My 2019 Philosophy (Dreams, Lifting, Business, Credit Cards)

All right let's go bras what is good yo What's going on y'all spot mic on I Don't know where on this channel this Video is gonna go but I wanted to talk About physique and success I know there Are like two different worlds and I know You guys might be thinking like y'all What is Maine talking about But I've just been having like a Revelation lately just about physique Your diet and just the success that you Can accumulate just because you're more Productive you're more focused you're More clear-headed and you're able to get More productive work done so as you guys Know I'm a big fan of going to the gym I'm a big fan of just self-improvement a Health wise physique wise and I go into Transitions of fasting and bulking and I Did it pretty significantly last year And I learned my lesson like not to do That again because I just dirty bulk too Hard I'll throw in some photos of here When I was like really fat and then what I did when I cut that weight in like 30 Days now this is not no like Fitness Channel like guys do this you're gonna Lose X amount of weight p90 junk it's Like this is what I did this is what I Learned from it and this is what I want To share with you guys just in case Anyone you guys is struggling with this Or just thinking about this because we All have bodies and most of us care

About what we look like so I think this Will help you guys out Now what I realized was that fasting is Incredible we'll start with that fasting Is incredible intermittent fasting it's Definitely become more popular in the Past few years but I naturally did this Growing up I never was a huge fan of Breakfast I just wasn't hungry in the Morning but if you guys have not yet Trying your minute fasting I think it's One of the best ways for you guys to Lose weight without really trying you Could technically eat whatever you want Within a certain window this is what Intermittent fasting is you literally Just fast between a certain amount of Time so say I fast from 8 p.m. to noon During the day so we see the time go all The way around til noon during that time I can't eat but then from noon to 8 I Can eat whatever I want in that window a Lot of people do this naturally some People just like to eat breakfast lunch And dinner And I think we were raised in a society Where like yeah you have to breakfast Breakfast is the key if you don't eat Breakfast you're not gonna get smart you Need that a nutrition but that's not Necessarily true you guys a lot of the Things we learned growing up has been Debunk like the food pyramid that got Debunked so hard like how you needed

Carbs and all that what I did to lose a Lot of weight and what I do to find a Lot of focus in the work I do is that I Do intermittent fasting I don't eat Carbs as much if I'm really trying to Cut down weight and if I'm really trying To get shredded for that season in a Short amount of time then I actually do Something called one meal a day one meal A day is also abbreviated biomat and Your boy Joe Rogan actually talked about This and he did like a podcast with an MMA fighter and they talked about this I Had no idea one meal a day was a thing I Thought it was unhealthy if you ate one Meal a day because your body wouldn't Get enough nutrients and if you're Working out then you're just not growing But one meal a day really changed my Life it's not easy I actually made a Free completely free I just did this Just to help other people out there's Like a Google PDF and if I remember this I'll put it in the description below but Basically you guys can read exactly what I did just to make the gains but I lost A lot of weight during that time and one Of the things I transitioned into so I Went from intermittent fasting then I Went from internet minute fasting with No carbs then I went intermittent Fasting with a shorter window and then I Kept shortening that window until it's Just one meal a day when I did that one

Meal a day I ate whenever I want but Then if you really want to take it to The next level do one meal a day with no Carbs it's just a completely different Experience and it's not something I Recommend a lot of people to do because It's very like taxing it's kind of hard To do but the benefits you reap are just Insane so this really got me thinking Because I started my fast skin it's About time for the summer I don't know If I could Is it like bad to show your your Physique on camera so I you know I'm not In the worst shape you guys this might Be where taking my shirt off for a YouTube video but this is me how I Looked just like after I wake up and now That I have a lot of work I'm doing YouTube and I'm running a business it's Hard for me to actually go to the gym a Lot so I only go to the gym When I feel like going at the gym now I Used to go like religiously three to Five times a week sometimes seven times A week I'll just keep banging it out and I'll see insane results but at the point Where I'm at right now the gym is just a Place for me to escape to this why I Don't do any workout programs I don't Really recommend people to do that if That's not your primary focus the gym is A place for me to go relax my primary Focus right now in life is to build my

Businesses is to build my youtube Channel and to create financial Abundance for myself and then I'll start Going to the gym and worrying about my Physique but I do believe you need to Have your attention in one thing or Another and if I'm more focused on just Making these games right now then I'm Gonna start lacking off on the youtubes On the business side of things and right Now at my age 22 that's not my focus I Want to focus on building as many Businesses and as many connections as Possible I then go to the gym if I need To just get up get my blood going and Running around and this is part of the Reason why I'm not playing rugby anymore So rugby was a huge part of my life I Played that for six seven years and I Just don't go to it as much a lot of my Old teammates asked me like yeah why Aren't you playing we need you like come On out but it's just I don't have the Time for right now my focus is in what I Do with you guys what I do on YouTube And like I said what I do with business Now all this fasting stuff made me Realize something if you guys look at Mark Zuckerberg if you guys look at Steve Jobs they all have like the same a Physique it's like the endomorph Physique it's like a very skinny statue Guy and I see like there's a correlation Between just being fit having a decent

Body and success I'm not saying if You're overweight you're not going to be Successful that's just a bad Generalization but what I realized is This a lot of the people that are much Slimmer and work hard I see that they're In like their focus are creative they're Either computer scientists they're Coders or just people who do work like Silicon Valley type work and what I Realize is I feel like a lot of these People just work fast it I that's what I've been realizing a lot of these People do maybe they'll have some snacks And stuff here and there but you don't Really see too many like overly obese People doing this type of work like if Mark Zuckerberg was 250 300 pounds it'll Be mind-blowing but I'm like A lot of these people even like from Back in the day you guys like Albert Einstein Carl Jung I don't know Bill Nye the Science Guy is Just a lot of these people are just Skinny like naturally skinny and I think That has to do with diet and just the Work you're doing the energy you're Giving off so I don't know I I wanted to Put that out in the world because I Never heard of that before but that's Just something I realized and I'm not Saying if you're overweight if you're Not in shape you're not gonna be Successful you can't be a CEO of

Anything but what I am saying is what Your physique what your diet and what Your energy levels are like they Directly correlate with the amount of Work you can do the amount of productive Work you can do and the amount of Success that you'll be able to achieve Just in the long run I know that if I'm Eating junk food all day and my brain is Super foggy and I can't do that much Work there's no way you guys if I felt That way for 365 days of the year There's no way I would be here where I Am now I do a ton of things to just keep My mind in check I'll go for long walks Man I'll go for I'll listen to podcasts I'll go to the gym to clear my mind I'll Get in the zone that's another thing I Want to talk about there's a lot of Things you can do but when you're Feeling foggy think of it like this when You have like a really bad cold headache Or think about it like this went like After you eat like really bad junk food Or the next day after you really Hungover you just can't do work then you Just can't focus That's what brain fog is like and I've Realized the more you fight brain fog The more you do things against it and Things that just improve your natural Health the more productive you can be to Succeed to combat brain fog and to just Stay sharp and on top of the game what

You guys can do is intermittent fasting Going to the gym it just clears your Head up it just saves your day black Coffee On an empty stomach I've been drinking Like matcha from like Starbucks he loves Matcha green tea iced latté drinks those Things are bomb those things like get me In the zone like crazy too so I Recommend that but another thing that I Used to drink like I don't drink it that Much anymore just because I don't have Time to make the drink but it's ginger Tea so if you guys get like the ginger Roots and it's such an easy drink to Make you just get ginger and you just Cut it up and then you boil the water And you boil it for like 20-30 minutes You have this drink it's kind of tough To drink the first time but I had this This is like this is the best way to Clear your head and I would drink this If I got it cold but then I realized What happens if I drink this without Getting a cold cuz I feel so much better When I do have a cold I felt like I was On the limitless pill you guys it's like It just puts you in another zone and That's something I got to actually start Doing again because I do believe in that I'm not really like a hippie you guys I Don't do vegan stuff I did try it once I Thought it was cool but it's not for me I'm not gonna bash that on anyone but

It's just not for me And I'm not someone who's like super Like crazy about you know all those Things but I am crazy about just Self-improvement and how I feel about The day that's why people ask me like yo Why don't you drink like how come you Don't drink you really don't drink you Don't do drugs I don't do any of that You guys I don't drink I don't like Drinking casually I don't even like Drinking one beer unless it's like an Actual event and even then I'm only Gonna drink just because people are just Like you know but I want to see you Drinking that's like the worst time to Do it too cuz that's peer pressure but I Just don't drink because of the way it Makes me feel the next day I'm just not Productive if I had no hangover if I Didn't experience any negative Repercussions from alcohol then hell Yeah I would probably drink but I don't Drink I try to drink a lot of water and I try to stay healthy you guys because This is all for the long-term run you Guys if you're just killing yourself if You're doing sprints if you're gonna Burn out and you're gonna go back to the Corporate world at some point there's Just no point in doing this but take it Slow you guys even the days where I Don't feel like working I don't I don't Blame myself I used to fish a ton of

Fishing is a huge thing you guys follow Me on Instagram if you haven't done so Already check out my Instagram I follow Some people back not all the time but Sometimes I actually do a lot of fishing That's one of the ways I can get out Clear my mind and just reset as well to When I started my first business I had Really really tough days there were days When I cried I recorded myself so I Would never forget those moments I Actually sent a time capsule to myself So you guys go on like a time capsule Email website you can email yourself in The future and tell yourself how you Feel that day I don't know when I sent It cuz I thought I was supposed to come In on my birthday this year but I might Have put in the wrong date so might come Back next year I remember making those Emails I remember making these videos a Long time ago before I even had a Channel about just how hard everything Was because if you guys look on Instagram See the highlights if you guys see me on YouTube you just see the highlights but You're never gonna see the downtime You're never gonna see the failed Businesses you're never gonna see the Deactivations you're never gonna see the Times people copy my you're never Gonna see like a lot of these bear Things that actually happen in a real

Business it's very hard you see just the Happiness you just see the results You'll just see the car you'll just see The watch you're not gonna be able to See all the friggin worst times that I've had only the people I know in real Life might understand that but I do want To show and reveal that side because That's not that it's just not true okay I'm not gonna say get into business Start your own business a start a Restaurant start a roofing company Started ecommerce business if it's not Hard the reality is it's hard but the Thing is it's one of the most rewarding Things you guys can ever do and you Could go your whole life and maybe You're gonna be 40 or 50 years old when You realize gang I feel empty and I wish I pursued something more and that's what Happened to me I felt empty and I want To pursue something more I knew I had a Deeper meaning I knew there's something Much more for me just because I've Always stood out guys in school I've Always stood out I used to be a super Rebellious kid in school and all of my High school friends know this so maybe One day I'll have like a buddy from high School get on this channel and like just Tell them like what I did but I used to Just sit you guys in class and I used to Just think like why am I here like what Is like why the hell am i learning about

Shakespeare in the Park Pythagorean Theorem I just know it has nothing to do With what I'm gonna do in the real life And at that time I had no passion for Business if I did you guys would be Insane where we could be right now I Would have taken up so many ventures Right now I had no time to take up any Ventures cuz I'm so busy with just a lot Of different things but if I started Back then I just realized how crazy it Would be so my message to you guys is Start now because we can't go back in Time I used to sit in class I used to Skip class a lot too I used to just have No idea what I wanted to do but I just Knew school wasn't right for me just Just know this I used to think a lot Outside of the box so that means that There's a project I would always find a Way around it I would always be able to Find something online or I'd always be Able to just take advantage of it I Always thought outside the box okay if They give you a pen and paper and They're like Mark ABCD on you Multiple-choice quiz I'd be able to find Out the answer to get east somehow and Get that correct I don't That's a horrible analogy but just know This like I used to really really be an Anomaly in high school middle school Even in elementary school I just never Felt okay just being with everyone just

Walking to lunch I felt like a prisoner So I always stood out maybe not in the Best ways I do regret a lot of the Things I did growing up but it all made Me into the person I am now and Who I am Now is just completely different from Who I used to be you know one of the Things I'm very grateful for is having This presence online and we only get Like a couple thousand per video but That's still better than nothing you Guys that's still better than getting Like 10 20 views and I do appreciate Like everyone that literally follows me On this journey that sends me messages That sends media sends me youtubes and I Never would think I'd get to a point Where I can't message like I can't Message everyone back now but that's the Point where are and I think it's not Because of the subscriber level but I Think it's because of the resonation I Get with you guys later people out there And I feel like a lot of people out There can relate to some of the stuff I Did so this is kind of like a rambling Video I don't know what up maybe I'll Call this like tea time with Brian Jung It'd be awesome you guys listen to this Maybe in your car ride but if you guys Resonate at all with any of that just Let me know down below cuz I do like Making videos like this and I feel like A good portion of my audience are people

That are kind of like anomalies like We're freaking in the credit card niche If you try to talk this with someone at A party or at a bar they're gonna no Idea what you're talking about and it's So funny now cuz because YouTube's Taking a lot of my time up whenever Someone asked me what do I do you two Always somehow comes up because it does Take a huge part of my time and it's Just so funny like seeing people's faces When I told ya I make videos on credit Cards it just doesn't make sense still a Lot of people and I think you guys are The most relatable to this I know so my Personal friends now watch my videos Because I brand myself so much on social Media but one of my goals guys I want to Make everyone aware of our community I Want this community to be like the next Biggest thing and I do See that potential happening we are just In the beginning and I'll share with you Guys everything is just a great Community it's a great space I don't Think it's too saturated right now That's my opinion but I do believe it's Difficult getting to the position where I'm now I think I'm like a one in 100 Because I do see a lot of smaller YouTube channels I do a ton of research You guys if you have a youtube channel Credit cards I probably have seen your Video I'll be straight up and I do a lot

Of research on it but I do notice that a Lot of these pages aren't getting as Much traction as I am I think I'm just An anomaly and I think because I flex Too hard in the beginning I am where I'm At now I don't think if you asked me Like Brian if I do exactly what you did In the beginning would I be able to see The same results I can't guarantee yes But I can tell you this if you Understand the algorithm if you Understand SEO and if you understand the Keyword tags and then you understand how A youtube video ranks then you're gonna Be able to find success I do offer like Consultations for this I did close it I Don't really feel like doing it anymore The reason why I closed my consultation And my mentorship is just because of Time you guys I have a lot of requests Like how come like can I please get like An hour view time I'll pay you this much Amount like dude I'll pay you $700 like The reason why I don't want to do it you Guys is just because I'm focused on what I'm doing now and consultation calls Like it's fun to me because I can build A one-on-one relationship with you guys But it's not the most enjoyable because I don't want to wake up like having to Be like damn I got call out like 1 O'clock and then three o'clock and five O'clock and I've like 6 more calls this Week so I can't hang out with you or I

Can't get food with you I'm sorry or I Can't make this video part of the reason I like being entrepreneur on top of like The creative space and just being able To talk to wide variety of people and The financial abundance that you can get Eventually once you hit that level is The fact that you have a lot of freedom You guys if I want I could just go Anywhere tomorrow I could travel Anywhere I want I could literally just fish for an Entire day without any repercussions That's one of the reasons why I like Being entrepreneur once I start doing Consultation calls and when I start Getting into a lot of these meetings I Feel like I'm just working another job Because I'm like forced to do something I do understand it's necessary to the Growth of just my overall character but In the future you know I'm not trying to Be someone who sits around meetings that I don't care about I want to be making Videos and talking to people about doing Something that I really like doing and What I love to do definitely a long Video you guys have my freaking coffee Right here because I don't know I just Wanted to talk I want to show more about Myself rather than just talk about Credit cards I don't know a good space To do that I was gonna make podcasts but I don't know if that's good either I

Think it's gonna be on this channel and I don't care if only like 200 people Watch this video compared to my normal Hits I think this type of video is good Maybe every once a week every few weeks Just so you guys have a better Understanding of who I am because like I Said I'm not your ordinary credit card Channel I like to break things down I Like to make things simple but I like to Also relate to you guys talk to you guys Answer your questions and literally Create that community that's why we have Facebook that's why I literally brand That Facebook so much because I know People who are friends from that Facebook group now that literally Talking I know so my friends online Like Brandon and Julie and Lobert like These people come from that Facebook Group that came from YouTube videos and A lot of people that watch these YouTube Videos like 80% you guys aren't gonna Comment I'm not someone who likes to Comment on other people's YouTube videos Either but if I'm in a group if I'm in a Community I'm more inclined to engage in Those type of things as well to keep Doing something you guys keep pushing Yourself and I see you guys on the next One [Music] Oh [Music]

[Music] We did the hustle you ever it's more Weight attack sorry oh god oh god Okey-dokey


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