My Plan To STILL Make Millions in Crypto | The Next 100x Altcoins

Now I strongly believe this here could Be your last and final chance to be able To buy in at prices this low ever since The launch of the Bitcoin ETF it seems As if crypto has struck once again on Another buy the rumor sell the news type Of event it is true even after a few Weeks of the ETF approval going through Bitcoin has gone down more than 15% from Its 2-year all-time high now fear is Settling in big time I still see this as A great opportunity to load up on the Positions on what could be that last and Final dip before crypto takes off once Again so in this video I'm going to be Going over my personal Bitcoin Prediction going into 2025 I'll also be Going over my investing strategy and Game plan that I expect to make millions Of dollars this time around I'll also be Revealing to you the biggest crypto Narratives that are starting to play out Including specific coins to look out for I'll also show you how you can properly Research your own cryptocurrency so that You're also able to find those 100 to 1,000 x allcoin gems within this market And last but not least I'll also be Going over on how you can also get Dialed in and and having the perfect Exit strategy this time around all right So before we get into all that let's go Over real quick what in the world is Happening with crypto so for much of

2023 Bitcoin prices were on the rise Because many investors were anticipating The approval of that long awaited spot Bitcoin ETF here in the States now this Year was originally a huge moment for The crypto Community because Asset Management firms have been applying for Years but the SEC kept rejecting them With little to no merit it was finally On January 11th where the SEC went ahead And approved 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs that Resulted in more than $4 billion flowing Into the crypto markets within the first 6 days now despite all that great news Obviously as most you guys know Bitcoin Dropped about 15 to 20% within the time Frame and it erased nearly all of the Past 2 months gains it had made now this Here is a classic example of buy the Rumor sell the news we've seen this Happen in crypto time in and time out Not even just with Bitcoin but even with A lot of the smaller altcoins too so if You're new to the term selling the news This is well known where in the market We pretty much pump up the price of Different assets depending on some kind Of news leading up and as soon as it Comes out that's where investors take Profit and that's where they decide to Sell now the approval of the spot Bitcoin ETF in the US was much Anticipated and it was already priced in So many people decided to take profits

Off the table on the day of the actual Approval once Bitcoin hit its 2-year High of $49,000 now we saw the same Exact thing happen with the ethereum Merge back in September of 2022 in the Weeks leading up to the event ethereum Was up about 16% but dropped around 25% In less than 7 Days afterwards now this Here is a common and recurring Concept In investing it's also one of the Reasons why I decided to sell all my Bitcoin off one of my primary exchanges Right around that $47,000 level now the Good news out of all this is that once The news settles in we have generally Seen prices recover in anticipation of The next event which we'll cover shortly Now whether you've been in multiple Crypto Cycles or this year literally Might be your first one and you're Feeling the regret and that bearish Pressure on you not selling let me share With you some fundamental truths first Of all crypto by nature is very volatile But there are some key ways that you can Manage down cycles and even profit from Them by following my three tips here Number one don't fall prey to fomo and Fud fomo stands for fear of missing out Fud stands for fear uncertainty and Doubt these here are two common terms in The crypto space and they can have a Strong influence on your choice to buy And sell now before you ever make a

Trade you need to understand the Volatility attached to crypto and Investing so that you can weather the Storm and learn to have what some call Diamond hands now the best traders in The world make decisions based on Strategy logic and avoid making Emotional trades my rule of thumb is Whenever I can trade like a robot I see A lot of people who get caught up in the Emotional aspect they think as soon as Bitcoin corrects just a little after After having a wonderful run since the Start of this year they think it's all Over and look folks if this is not your First rodeo you will know this here is Just your regular average day happening Within the markets my second tip is this Instead of deciding to sell and when you Sell through emotions and you sell at a Loss we call that Panic selling you want To go ahead and flip the script so that You see the opportunity laid out in Front of you now buying the dip is a Popular way for Traders and investors Who felt priced out of previous gains to Get into the market or increase their Position now you don't need to be an Expert in ta to spot dips for example if Bitcoin drops 20% in a week you should Note that this could be an opportunity For you to re-enter these positions Where last few weeks maybe you wanted to Buy Bitcoin more but just because

Bitcoin start to take a dip now you lose Interest so it's really about being Intentional in reframing your mind I Know how difficult it can be when you're So bullish on it the greed overtakes and As soon as the correction hits is just Sell your positions and get out as fast As you can if anything what I've learned Over the years is that crypto has still Multiple opportunities for you to make Money but it's all about making sure That you do not get too greedy when Things are up and that you do not sell When you feel the fear setting in my Third tip I have that I believe can save 90% of newer investors is to just huddle Through and to think long term Through The Years Bitcoin has consistently Trended upwards over the long term even If prices were falling due to a Temporary Market correction or even a Longer bare Market history shows that Prices were likely to recover eventually Now if your investing time frame is on The longer side of years instead of Weeks or even months all this negative Price action should just be viewed as Temporary for me personally holding for Long periods is a strategy that has Proven itself time in and time out now There's also another benefit in going Longterm and that is taxes a lot of People forget how detrimental short-term Capital gains versus long-term capital

Gains could be if you're someone who's Going to be making a lot of money in These markets and it's going to be in Your best interest if you're trying to Make money in these crypto markets to Know how you can save on paying those Taxes as well now with all that being Said even amidst all the fear let me Tell you why I'm so bullish on bitcoin Still so number one Bitcoin having is Still coming up as I've mentioned in Multiple videos and just as a reminder We're not going to go in depth on this But previous Bitcoin having Cycles have Always resulted in major price increases If you take a look at the chart on your Screen you'll notice just how Exponential the having was for the price Action of Bitcoin now in the last having Event during the covid pandemic coin Went from $9,000 to $65,000 in less than A year and then it continued to make That all-time high of just about $69,000 from the moment that that Initial Bitcoin having had started we Saw the price action go up 60% so that was a 6.6 X return on your Investment now reason number two why I Am still so bullish on bitcoin is indeed Because of the Bitcoin ETF ever since The live launch of the Bitcoin ETF we've Seen $4 billion of capital in flows Going into Bitcoin knowing that how come Bitcoin then indeed go down even more

All right so take as an example FTX they Sold 22 million shares from grayscales Bitcoin fund which was worth about $900 Million this year accounts for a large Chunk of the $2 billion in outflows that We saw within that first week now it Seems like the FTX selloff should start To decrease so prices should stabilize And that's exactly what we've seen in Addition to FTX we also saw numerous Amount of companies like grayscale and Even Black Rock who are dumping Bitcoin Once this ETF got approved now since It's been several weeks we have been Seeing outflows slowing down and we are Now seeing the steady pace of inflows Increasing right now it's reported that Black rock has over 44,000 Bitcoin Fidelity has over 40,000 Bitcoin and Right now the buying rate of acquisition Of ETFs purchasing Bitcoin is still at About 10,000 Bitcoin per day so in lay In terms this means that we're seeing The hand switching from usually retail Holders holding Bitcoin to now more Institutional investors loading up their Bags now as retail starts selling it's Possible we could see a mega pump lining Up with institutions preparing us for The next leg up personally for me I Still think this is going to be one of The best buying opportunities so far This year especially if Bitcoin is able To come down to that $30,000 to $32,000

Range now I'll go over my strategy in a Little bit but before we do that let's Get into reason number three and that is That the fact that the S&P 500 is still Hitting some new all-time highs so about A week ago the S&P 500 officially hit That brand new crispy all-time high of $44,900 for the first time in history This year puts the index up another 3.5% Year-to date an 18.5% increase since October of 2023 now This broad index has almost doubled the Average annual returns and has not shown Signs of slowing down yet if we consider The fact that the S&P 500 and Bitcoin Still have a very strong core Correlation this year is an extra Bullish bonus to add on now the fourth Reason why I am so bullish on bitcoin is Because this year we got election year So historically speaking election years Have a significant impact on the stock Market on average we've seen over 20% Gains with S&P in pre-election years and In fact the S&P 500 has resulted in Positive price action since 1953 on Election years as well so if stocks Decide to perform well or at least be Higher than where it was before and with Bitcoin's correlation following the S&P 500 I believe right now we still have a Stronger chance to end on an upside if We're looking at the long term of where Bitcoin could be by the end of 2024 now

The last and final reason that I am Long-term bullish right now on bitcoin And for what the year has to come is Because there is one common saying that All of us crypto folks got and that is In order for us to grow we need to see New money coming in and we need new Hands to buy and this is currently more True than ever before so first of all Like I said said the ETF approvals that Just opened The Floodgate for that new Money or as I'd like to say the old Money to now come and become that new Money second it was also reported that The number of new crypto owners was up 34% from coinbase from the start of 2023 This year just proves and backups the Fact that we should be able to see an Enormous amount of newer investors Coming into the market for this year so Now that you have an idea on why I'm Rather bullish on these markets even Still with all the volatility let's go Over what the next best plays to make Are now my goal here within crypto it's Not to just make a measly 1.5x or get Like a 50% return on my entire Investment I'm here to make as much Wealth as I can so in order for me to Make that life-changing Lambo money once Again this is going to come from the Fact that you cannot trade Bitcoin and Ethereum and think that you're going to Make 10 20 30 or even 100x but it comes

From Trading different altcoins in the Market now I know a lot of people get Skeptical of altcoins a lot of people Think everything is a scam and look I'm Not going to argue with you there there Are many projects that are still in the Midcap zone where I still question the Validity of it existing there the point Is we get into these markets and we get Out fast and we continue to repeat this Process until we're satisfied with the Amount of money that we're making out Now that's going to be the most simple Way to put it let's make it even more Actionable let's break it down step by Step so the best and easiest way for you To make money within the altcoin market Is by following current trending Narratives to do this keep watching this Video I'll go over all of the top Narratives that exist I'll go over some Of the plays where you can bet on Individual coins or you can bet on some Of these larger infrastructure projects Now if you want to do the research for Yourself you can go into coin market and you can sort by categories And you can see different all coins Within those categories and do your Research to see what you might be more Bullish on now the second step in being Able to find some very solid all coins Is by by taking a look at drop when Bitcoin is falling or

Correcting is the fact that you're still Able to get in before we might see an Upward price correction look if Bitcoin Goes down all coins go down that's just Naturally how the cycle follows but as Soon as Bitcoin corrects or Bitcoin gets Another upward movement that is often When we see altcoins experiencing an Exponential effect to the upside and That's because altcoins go down Forcefully from Bitcoin with no merit of Its own now those are generally going to Be the same altcoins that experience Some of the best rebounds when Bitcoin Begins to pick back up another method in Researching different cryptocurrencies Is by following people who are just a Lot smarter than us now as smart and Intelligent as I like to think I am I Really really not but I do know that There are other organizations such as Venture capitalist firms that have a ton Of smart people working under there with Really good Intel and what other people Call Insider knowledge what's great is That you can find a lot of these crypto VC firms if you do more research you Could see their win rate see some of the Projects that invested into before and a Lot of them also show publicly what they Have invested into themselves so as an Example let's take a look at a6z if any Of you guys are familiar with Silicon Valley or even the stock market you

Might have heard about them Anderson Horwitz now going on their website if I Just go into crypto I can actually Scroll down and find all the different Projects that they were involved with Now this year is going to be a good list But obviously you want to go ahead and Do your further due diligence and your Own research this year though is going To be an easy way for for you to build Up a watch list because even though some Of these VC firms might have aped in it Doesn't mean that you should Automatically put your life savings into All these different tokens what I like To do is just compile my watch list and From there go down and do the additional Research that I'm about to lay out right Here all right so pull up a platform Like bubbl maps. and you can go through A variety of different cryptocurrencies Now there are some cryptos where if it Popped off and you're able to notice Some whales who got in early you can Follow their wallet address to see other Types of cryptos that they may be buying And get realtime alerts on some of the Purchases that they might have coming up So as an example it's pullup Sheba enu Right here I can sort through some of The top wallet addresses from here I can Copy a wallet address and if I go into a Site like Arkham intelligence I can then Go ahead and paste that wallet address

Here now this here is the beauty of Crypto and blockchain everything is Public you can go back find your own Wallet address you can find wallet Addresses of others and if you're able To find some key players that are Consistently coming out with dubs go Ahead and just copy what they do so Right here they have over $2 million Worth of Sheba enu but if I saw them Buying up rampid amounts of another Random cryptocurrency that might there Trigger my watch list what I love about Arkham intelligence is that you can also Just look up different people so even Let's say vitalic butan the maker of Ethereum you could see exactly what he's Been up to seeing what kind of Trades That he's making if he's buying any nfts Or maybe he's buying a certain allcoin That we can now prepare in advance now These here are just some of my favorite Tools so that you guys can get an edge In the market through this method I can Guarantee that you guys will find some Very solid projects as I mentioned Earlier though if you get excited about A project don't ape in completely right Away create your watch list so that you Can then verify on Twitter and look up The project go through their white paper Go through their website check out their Social media profiles see if their Founders are public and if they're there

Is any additional information on them When the broader crypto markets are as Choppy as they are now I believe this Watch list that you begin to curate Should be the most valuable piece of Information that you consistently check Up on so that you can see if you get a Good deal so that you're able to buy in At a better discounted price now out of All those research methods my favorite Is going to be finding community Through Community you can keep accountability Ask questions or even get guidance from People who have been in the space for a Long period of time now if I had a Community like 5 to 8 years ago I know That I could have made way more money Within the markets now through all the Ups and downs and the potential millions Of dollars I could have made within the Market I've gone ahead and created the Best community that I believe exists Within the crypto markets today go ahead Check it out we have coaches who are Trading everyday different assets and Posting analysis and market writeups now If you guys don't want to join no hard Feelings but for anyone who is Interested check out the link down below All right so now that you have an Understanding on how to proceed with Basic research for discovering some of These allcoin gems let me go over just Some of the narrative plays that I

Believe can set you off on the right Foot now I personally am very bullish on Some of these different projects and That's exactly why I've also decided to Enter some of these Investments as well Now anytime I make a purchase I go ahead And I alert our Discord group so if you Guys want to go ahead and join for that Reason as well that is linked Down Below In the description all right so the First narrative we have is gamble fi Gamble fi is something that I believe Will take over the entire crypto space Even recently we've been seeing more Acquisitions and Partnerships lining up With different Real World Companies and Teams with some of these gambling Platforms now look I've used some of These apps they were terrible I had DraftKings when I was betting on the Jake Paul fight like many many months Ago and the payout was crud I realized That there was still a huge opportunity In the space for a company who could do It better so I think crypto right here Is perfect blockchain technology has Transparency a lot of it is public and Due to the basic economics of just how a Gambling casino can profit money I Believe this year is a no-brainer now One of the top projects within this Space I believe is going to be roll bit This here is one of my more favorite Plays and they recently had a

Partnership that was announced with Fazeclan second narrative that you Should be on the lookout for is gamey Gamey within crypto is focused on Getting players to be able to earn money While they play these video games now Even though this could be a narrative That lines up I still think the Development of these games are many many Months away with that being said even in The last Bull Run we saw some crazy Returns coming from other top games like The sandbox and axi infinity now there's Going to be a lot of different games Popping up okay and I do not have the Time to play all of them so what I like To do is invest into different gaming Infrastructure so mutable X beam these Are just two examples but if you have The spare time you play some of these Games you really enjoy it and you think It will take off you can obviously buy Into some of these token projects Themselves now I am both bullish on the Gamey industry but I would not be Investing my entire life savings into Just this one narrative that's because There is always still a chance where we Get traditional gaming companies to make A pivot where they completely Blow Away These different crypto projects trying To develop games so just imagine the Developers of fortnite Call of Duty or You know Activision comes in and if

These companies just come in all they do Is change the backend so that players Are now instead of just buying skins and Throwing away money they're able to also Make money within a game IFI feature I Believe that could right there be a Detriment within the crypto gamei Narrative now all these are going to Have their Pros they're also going to Have their cons it's up to you to make Sure that you discern how much money That you're willing to invest for me I Still think the upside is there and That's why I decide to play it safe and Look into more of those larger cap Infrastructure plays infrastructure Plays just means that these games are Going to need different projects in Order to build on so instead of betting On individual games that could be of High risk you could bet on an Infrastructure where they could host 5 To 10 games where if nine of those games Flop and only one of those do well you Could still come out ahead next Narrative here brc2 we've talked about This a few times on the channel and I'm Still very bullish on all of this so Similar to what we saw with the Takeover Of ethereum and erc20 tokens I still see A potential of Bitcoin coming into the Space and dominating now while things Have taken a turn we have been seeing a Large pullback so just know that

Especially Bitcoin goes down in price We're obviously going to be seeing an Effect happening on this layer of Bitcoin ordinal so big projects that I'd Be keeping an eye out on Ori here is one Of the more popular ones with the Largest market cap of $1 billion I'm Personally bullish on mu multibit they Have taken a fairly strong hit and You're going to notice a ton of Different projects but personally for me I'm just keeping my eyes locked in on These three right here all right fourth Narrative we got AI so the potential for AI mixed in with the crypto world I Believe is immense now there are going To be a ton of different use cases with AI with crypto and it's still a bit too Early on to see which one of these Specific projects might pop off next This is because we're right now seeing a Problem of two things first of all a lot Of companies a lot of projects are just Tacking on AI onto their project Description and second of all AI is Still in its more primitive stages so we Don't know yet how well we can get this Integrated within crypto and then Actually seeing a use casee where it Provides value for investors and even Just different project developers now I'm playing it rather safe I recently Moved a large position into render I'm Bullish on injective I still think graph

Is a great project and underneath all of This aosh network I actually like too They have a lower market cap ocean Protocol is another cryptocurrency that I got my eyes on echon Prime another Crypto I got my eyes on but this is Definitely going to be one of those Industries where if the AI narrative Takes off I'm putting my bag in there as Soon as a 5 10 15x hits I'm coming out Now PWC came out with a report that AI Could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to The global economy in 2030 knowing that How come I'd be selling so early well That's just because we do not yet know Which one of these AI crypto projects Could take off and with the way crypto Works and it moving in Cycles these Narratives are things that are not Bulletproof or immune to the next crypto Bare Market cycle that could take place After we see Bitcoin running up once Again guys I've said this before but I Must reiterate it again unless you're Buying into Bitcoin and ethereum and You're locking it up and you're not Going to take a look at it for many many Years with some of these other altcoins I'd be very careful about buying into Any of these lower cap projects once you Buy in If you experience a pump within It your goal is to get out before the Rest of the pack does all right next Narrative to be on the lookout for this

Is going to be rwa also known as real World assets these here are tangible Assets that exist in the physical world Such as art other Commodities contracts Real world asset cryptos are looking to Combine those physical assets that we Have and have them live on the Blockchain now for some cryptos that I Am bullish on for this year Avalanche Has been doing a great job I don't know How much higher that we could see him Really go there are rumors that it could Surpass salana and it could climb into a Top five token but in order to see some Of those higher-end returns I'm looking At a lot of these mid to lower cap Tokens now in terms of my rwa watch list I got Rio also known as relio Network Which here is trying to eliminate the Barriers to trade those rwas I'm looking At Alliance block also known as nxra and Also looking at credit coin you know I Got a little bit of background on the Credit card stuff now the next narrative That I am on the lookout for is going to Be decentralized social media one of the Top projects that I believe climbing up In the space is going to be doo I do not Have any Investments laid out just yet Because they have experienced a pretty Crazy pump over the last few months and Right now they are correcting but I do Believe that this project does have a Much stronger runway for this upcoming

Year now do allows you to own your Content rather than relying on other Platforms and just like with the Research methods I talked about earlier This is how I discovered them I noticed That Anderson and Horwitz had listed Them as one of their own Investments and After doing some further research I came To really like this narrative that is Surrounding social media and I believe It's one of the easier ones that your Everyday Mom and Dad could just Understand and it's usually those type Of narrative plays that we can see have An even higher growth now social media Always has its own kind of problems We've seen censorship we've seen really Whack weird things over the past few Years and with crypto living on the Blockchain and being able to have social Media where we can really just own the Content as content creators and seeing The influx of people who want to become Content creators I believe this Narrative lines up so well for what's to Come now the last narrative I have here Is going to be meme coins and look I Know this sounds ridiculous but keep in Mind in every Bull Run meme coins have Had some of the highest returns by far When I say crypto is already illogical It is gambling it is something that you Should expect to lose all your money in Memecoins are just another level

Underneath that now look if you are Entering any kind of meme coins be Careful most likely it will go to zero This is why for any meme coins I will Not be putting more than even 1% of my Network it's going to be a fraction of a Fraction of a fraction of a percentage That I would put in there but on the off Chance it is one of the meme coins that Ends up picking up like we've seen with Shibba enu or paye or even Dogecoin you Have a very solid chance of making a Decent amount of money back so here are All the meme coins that I'm bullish on Uh it is going to be borc grock flaky Dino Elon Maga and Trump I have no Affiliations with any of these cryptos None of them have ever reached out to me And at the time of me filming this video I've not bought any of them either but For me just trying to to find a meme Coin that could have a narrative where People catch on to it and they have it Blow up these are the ones that are at Least on my watch list now look do not Buy any of these expect them to go to Zero expect them to all be scams and Never get anywhere but do not be foolish In thinking that Meme coins could not Take off now out of this whole list of Different coins that I mentioned I am Most bullish right now on the Trump meme Coins and that is just because of Election year I believe if Trump does

Get elected those two coins that have Minor affiliation With Trump could take off this is Because if Trump gets elected I believe We're going to see a pump in the market Similar to what happened when he first Got elected previously and if we get Continuous new money coming into the Market a lot of people are going to Assume that these meme coins are somehow Fully integrated and affiliated with Trump and they're going to want to buy In but that is going to be one of those Instances where if you prepare your bags Currently right now and if all that Happens to fruition and if this election Comes into fruition with Trump winning I Believe you could then sell your bags Nearing that news like I said not Financial advice don't listen to me Don't listen to anyone now one popular Question I've been getting a lot is Brian I hear about these coins but I Don't know how to buy them all right so Where I buy my crypto is on coinbase but A little bit of a Twist it's through Coinbase wallet I know a lot of new Beginners can be pretty intimidated by The use of different dexes and going Through swaps and using an external hot Wallet well coinbase wallet makes it Super easy this here is not sponsored It's literally I'm placing my bets on Some of these cryptos and all you do is

You use an exchange you onboard your Money onto that exchange you swap it Into Bitcoin ethereum or usdt whatever Your native token is you send it over Into your coinbase wallet this here is a Separate app and on that app you can go Ahead and swap your crypto this stuff is Really easy folks it is not rocket Science and I still think it's probably The best option right now especially if You live here in the United States so You don't have to worry about using an Exchange that might not be allowed in Our country and then run the risk of you Failing the kyc and not getting your Money out now if you want to check out Coinbase you want to look into some of These cryptos I have a link Down Below In the description and after completing Some basic steps you can also get up to $200 back even as an example on my Coinbase wallet app I can find different Ways of making even up to $37 right now In free tokens all right so how will I Be piecing all of this information Together for my investing strategy Moving forward in 2024 and going into 2025 all right so my whole plan is to Make plays based on major narratives I Know I'm not a day trader I plan to Actually hold and swing trade for weeks Or months at a time so I'm someone who Loves making plays based on narratives When market conditions start to become

More favorable like they are now now in Terms of the macro I am indeed waiting For Bitcoin to possibly flip back down To that $30,000 Zone but I know if we do See a correction to that level that's Going to be another opportunity for me To enter additional buys now if you want To go for Grand Slams meaning you're Hitting literally potential 100 x's in The market you need to look at lower Market cap coins these here though I'm Going to emphasize have high risk and Very high return with Bitcoin at its Current levels I'm still accumulating on Some of those narrative plays but I am Going to be waiting a bit more to see if We are going to flip even more further To the downside over the past year I've Been able to accumulate now over $100,000 in Bitcoin and ethereum my Ethereum has now been up a significant Amount I also was able to sell a chunk Of my Bitcoin which I consider to now be House money with the profits I make I Now rotate that into some of these Higher conviction altcoin Place some of Which we have covered in this video but As bullish as I am longterm about crypto I'm still moving rather conservatively Within this current climate my plan Right now is to just monitor the Narratives I'm bullish on throughout the Next coming months and then measure how Strong the trends could be my biggest

Lesson that I've learned within the Crypto markets is that we do still see Many different Cycles happening in the Broader Market itself so when Bitcoin Pumps we usually get different Narratives that pump following it as an Example we could see gamef five pump and Then as an example we could see that Rotating into gamble fi and then maybe a Few months later we see it then going Into meme coins whatever it is the Easiest way I think to avoid fomo and Actually being the exit liquidity for Other bag holders is to just Place those Bets earlier on and just focus on Selling at the right time all right so How can we get dialed in on having the Perfect exit strategy well often times What happens is that Many of you are so focused on finding The top of a move that you forget to Lock in profits look taking profits at 20% Roi is still better than hoping for 50% than never getting any profits at All if your goal though is to get 10x You can't get so caught up in that Number if your asset Falls say 10 20 30% You also need to have a point of Reason Where you're able to take a loss I know A lot of people like get the heie GBS at The word loss but do not fear loss Personally for me I like setting targets And just having a clear intention of how Much I want to make and at what point I

May look to taking those profits at for Me if Bitcoin even passes the previous All-time high I believe that is going to Be a territory where I'm seriously going To consider getting more profits off the Table this is going to be anywhere from $69,000 to the range of $130,000 now if everyone in the world is Saying $130,000 is going to be the top Then you want to consider literally Exiting at around the 90 to $100,000 Range also want to mention that you Don't always need to have specific price Targets set another alternative Especially if you're newer to the market Is setting time frames so literally for This Buy in your position when you think It is the appropriate time and set a Calendar notification on a specific day That you will sell this year could Theoretically work better than setting Price targets especially if you're Someone who happens to get overly greedy Now in doing this it means you're making A commitment that you're selling no Matter where that price is at so this Could be 3 days before the Bitcoin Having event this could be before the Next ethereum ETF gets approved the Whole point is that you're able to take Your emotion out and just strictly Conduct business and trying to just lock In profit at what you deem is Appropriate so ladies and gents if you

Guys made it this far comment down below I'm here okay I check all the comments And I want to know how many real ones Are sticking towards the end of this Video not only that I also got a ton of Promotions for you guys to take Advantage of like I said coinbase I got $200 for you I also got a VP PN discount If you guys are interested in getting a VPN I highly recommend it if you're Trading any crypto because you get Access to more exchanges you can improve Your security and if you're traveling or You live in different countries where You want to access the full catalog of Different streaming softwares and shows And movies be sure to check it out I've Been working with surf shark for many Many years and they are right now giving You guys 83% off and 6 months free using My code down below thank you all so much Again for watching today's video follow Me on Twitter and on Instagram if you Haven't done so already and I'll see you Guys soon peace


Coinbase is a popular cryptocurrency exchange. It makes it easy to buy, sell, and exchange cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Coinbase also has a brokerage service that makes it easy to buy Bitcoin as easily as buying stocks through an online broker. However, Coinbase can be expensive due to the fees it charges and its poor customer service.

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