My Plan To Make Millions In Crypto In 2024 | 100X Altcoin Strategy For Beginners

Since the start of this year Bitcoin is Now up over 150% and I don't know about you but the Past few weeks have felt a little like How the 20121 bull market did now it was A little less than a month ago where I Started this unofficial series on my Channel where I'm documenting just one Of several portfolios that I own Invested into crypto right before even Filming this video here today my Portfolio at the time of filming the Video was worth about $132,000 I went ahead and checked the Last few days it went up as high as $180,000 it's come down a bit it's at About $160,000 today and needless to say we've Been able to make some money out here Not only that but our members inside of Our private group Kaizen have also been Crushing it and I know we have a ton of Subscribers here in the jungy nation up Currently a similar amount on their bags Now if you're watching this video here Today I want to just say it's not too Late and you're still very early and you Have a chance of getting your Investments ready for what I believe is Another Bull Run coming all right so to Begin I'm still very long-term bullish On bitcoin and that is for three main Reasons so as most of you should know Crypto moves in cycles and the way those

Cycles work is that we get a bull market Followed by a bare Market you see I Believe the bare Market has been over For a while now and the bull market has Indeed started many many months back if We pull up the literal definition of a Bull market it's the fact that we have Confirmation after a bare Market low has Already been reached now if we take a Look at the charts the crypto bare Market officially started in November of 2021 after Bitcoin reached its all-time High of $69,000 and it began to drop Into the $115,000 level over the course Of a year now this year was a decline of A total amount of 77% and it marked one of the most severe Downturns in crypto bar Market history More than two years have passed since The bare Market beginning and I believe That bitcoin's bare Market low was Indeed hit in November of 2022 taking a Look at your screen you're going to Notice this chart here indicating Bitcoin's bottom that was reached when It hit that orange line from there we Have an ascending green line to Illustrate bit bitcoin's upward price Trajectory since then now although Bitcoin has experienced occasional Fluctuations since the bare Market's low The overall trend right now remains Upwards on the long-term charts at Bitcoin's current price level of around

$40,000 it would need to drop nearly 65% just to retest this Cycle's low now Look I'll say this there is always a Chance that another draw down can come But I've come to realize that no matter How much TA or lines you draw it is near Impossible to make 100% accurate Short-term predictions every single time Of any asset so this is why I personally Prefer to invest over the long-term Based on fundamental reasoning and using Past historical data now history doesn't Always repeat itself but it does tend to Rhyme taking another look at your screen This is a graph showing you bitcoin's Historical profit from the beginning of Bitcoin's birth to the end of the most Recent year on bitcoin's price since the Beginning of bitcoin's opening price in 2009 sitting at 5 cents to ending and Closing at the end end of the year to 77 C we saw a 1,448 yearly change to the upside Following that from 2010 to 2011 to 2012 Bitcoin went up 500% 2,000% and then 300% before retracing 46% now was after That where Bitcoin had another run where Three more consecutive years it started Going up it was up 70% then 157% then 59% in 2017 Bitcoin pulled back to Around 40% and since then the year after Bitcoin went up 52% after that Bitcoin Went up a total of 85% now 2019 was really the beginning of

Bitcoin's Bull Run and it was from there We actually started to see that Correction happen once again this was at A time where Bitcoin came back towards The $58,000 level at the beginning of 2020 we then saw Bitcoin close at a Lower price and then the year following That it went down another 37% now what Can we learn from this data well first Of all in the span since 2009 of Bitcoin's opening we've gone through 10 Bull markets in comparison to the four Bare markets taking a look at the charts Statistically you'll notice that there's A 60% greater chance of a bull market Happening rather than a bare Market one Thing I've also found fascinating is That we've also never seen a Bitcoin Bull market get cut short to just a Single year instead if you take a look At this we've seen Bitcoin heating up Astronomically as the years go on the Whole point I'm trying to make here is That statistically bitcoin's bull market Happens quite frequently rather than if You were trying to play the opposite Side as someone who was a bear second Reason the Bitcoin having event now Previous Bitcoin having Cycles have Resulted in major price increases it Turns out during the first having event Bitcoin was trading at $12 and a year Later it was trading at 1,178 bucks now this year was a

9,716 increase to the upside in the Second having Bitcoin went from $657 to $119,800 in a year and a half which Marked a 2,913 increase now in the last having During the covid pandemic Bitcoin went From $9,000 to $65,000 in less than a Year and then made its $69,000 all-time High before the end of 2021 which marked A six times increase since its original Price now while I still believe this is Far from enough data for any meaningful Projections if the above pattern Continues this would mean we would see a Sevenfold price increase during the Upcoming fourth having era which would Take the price into the $138,600 range now reason number three a Bitcoin spot ETF is more than likely to Get approved in the year of 2024 and This year would allow access for Institutional demand to come pouring in Now look it's not even just us expecting A Bitcoin ETF to get approved for this Upcoming year but it's a lot of Different analysts too take as an Example Bloomberg intelligent analyst Jame seart who says the window for Approval is also happening between January 5th to January 10th now there Are about a dozen different firms that Have applied for a Bitcoin ETF F this Includes grayscale Black Rock Fidelity Now in the past I've always been a

Little bit more skeptical about this Actually getting approved but we have Been seeing good news this year is the Fact that Futures tied ETFs for crypto Have still been getting approved all Within the last year this includes vanck Bitwise Valkyrie pro shares and more now If you're still a little unsure that the Bitcoin ETF getting released would Inight a new Bull Run think about it Like this for as long as I've known There's been a clear divide between Traditional finance and the crypto Market I see the ETF still being a glue Or almost a bridge between making these Two worlds accessible for even more Investors it's not only that but Institutional and Regulatory approval Through these ETFs are going to provide More confidence to investors Contributing to a more mature and Stable Market with more mainstream investors Diving into Bitcoin through those ETFs That might get approved the volatile Price swings the crypto Market might Become less severe not only that but I've seen predictions from different Analytic firms that Bitcoin ETF Approvals would result in anywhere from $14 billion of inflow all the way up to $155 in inflow to possibly even adding a Trillion dollars to the overall crypto Market cap over time now those are just Going to be three of the main reasons

And the narratives behind the crypto Market formulating right now that's not To say there aren't any additional Reasons there's actually a lot more but For the purpose of this video if we Focus on at least those three I believe Those are still going to be the main Catalyst on what drives the crypto Market forward in this upcoming B run so Knowing all that how am I personally Investing into the market well let me Open up one of my portfolios all right So since the start of this year my Portfolio took a pretty hard hit granted I did transfer some of my crypto out I Was able to lock in some profits but a Year ago from today this portfolio was Sitting at about $80,000 luckily enough even through Bitcoin hitting some of the lowest Points I kept holding on it was through March the first quarter going into the Second quarter where we start to see a Little bit of growth it wasn't until Actually o October of this year when my Portfolio started to pick up now this Past week my portfolio went up to as High as $180,000 today Bitcoin and Ethereum in the market had a pretty Strong pullback even dipping down to 165,000 bucks but for the way that I've Set myself up in the past few years I'm Still more excited than ever before for What's to come now to break down my

Portfolio Holdings right now we're Actually holding about 75% of it between Bitcoin and ethereum that right there is Going to add up to be about $120,000 what you'll notice in terms of The performance and how much our account Has been able to net and lock in on Profits it's been about $180,000 over the past few years now You'll also notice I have a larger bag In ethereum than Bitcoin and that's Because I still personally believe Ethereum still has a higher upside than Bitcoin seeing that it has a lower Market cap personally for me too I love Staking my crypto just because when You're holding it for at least a year You get tax benefits so you're not Paying short-term capital gains on that Crypto and with someone in my situation Ation where I'm in a very high tax Bracket that makes a huge difference at The end of the year and for the fact That instead of trading daily I like to Go long on my assets staking has just Made a lot of sense so with ethereum I Stake this as soon as that update had Come out when they decided to make the Upgrade to the network I'm currently Earning 3.46% APR and that is about $1,700 completely passive and at this Point I've almost earned about one whole Ethereum back all by doing nothing at All now like I mentioned earlier in this

Video this is just one of many different Portfolios that I own and what you'll Also notice is that the remaining of my Tokens are all in separate all coins now As a market continues to grow I plan to Trade my ethereum for other higher risk Narrative plays moving forward here's my Plan I set up reoccurring buys every Month so I keep stacking up on both Bitcoin and ethereum no matter where the Price is at from there I trade about 10 To 30% of that ethereum going into a Basket of my high risk plays that I'll Go over shortly now by the way those Highrisk plays will always be less than About 5 to 10% % of my entire net worth As bullish as I am on the crypto markets I tend to not play with more than that Because at the end of the day crypto is Still very risky and it's not a Guaranteed asset that's going to Continue always moving up so far with The plan that I've set going into Quarter 2 of 2024 this is still going to Ensure that I get the most amount of Exposure to ride the ongoing wave of Pent up demand behind the having an ETF Narrative now up next you might be Wondering which altcoins I be interested In investing into for the upcoming Bull Run well here's what we got which leads Us in to the coinbase wallet which is The most userfriendly self- custody Wallet unlocking the entire world of

Crypto including collecting nfts earning Yield on your crypto play to earn gaming Participating in DS and more coinbase Wallet is available as both a free Mobile app on IOS and Android not only That but you can also check them out as A desktop browser extension for both Chrome and brave coinbase wallet puts You in control of your crypto keys and Data where you can safely store your Crypto and nfts in one place now nobody Even including coinbase can access your Tokens or nfts without your recovery Phrase that you get this means you can Easily go from cash to crypto with Support for buying crypto using a bank Account local payment method debit or Credit card in over 130 countries where You can fund your coinbase wallet with Just a few taps or clicks now it's not Only that but coinbase was also awarded The best crypto wallet of $2 23 by Forbes and not only that but they won The award on the best crypto wallet for Beginners by and CNET now this Wallet here was also the most downloaded Wallet in the US over the last 5 years And you can get the very best price for Swaps on over 26,000 plus coins across All major chains using coinbase wallets Built-in swapping feature now I value Security and easy use the most and That's why I've been an active user of Coinbase since 2018 you guys have seen

It we've made countless amount of videos On it for many many years and it's a a Full circle moment it's something that I'm so proud of saying like right now With coinbase being the first exchange I Ever use is a company that is working Proudly with us as a sponsor thank you To coinbase for sponsoring this part of The video and on to the next all right So if you're rather new to the crypto Space here is one tip that is going to Help you significantly in being able to Make money within these markets and That's understanding the vital role of Emotions and how that ties in with the Financial markets what you'll notice Especially from the last bull market was A concept of narratives and trend that Started popping up and it shaped the Beliefs that different investors had Where they started investing trying to Make more money and eventually you Either make a lot of money or you end up Getting stopped out whether it was paye Coin Dogecoin shibba enu coin these are Just smaller examples of narratives that Influence the market through those Trends now in this section of the video I wanted to go over four of the biggest Crypto narratives where I see huge Potential in so the first one is brc2 so If you guys are OG subscribers you guys Will know my involvement that I had Within the nfts I can confidently say

That I was a first mover within the Space 2 because we got in way early Before nfts ever even hit the mainstream Media or it was even a topic of Conversation that people were having on YouTube now nfts were really fueled by Ethereum ethereum's token is fueled by Something called erc20 and on the other Side of that we actually saw a narrative Come up a little bit it started to die Down but I still see a possible Resurgence of this called the brc2 Narrative so the brc2 is an experimental Fungible token standard using ordinal Inscriptions on Bitcoin now the Introduction of ordinal nfts sparked a Whole new wave of interest for Bitcoin With the community beginning to Experiment with the potential use of Bitcoin's network as a way of storing Immutable data so basically instead of Using ethereum to power your nfts there Is a possibility people might gravitate Even more towards Bitcoin seeing that It's the largest market cap project and Still the most popular cryptocurrency to Exist now I don't know how it's going to Play out it could never play out at all But if you're looking to get exposure Within that market you see the bull Narrative on that then the crypto that You may want to look out for is called Ori that right there is short for Ordinals wallet and it's the leading

Non-custodial wallet in the brc2 Ecosystem the second narrative to be on The lookout for is gamey if you guys are On Twitter if you guys are watching any Other crypto channels I'm sure you have Heard of gamei at a certain point this Year for anyone who doesn't know what it Is I nerd wallet actually explains it The best and they quote traditionally The video game industry has been made up Of play to win games or perhaps more Accurately pay to play from sticking Quarters into a machine at an arcade to Buying a console game at a store Gamers Have historically been the players and The payers now in recent years some Video game developers have added pay Walls inside games so Gamers have to Spend additional money to unlock certain Features of a game that they've already Bought game five games in contrast are Played to earn where players can earn Cryptocurrency through playing the game So what makes gamei different is the Fact that you can change the ratio of Time to money to get a different amount Of fun and maybe a little money on the Other side as well so as someone who can Say I've grown up playing a lot of games Actually my first YouTube channel was Recording my TV screen with the family DSLR playing Call of Duty whooping some Kids and then moving to playing League Of Legends and this was at a time I had

My whole entire rugby team we go on These little rugby tournaments and we go Into an IHOP we'd all pull up our Laptops at the IHOP like a bunch of Nerds and we'd be playing League of Legends I mean like look I am someone Who's had a lot of experience with games I've Loved games as a kid but one thing That really made it seem like it's a Waste of time it's just the fact that You have to spend money and you're Putting in time to something where You're not getting any real Roi from so I'm hoping that all of this changes Through the crypto Market obviously Right now the gaming industry is still Massive it's still continuing to grow Even according to statista the 2022 Revenue from the global gaming Market Was over over $390 billion with the Hopes of gamei where you can now play a Game to earn money I believe this here Is going to be the future when it comes To the gaming industry you have to Realize that for any good game as an Example your boy recently beat the Spider-Man game I'm proud to say that And it only took me 5 months by the way You guys should be proud even something Like that took developers a long time to Create so imagine how long it might take For us to create a triaa game through The blockchain network now I know a lot Of this went into development a few

Years ago so within the next few years We should finally start seeing some game Surfacing so here are a few games that I'm personally looking out for this is Gala games eluvium and sandbox these are Also three popular games and narratives That fueled the previous Bull Run and I Believe that they're going to have a Solid positioning in the upcoming bull Run but a lot of this is also still high Risk because the game does not develop Further if they don't add upgrades or if It just ends up flopping obviously that Would probably mean it's a project that You would want to avoid third narrative Here and this is something that I'm sure Every single one of you know about and This is AI now the potential for AI in The crypto world is immense as most of You know Chachi BT has been around it's Been one of the trending topics of 2023 And it doesn't seem like we're going to Slow down from there this year is where AI tokens are lining up AI tokens are Crypto assets that leverage artificial Intelligence to improve user experience Or help out with scalability or even Help out with security within blockchain Networks now this here is still a Developing Market where more work needs To be made for us to know exactly what Projects may be the ones that people all On board next so if you go on something Like coin market cap you can actually go

Ahead and find different Ai and Big Data Cryptocurrencies here now some of this Is subjective as you know AI only Recently started popping off but before I don't think these projects came out And started their development knowing That they're going to be AI projects so Like with any investment proceed with Caution and make sure you do your full Research onto knowing how they're Actually moving towards the development And The Narrative of AI within crypto Three tokens that I would highlight Highlight still is injective the graph And render all right so the fourth Narrative that I'm personally on the Lookout for are called rwas or Tokenization of real world Assets Now These here are tangible assets that Exist in the physical world so think of Real estate Commodities art or even us Treasuries real world assets are a Significant composition of the Global Financial value so the value of global Real estate is $326 trillion the value Of the gold market is $12.39 trillion Rwas is focused in all on the principle Of tokenizing those real world assets Into digital ownership this year is Where you then use blockchain technology To store and distribute The Ledger Behind tokenizing those rwas right now There's still clear divide between Owning Assets in real life versus

Getting stored digitally on the Blockchain I personally believe as a Time goes on we're going to start to see A bit more bleeding from one side to the Other where we start testing the Boundaries of using blockchain Technology to give us the benefits with The real life assets that we own as an Example if I buy my car the way I show Ownership is through a pink sheet of Paper that I can lose at any time or say You buy a property or you buy a house The way you show ownership of that is Through a piece of paper that you can Lose that can disappear at any time I Believe there is True Value use case and Benefits when using blockchain Technology for different applications Within the real world if you guys agree With that then you want to look more Into the rwa narrative and with some of The cryptocurrencies here you can look Into Rio or the REO Network you can look Into alliance block or credit coin now This is still early on there are a ton Of other projects that are looking to Develop in this space so in case you're Bullish on the different crypto Narratives that I just talked to you About I'm going to show you my process For how to pick strong crypto Investments following that so there are Three ways that I like to start and this Is easy for any beginner out here it

Doesn't take that much work so number One we pretty much just covered it and That's to follow the current trending Narrative to do this I'd first go into Twitter I'd go ahead and start Researching other accounts that are Talking about certain narratives just Like this it's from here where you can Go through different threads find Different accounts and you might find Some surprisingly decent coins that Could lead to a higher opportunity of Making money like always though if you Do find a certain token go on coin Market cap and try to find the token From there analyze the market cap look At the price action of it see if there's Any type of news going on article Surrounding It Go on their Twitter page See if their followers are real see Their engagement see if there's Potential and also check if there are Reputable sources like VC funds or big Influencers or crypto research accounts That are also following that account now Another way to research coins is finding Ones that are in the accumulation Zone To do this go on a website called from here if you go on the Left side column you'll see accumulation With a lightning bolt and this is where You can find certain cryptocurrencies That are in that accumulation phase now The accumulation phase is when trading

Volumes are significantly higher than Usual what we've seen happen in crypto Is that when cryptos begin to accumulate It usually happens for a few weeks Sometimes even longer than that for a Few months it's in this time where you Want to ride the momentum and you can do That by using the data from this site Here now just because coins are Accumulating for even like multiple Multiple months it doesn't mean it's Going to keep accumulating and it Doesn't mean that it's going to continue To ride up I just wanted to show you This as a research method that I look Into in noticing certain Trends with Different coins on my radar now the Third research method something that Worked very well in the previous Bull Run was finding defi coins that are Accumulating with the money locked now The money locked is something also known As total value locked and you can see This through a website called defi llama Going on defi llama you're going to see Total value locked with a lot of Different protocols and different Cryptocurrencies if I even go on chains I can see where a lot of that money is Being held so obviously right now Ethereum is a large majority of the pi But you might be surprised to see Tron Up here which is another big majority or Seeing salana or arbitrum or some of

These different cryptocurrencies that Are now accumulating more money now when We talk about total value locked it's Within the protocols where more and Money is getting stored now just by Seeing some of these cryptocurrencies That are accumulating a lot more and They have a lot of money locked it Doesn't mean that they're going to blow Up but this is still an indicator where If you're seeing a lot of money getting Loaded up usually it's a delayed Indicator that the price action of it Might move later on this is not Guaranteed either this is just one other Additional research method that you Could check out and another thing you Could do is if you notice a crypto with A total value locked similar to another Crypto but one has a significantly Higher market cap than the other you Might see a disparity where you start Investing into the lower market cap one Because they both have similar value Lock at the end of the day none of this Is going to guarantee any results but it Is going to be at least a starting point For some of you to start making money Out here so knowing all that this is how I would personally structure a portfolio Using what I call the triple lever Framework so the reason why I named it That is just think about levers you have Three of them if you're trying to go

Full out you're trying to risk all of it You can obviously pull the lever all the Way down but there are ways that you Don't have to commit totally so I'd say For this lever one is going to be your Low-risk profile it's something that I've taken advantage of in the previous Bare Market descent this is because a Low-risk profile is going to be a lot Less stressful and there's still going To be that opportunity for you to make Money throughout this bull run in this Portfolio it would be 80% Bitcoin and ETF you would then have 15% into medium Risk cryptocurrencies and then 5% of High-risk cryptocurrencies now between Bitcoin and even ethereum these are Cryptocurrencies that often trade very Parallel with one another in the last One year you'll see this and even if we Pull it to the all time look at just how Similar these two cryptocurrencies ride Personally for me I'm still a bit more Bullish on ethereum in terms of making More money within the markets but if you Do want to still get the same amount of Exposure within the market with about The same level of risk Bitcoin is still A great asset to have as a majority of That portfolio within this lowrisk lever Now when we're talking about medium-risk Cryptocurrencies these are going to be The top all coins in the market that Could 5 to 10 x from their current

Levels in the next upcoming bull market From here you have salana cardano chain Link Tron polygon polka dot Avalanche Which I think is heating up Stellar Cosmos and Monero now the high-risk Cryptocurrency plays these are going to Be Your Meme coins your small caps your Micro caps and these are going to be the Ones that are generally less than $500 Million in market cap and even smaller Than that there are cryptocurrencies Less than $100 million in market cap and Then you have cryptocurrencies that Don't even hop on a DEX where you have To get in on a pre-sale and you're just Crossing those fingers hoping it's not a Rug pole even with the lowrisk portfolio You're still able to play some of that Just don't be putting out all of your Money into those very high risk plays Now the second lever this is your medium Risk portfolio you do 50% Bitcoin in ETF 35% in medium risk cryptocurrencies and Then 15% in highrisk cryptos lever three High risk all right if you really love Gambling okay you're someone who can Take the pressure go less Bitcoin and Ethereum you can do about 25% of that And then 25% medium risk and then go 50% Into high-risk cryptos so between those Three levers well which one should you Choose now this question will depend on What kind of person you are you can also Create hybrids of these different levers

That I talked about and what works for You doesn't mean it's going to work for The next person so dial in to see what Is customized and ultimately works for Your setup now some key questions you Want to keep in mind is how aggressive You want to be in the upcoming bull Market you also want to ask yourself do You want to grow your portfolio slowly Over time or is your goal to 2x 3x or Even 10x within the next Bull Run you Also need to know your budget do you Have money to be able to invest into Crypto or are you struggling with Finances and you're putting every single Dollar that you have into the markets if That's the case you may want to really Reconsider how you're investing because Like always no matter what condition We're in I would never say that you Should be risking more than you can Afford to lose from there you need to Know how much time and effort you're Willing to expand in your portfolio There are some people who like to set And forget it like me and there's other People who want to check in on it daily Last but not least you then need to have An exit strategy this here is the most Important a lot of people get into Crypto they'll have the perfect lever Okay you're like medium lever you got Your entire pie set up but then you Don't know what you're going to do when

You start hitting some of these targets Now a proper exit strategy is different For everyone so this is why I'll just Share with you what I plan to do to at Least lock in over a million dollars in Profit in the upcoming Bull Run so Number one I'm making plays based on Narratives what you have to realize when Narrative plays is that they are also Very high risk I recognize that as a Trader that I am not someone who wants To be day trading every single time I Prefer to hold and make swing position Plays I'm also someone who prefers to Trade more actively when the market is In even more favorable conditions with Bitcoin at current levels I'm Accumulating those narrative plays and This is something that I believe will Still pan out over the following years And even that long-term mindset that we Mentioned earlier in this video so for My own exit I like to set targets and Goals with a clear intention of how much Money I want to make if we have our Bitcoin all-time high estimated at Around $130,000 we can begin locking in Profits and scaling out of our position At around $100,000 or if you want Something more conservative you can even Consider the previous all-time high as a Point where you can take all profits off The table a lot of people assume that For exit strategy that you have to like

Be all in or be all out that's not the Case you can always scale your money out Over time and as you dollar cost average In you can dollar cost average out now When it comes to bitcoin ethereum that's Generally the principle that I follow But when we're talking about an exit Strategy for altcoins I'm usually in and I'm usually out once I'm hitting certain Targets in the last Bull Run if we were Up anywhere from two to three or even $10,000 I'd be in and I'd be out I've Realized that Bitcoin is the easiest Coin to make predictions for so my idea Is to always use Bitcoin as a gauge for When to also sell other altcoins that I Have so something I realized though over The past few years is the fact that a Lot of people don't have the time to be Following trades and making the these Alerts and you guys have busy lives you Got work to go to you got family to Attend you got people to hang out with So this is why we went ahead and created A fully revamped upgraded group called Kaizen guys I mean obviously I'm a Member of Kaizen because you know I'm The creator of the group but something I Love is that we constantly get updates Throughout the day on multiple wins that My analysts have so we went ahead and Found some of the best coaches and Analysts within the entire crypto Markets they trade using leverage

Futures I mean a variety of different Tools some of them trade just straight Up Bitcoin and E eum and when I get Notifications constantly seeing these Wins it gives me a lot more reassurance Within the market that it is possible to Make money too if you guys want to go Ahead and join our membership group it Has full Discord access you get all the Alerts to it check out the link Down Below in the description so to wrap up This video let's go over what will Happen next within the crypto markets Personally for me I'm banking on the Fact that leading up to the having in The ETF if my portfolio is back to at Least even the quar million dollar level I'm going to start taking profits there This is because there are three Scenarios that are going to play out one Bitcoin will dump hard in the next few Months and we could see levels from the $20,000 range again but I personally Believe that good times will still Return and that the biggest bull run Ever could possibly follow up next the Second possibility here is that Bitcoin Goes up and we still have one of the Biggest bull markets ever now the last Possibility which I think is the most Unlikely to happen out of all of them And is that crypto never ends up Recovering and it continues to go down And it just Fades away as a useless

Asset that no one found value in if I Broke it down statistically I think There's still a 35% chance that the Crypto Market could cool down it could Come back to that $20,000 level but I Still think there's a higher chance I'd Put it at about 60% that Bitcoin only Goes up and we continue to accumulate Over the next few years if I do hit some Of those take-profit levels that I've Set my plan is to hold that cash into Stable coins wait some additional months And then I'll be doing even more Research to then find and seek those Additional high-risk High return plays Now ladies and gents this here is one of Our more longer in-depth videos but what I can assure you is that if you've made It till the end you're going to have a Much clearer understanding of how to Navigate these markets and I'm sure You're much better prepared if you are a Real one by the way because only the Real ones are watching this till the end Do me a favor and comment down below What you ate for lunch I made a chicken Burrito I'm running a lot lately trying To be healthy getting in the macros and By the way when you guys do this it Makes me know that you guys are real People and it also helps the algorithm So it's a win-win now don't also forget To drop a like down below check out the Links Down Below in the description and

Thank you again for watching this video And I'll see you guys soon peace


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