do my name Is Aaron at altcoin Daily subscribe to The channel join our team see you Tomorrow


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