Music NFTs are about to EXPODE!!! (HERE IS WHY)

Music nfts this is the next big thing in Crypto think about it in 2021 picture Nfts became mainstream if you invested In a picture nft in 2021 you could have Made ungodly amounts of money music nfts Have yet to go mainstream music nfts are Going to be huge for three reasons Number one music is the most popular Commodity in the world people love music Number two the music industry sucks they Leech off the artists there are more Middlemen in the music industry than Coins on coin market cap and number Three the world is only trending more Digital you would have thanked me in 2020 if I would have told you that Picture nfts were about to explode You're going to thank me in the future Because I'm telling you that music nfts Are going to explode up and coming Artists are already making big money for Music nfts the artist Daniel Allen just Made thirty four thousand dollar dollars In one minute by releasing an EP on the New platform called 100 nfts Were created for the release and they Sold for 0.1 ether each on openc this Collection has already done 16 ether and Secondary sales and this technology Allows the artists to automatically get A cut of those secondary sales so he's Already made an additional five thousand Dollars from these trades on the open Market and that makes his total revenue

For this EP close to forty thousand Dollars so far let's look at a cool Metric the EP has about 50 000 streams On Spotify so far if we look at the Ratio of Revenue per stream he's making About 80 cents per stream while Spotify Only pays out about a third of a cent Per stream so he's gotten 240 times more Value releasing his EP as an nft than he Would just on Spotify I believe this is One of the most financially successful Releases in music history the music Industry may have finally started taking Nfts more seriously a number of artists Have launched music nft projects that Have increased fan attention and Generated millions of dollars in Revenue The nft and crypto space is still in its Infancy especially in the music space But perhaps the potential for more Direct interaction between artists and Fans as well as new ways to monetize Digital Works without resorting to Traditional music Publishers make this a Promising technological development so As a music fan or as a music investor You have the opportunity to buy music Nfts from your favorite artists that's Already pretty cool if you like the Artist now if that artist increases Their popularity over time increases Their fan base over time theoretically Your nfts should increase in value over Time now this Matters from the fan

Perspective because you can take a piece Of ownership of this artist's trajectory If you really believe believe in an Artist and you really love an artist and You want to support them then you're Kind of putting some skin in the game And staking your own money that Hopefully they will increase in value And your investment will increase in Value as well and as an artist this Matters because it gives us a way to Incentivize our fans and our listeners To support us in a way that gives them Some potential Financial upside as well So ultimately this is kind of a win-win Scenario for everybody with much lower Overhead there's much lower overhead uh Most specifically because there's no Physical item It's All Digital so our Ability is artists to create a limited Edition uh version of Our Song is Relatively simple compared to pressing Vinyl getting enough orders to justify The bulk upfront order and all the Things that come along with physical Merchandise so it's an easier access Point for artists and it's an easier Access point for fans and listeners so Everybody kind of wins the artists make Make more money the fans share in the Upside this is artist spotty Wi-Fi Talking about his experience creating Music nfts for his fans I was able to Sell an album as an nft collection and

Generate Two hundred thousand dollars in Revenue In instantly it sold out right away that Is the equivalent of you know let's say 50 million plus streams on Spotify That's spotty Wi-Fi a rapper who's been Dropping songs for the crypto Community He's a part of but the web 3 music Platforms that are enabling him to do so Have Ambitions far beyond the crypto World instead of platforms sitting on Top of record labels on top of agencies Sitting on top of musicians new web3 Startups like sound Royal and audience Are offering musicians the ability to Get back to the ways of old by letting Artists drop songs directly to their Fans the models that I came up with is When I sell you a music nft I'm giving You a copyright license to the the full Song or some elements of the song you Could even sub license it to a third Party I still own the master recording And I still own my publishing maybe a Brand approaches you and says hey we Love that song that you have you're the Only one that has the rights to it and We need it for our commercials they pay You what's called a sync fee so you get An upfront bag of money so that the Brand can use my song now when that ad Airs then I receive a performance Royalty because I still own the Masters And I still own my publishing now there

Are many different platforms if you want To buy music nfts or get involved in Music nfts there's Royal there's Soundment openc wearable Nifty Gateway Audience poapp after party sound XYZ is A platform I really like but I certainly Haven't tried them all if you have Experience with any of these let me know Where you buy your music nfts the fact Is if you're a musical artist music nfts Are going to change the game forever Music albums as an asset class nfts Enable sick major shifts in the music Industry which could lead to new Investment opportunities for clients of Financial advisors or for regular people The fans the six major shifts in the Music industry are as follows number one Unique ownership the most significant Advantage of nfts in the music industry Is the ability to Grant unique ownership Of digital content with nfts artists can Issue limited edition digital albums That have unique ownership that can be Sold for a premium price this enables Fans to own exclusive digital content And gives artists an additional Revenue Stream as a result musicians can start To produce music that is more geared Towards creating one-of-a-kind pieces That fans will want to own and collect Number two royalty payments the Traditional music industry model has Seen artists receive a small portion of

Revenue generated from music sales However with nfts the ownership of music Is made clear on a blockchain network Allowing for transparent royalty Payments cutting out the middleman is an Idea that appeals to big and small Artists alike as a musician himself That's actually what led DJ and producer Blau to found Royal a platform that lets Musicians share in royalty streams with Their most engaged fans as he told us it Lets fans become collectors and Collectors become investors in the music They love and an example of this is what The Chainsmokers did with us were they Actually gave away ownership of their Album they gave one percent of their Album to 5 000 fans now that may not Seem like a lot but the idea that The fans really own the album whether They get paid two dollars or ten on it Doesn't really matter it's the idea that They actually own something real that's Associated with the artists that they Love and historically you know Fans listeners Believers all alike Have only been able to consume music They have never been able to share in The ownership of music did that blow Your mind because it's worth saying Again you can either pay for a Subscription on Spotify you can pay 99 Cents on Apple for a license you can pay For Merch or you could pay for a ticket

Introduce any layer to that that is Ownership And I think everything changes this Means that artists can receive a larger Portion of revenue generated from music Sales which in turn will result in a Change in the way music albums are Published artists can choose to release Music albums through nfts to ensure that They receive a fair share of the revenue Generated from music sales tokenization Of Music nfts enable the tokenization of Music which means that music can be Divided into smaller more manageable Parts this enables artists to monetize Specific parts of their music such as The rights to use a specific beat the Lyrics of a song or even a single guitar Riff this means that artists can sell Their music in smaller parts which can Be more accessible to fans bringing us To Fan interaction nfts provide artists With the ability to interact with fans In ways that were previously impossible With nfts artists can release exclusive Digital content to fans such as Backstage footage or recording of live Performances this allows fans to feel More connected to artists and creates a Sense of exclusivity which can result in Increased fan engagement because of this Artists may start focusing on creating Digital content that can be shared Exclusively with fans bringing us to

Digital Collectibles nfts allow music Albums to be released as digital Collectibles this creates a new way for Fans to own music and creates a sense of Exclusivity which can increase fan Engagement the unique ownership of nfts Means that they can be sold as a rare Higher priced item which creates a new Revenue stream for the artists this will Result in artists aiming to create Unique digital content that can be sold As Collectibles protection of Intellectual property nfts enable Artists to protect their intellectual Property which has been a challenge in The music industry with nfts the Ownership of music is made clear on a Blockchain network which makes it Difficult for others to copy or Plagiarize said music the this provides Artists with greater protection of their Intellectual property and enables them To control the distribution of their Music with artists being able to create Music with greater Freedom knowing that Their intellectual property is protected They may write music in a completely Different way music nfts and the Revolution of web3 in general is just Getting started we cover this Market on A daily basis subscribe to the channel Stay updated on everything going on in Crypto see you tomorrow my friends nfts Are more dangerous than Napster than

SoundCloud than Tick Tock because the Record labels always had the fact that They were the funding mechanism of the Artist now you get big on Tick Tock and SoundCloud and you sell nfts to your Audience you can raise five million Dollars overnight and you can keep 80 Instead of giving up to 80 right and Then you know how good it feels when you Pop off that the people that Believed in you the most are the ones That are getting money every time you Spotify because ninety percent of Artists don't feel great about the Company making the money and now the People are going to make money besides The artists are the earliest fans who Believe in the artists they're the fans Are going to become the record label not The record label


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