My ‘Get Rich’ Crypto Strategy: $1,000 to $1M | 3 NEW Altcoins!

I think I just found the next three big Crypto tokens for this cycle we cover The whole cryptocurrency Market on this Channel of course I hold I cover the big Caps Bitcoin ethereum salana chain link So often in the comments I see your Comment you say hey cover new coins Cover small caps what are you buying Well I just invested big money into These three low caps and I'm going to Explain to you why in this video smash The like button if you appreciate videos Like this cuz this is what we're doing Today all of these altcoins I'm going to Talk about in this video I'm either an Early investor in or I bought OTC for a Favorable valuation because these Projects excite me keep in mind this is Not Financial advice I'm just giving you Info and opinion along with disclaimers And disclosures right we talk about the High caps all the time on this channel Many of you have been asking for this Video so smash the like button guys guys Support the channel and without further Ado any coin we talk about you can buy Sell or trade any of these crypto coins On today's list on bybit Exchange make An account on bybit claim up to $30,000 Worth of deposit bonuses I like bybit I Use them for buying selling and trading First altcoin up is Cody now Cody's been Around since 2019 Cody originally a blockchain known

For operating projects in the cardano Ecosystem is now transitioning to an Ethereum layer 2 so their blockchain Used to be a dag and they used to be Associated with cardano now they're Bringing big changes that are exciting To me and the focus on privacy and the Tech that they're adopting is exciting To me Cody's transition to Cody version 2 is significant listen to this this is Kind of a big picture outlook for what They're doing this year this is their Plan this is the CEO hey everybody this Is Shaka and we've just released one of Our biggest announcements to date and I'm very excited about it because cotty V2 sets cot to a very exciting future We're going to solve the one fundamental Challenge that still exists on every Public blockchain privacy and we're Going to take all the good things that We already have and upgrade our Infrastructure to a full-blown privacy Network we are going to do that at a Massive scale as a layer two on top of Ethereum once ready we'll have all the Good things that we have in COD today Like clients and private payment Networks global T1 listings treasury you Name it and we'll have a privacy Network That is 10x faster and lighter than any Zero knowledge Network out there and We'll do that over ethereum so that We'll have access to liquidity and

Developers so Cod V2 is cod V1 plus Privacy plus layer 2 scalability plus Ethereum security and liquidity Understand that they're upgrading the Tech they're differentiating themselves Via the tech in this way it's important To note that we have also managed to Achieve a research breakthrough that We've been working on for quite a while Now behind the scenes we'll be using a Piece of technology that is called Garble circuits garble circuits are a Form of MPC multi- party Computing and We're using it we're employing it in a Way that wasn't done before this will Make us again 10x faster and lighter Than any other ZK solution out there it Means that we can run on any device it's A lot of things and it opens up amazing Use cases like confidential payments def Artificial intelligence where data can Be sent for systems to learn in an Encrypted way market places Health Care Obviously Logistics and a lot more I Hope you're starting to get an Understanding why I was interested in This project also the fact that they're Leveraging ethereum's security and Liquidity by becoming an ethereum L2 That's exciting to me why are we Building it as an ethereum layer 2 and Not as a layer one like others have done It's quite obvious today and we Appreciate a lot of layer ones out there

You know like cardano obviously but Ethereum is where most liquidity and Developers are uh uh today previous Attempts to build a privacy Network as a Layer one were limited because there Were no there was no liquidity out there You know liquidity kind of flows to uh Where the rest of liquidity is layer Twos bring scalability speed and low Transaction fees so we needed to merge Everything together having said that we May grow to other chains in the future Like I said they've been around for a Few years now now so they're not Starting fresh they have years of code Infrastructure Plumbing they've got so Much going for them as they're not a new Project but their transition to version Two is without a doubt better so again Understand the difference between Version one and version 2 listen to the Next 60 seconds minute and a half the CEO highlights exactly every aspect that Will be better this year so let me Finalize and summarize all the upgrades That you're getting with cot V2 and you Can see it as well in terms of Scalability we had scalability in cot V1 With the dag infrastructure which we Love but we'll have scalability with cot V2 as it's built as a layer to privacy Was not an offering we had in cot V1 we Will have it in C V2 and just to kind of Like Focus things when we're talking

About privacy we're not talking about Anonymity one of these tokens not we're Talking about confidential transactions It means that you know that this wallet Is interacting with that wallet you Don't know what exactly they're sending Amount smart contracts we always wanted Smart contracts in Cody we couldn't have Them in Codi V1 but we will have them With Cod V2 and we'll have evm Compatibility which is huge super Important developers want EVN Compatibility with that in mind we're Talking about programmers solidity will Be the language that we'll be using it's Widely uh adopted out there a lot of Developers already know solidity in Terms of development up until now Cody Did all the development in the network Out there it was very hard for third Party developers to develop over Cody Because the way we are structured and Because you know we've we've been using Things that are not very common like dag And everything else with Cod V2 we'll Obviously have our own development Efforts Which cot the company is doing But we'll be open to third party Developers and offer a stack for Developers to build so you know grows as As an open source project the use case For codw one was always about you know Payments with V2 will obviously have Payments and even better payments

Because they can be confidential but We'll have dexes marketplaces gaming AI Healthcare legal a lot of things uh uh We never been able to build in web 3 Without having you know a good way to Handle sensitive data we will have that In COD V2 in terms of client base we're Keeping all the client base that we have In in V1 and grow it with V2 we're Keeping obviously all the global t one Listings that we have the treasury app Will be upgraded and move along with us To Cod V2 obviously the ability to Mint Tokens the bridge that is required in COD V1 will not be required in COD V2 Supply Dynamics will be different today We have a rigid fixed Supply Cod V2 will Have a supply that is either Inflationary or deflationary depending On how the network works kyc is today in COD vi1 is mandatory on the protocol Level you can't really hold a native Asset without doing kyc that will no Longer be the case and people can hold CV2 tokens without doing kyc if Specifically you're going to build a DEX Or pay bitler on COD V2 and you want to Have KC then by all means you can of Course but it's not Mandatory so this is the upgrades that You're getting I think we can agree that It's quite a lot now in terms of road Map we have a full plan for 2024 which Includes a major release every quarter

Both on the technical aspects and on the Business aspects as well and you know We're already at work but this is Happening right now AIT protocol we've Mentioned AIT protocol on the channel a Couple times before revolutionizing AI Web 3 and big data processing our Mission is to be the leading Decentralized machine learning protocol Empowering AI development with scale and Efficiency if I had to sum up AIT Protocol in one phrase it'd be train to Earn their trained to earn model as far As Ai and Big Data really really Interesting because basically businesses Or entities can contribute information Earn rewards and then the AI gets Smarter and better world's first AI Infrastructure providing web 3 AI Solutions and creating millions of jobs With the train to earn model they have a Token burning mechanism which is Something I really like they're Partnered with some of the big players And one of the big reasons I like them Is described in this clip so jolly green Investor and the Nifty investor discuss Part of their both these on the beanock YouTube channel I think they nailed it I Think they nailed it this is the secret Sauce for AIT they're backed and Incubated by pal AI AIT protocol ticker Is AIT it's backed by one of our Favorite AI projects pal so pal has

Performed very very well over the last Year one of the top gainers at one point And they created a specific road map and I think AIT protocol being backed and Incubated by pal is following this road Map to a te we already saw a very Successful launch with AIT it's up a Tremendous amount however I think with All the things that they have going for Them and their amazing relationship with Pal I think this thing has room to run As we know AI is going to be one of the Top narratives for this coming Bull Run I think the top narrative AI is going to Consume everything and big data is Another huge narrative as well so I Think a lot of the things that we're Going to reveal about how it works You're going to see that AIT protocol is Definitely a gem here's what I like when You're incubated by pal when we look Look at the number of holders there are Of the pal token now and the number of Projects that Pal's on boarded and when Pal is sponsoring the biggest AI Summits In the world the connection that they've Made yep who do you think now is going To have access to all these partners That pal has come across yep AIT for Sure and they're following the blueprint You know if you're just an AIT token Holder and don't give a about what It is they're trying to solve they're Following the same blueprints they've

Introduced staking there's a lockup Period what ends up happening is the Tokens going out people like I Better lock my tokens lock it for 28 Days get a beautiful 40% apy but during That time with the lockups they've come Up with massive news massive Partnerships and then those people can't Sell because it's locked up but you're Like well why would I sell yeah because I'm this Project's doing so great and it Does like this this like feedback loop Okay next one is Prisma finance and if You're in tune with what's going on in The space and what's developing Maybe You're aware that staking tokens and Actually liquid raking tokens this is The next this is where ethereum's going This is where crypto is going and Prisma Is the end game for liquid staking Tokens and liquid raking tokens Non-custodial decentralized ethereum Liquid staking tokens liquid reaking Tokens backed stable coins this is not The time nor the place to give you a Tldr on liquid reaking just know that Liquid reaking is the new Alpha liquid Reaking provides liquid staking token Holders with the opportunity to maximize Their participation across all defi Ecosystems basically this allows users To earn additional yield while still Supporting the security of the network But it also comes with its own set of

Risk and challenges as the ethereum Ecosystem continues to evolve it will be Interesting to see how liquid reaking And other new Concepts shape the future Of D5 liquid reaking certainly where This industry is heading and Prisma is a Leader in this we're thrilled to Announce that Prisma liquid reaking is Now live on ethereum's Main net so this Just went live on ethereum's mainnet Fellow analyst and YouTuber virtual Bacon he walks us through the value prop Of Prisma in this 60-second short Prisma Still has a lot of potential being a Very new project Prisma Finance is a Liquid staking protocol that uses these Liquid staking tokens that you can find On liol steak ethereum or rocket pool Ethereum coinbase ethereum Etc and use These tokens in order to Mint a stable Coin this allows the stable coin to have Native yield which is a great Opportunity to earn passive income by Still holding a stable coin that doesn't Fluctuate at all but these yields are Real yield because it takes advantage of Ethereum staking I think the opportunity Here is massive as the stable coin Market is worth tens of billions of Dollars which are currently sitting idle And not earning yield the overall growth Of ethereum staking will also see more Money flow into all LSD protocols and Prisma will have a share of this market

So this is our list tell me what you Think in the comments below I'd like to Give honorable mentions to mina protocol XK and injective protocol I still think These coins have a lot going for this Cycle hey subscribe to the channel we Put out videos like this on a daily Basis join the altcoin daily team Cryptocurrency is the future turning Into a great year see you tomorrow


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