MOST Parabolic Crypto Bull Run EVER Has Begun (Is it too late to invest?)

I think that this is looking like a very Real bull run this doesn't feel like um You I I think that this is the next one And every time we find ourselves in one Of those bull runs we do find uh alltime Highs the end of the year Bitcoin Bull Run is a very real thing in crypto and If it usually happens it blows the roof Off the chart above shows the historical Performance of Bitcoin in the first 10 Months of the year and then in the final 2 months of the year from 2010 to 2022 Well I mean if you look at the Historical Cycles you know when we Eventually get into one of these real Bull runs and this is looking like it And what you'll find is if Bitcoin is up At least 100% by this time of the year Then there's a 71% chance or 5 and seven Chance that Bitcoin would finish the Year higher with average year-end Rallies of 65% this analysis is directly From the head of research and strategy At Matrix Port he said in a note to Clients and as Bitcoin tends to reach Its peak by December 18th we could call The 6 to S weeks from early November to Mid December Bitcoin Santa Claus rally You know it looks like Christmas has Come early well actually uh let's say Beginning of Hanukkah we'll we'll credit This one to Hanukkah and as one of the Most famous sayings on Wall Street goes Is that a bull market tends to stay in

Motion unless an external Force acts Upon it meaning Bitcoin Market action Price action is reflexive I do think Another component with Bitcoin in Particular is price drives more price Action it's a very reflexive market We've seen Q3 if we look at Square's Earnings report um or block as they're Called now I believe they had a 2.5 Billion in Bitcoin volume that's 30 Million a day of Bitcoin buying just on Cash app so there's a lot of retail Flows at coin shares we track crypto ETP Flows we saw 10 consecutive weeks of Inflows for the year we're up 1.76 Billion that's a 4% increase in global Crypto exchange Trader product AUM and We're going into the having the daily Supply of Bitcoin being mined is going To go down by half there's new demand Coming from the ETF fingers crossed uh We're pricing 90% certainty on ETF Approval so there's a lot of different Factors that I think buyers are pricing In here but the big the big Traders the Macro desks they haven't started buying Yet and yes that's true as we discussed From our past video Black Rock Bitcoin ETF approval will pump these three Altcoins this will finally allow Institutional money as explained by Brock Pierce clearly the ETF is Something that everyone's excited Excited about the prospects of the

Public being able to access it which is Less so much that as it is Institutions that due to their Charters May not be able to buy crypto you know Their Charters require you know Custodial sort of services it may have To be certain public markets exchange Whatever and so the ETF should open the Market to real institutional buying and A few of you watched this video Yesterday and were still skeptical I'm Still not convinced that this ETF gets Approved do you think the SEC will Actually approve those applications for Spap Bitcoin ETFs I mean after all we All know that SEC chair Gary Gensler is Not exactly a fan of crypto but he did Recently say that he's going to listen To his staff as it pertains to a Potential spot Bitcoin ETF and memos Published last week revealed that the SEC met with asset managers Black Rock And grayscale ahead of that much Anticipated decision and Industry Experts believe that we could see the Launch of a spot Bitcoin ETF early next Year do you see that happening well I Certainly hope so and I think it's long Overdue I mean the idea that this has Been attempted for a decade now right if An ETF had been made available to the American people when Bitcoin was at $100 Or $200 how much wealth would have been

Created for the American people The Regulators in this instance prevented The American people from being the Beneficiaries of this incredible period Of wealth creation and it ended up Mostly in the hands of the Internationals and so this bothers me You know regulation I I support sensible Regulation protect you know the people From Bad actors and things but I don't Think what's happened here is ultimately In the best interest of America what Made America great we're the capital of Innovation and let's be very real here So you can make the best choice for you As a crypto investor because past Performance does not necessarily Indicate future performance history Doesn't repeat but it does often rhyme When Bitcoin is up at least 50% by the End of October there is on average a 78% Chance that Bitcoin will will advance Even more into year end Bitcoin rallied Another 68% until year end on Seven of Nine Previous occasions this analysis is Based on 13 years of Bitcoin history how High realistically could that take us This year well it's important to keep in Mind that this article this report was Put out at the beginning of November They've been absolutely right thus far But if history were to rhyme the Santa Claus rally could Propel Bitcoin to

56,000 by year end now anything that Could stop a bullish run is another Potential black swanes event with Brock Pierce being one of the co-founders of Tether the largest stable coin in Existence which is also not really Regulated in the US is that a risk now I Do want to note that the Wall Street Journal reported in October that tether Which you co-founded has been used Allegedly by H and other bad actor Including drug dealers and sanctioned Russians so what was your reaction to That well the reaction is of course bad Things are going to happen I I I was in The payments business I was probably Instrumental in the launching of alipay Long before Bitcoin PayPal's largest Merchant my company for years and so a Lot of people have been like what do we Do with all this credit card fraud on The internet how do we how do we stop That I said I have a solution I can Ensure that you will have zero fraud on Your platform they're like what how I Said stop taking trans trans actions They're like well that doesn't work I go Of course it's called you can't stop Everything but you have to be vigilant To a point that you can mitigate as much Of it as possible while still keeping Your store open right life is filled With risk how do you manage it and so I Think that what I've seen in terms of

The reaction is an attempt to be Responsible to work with the necessary Authorities so that collaboration and Good communication can occur to mitigate Risk as best you can and so you know It's a young industry they don't have All the experiences of the JP Morgans You know and the Wells Fargos which by The way if you look at their track Records plenty of fines and a lot of Things that have happened at every Financial institution when you're in the Business of moving money money will be Used for bad things my my reaction is It's not what happened obviously things Are going to happen it's what do you do About it do you take accountability you Know your responsibility is to be Responsible and so uh on the surface it Looks like they're being responsible and I hope they continue to be so now this Next statistic may shock you this is Data from the back end of YouTube and it Actually shows that one out of every Three viewers of altcoin daily haven't Subscribed yet so 33% of you are still Thinking about it while an overwhelming 66% of people watch altcoin Daily and Then subscribe we drop a video every Single day keeping you in informed about Crypto you do not want to miss this bull Run and as Brock Pierce States as his Expectation for 2024 I think that this Is looking like a very real bull run

This doesn't feel like um I I think that This is the next one and every time we Find ourselves in one of those bull runs We do find uh alltime highs and uh and If it usually happens it blows the roof Off um and so uh you know is $150,000 you know where we're going to End up I have no idea uh uh but is it Possible certainly you know and it's Also possible that uh you know uh we Find ourselves falling again if we find Another one of these terrible events you Know if another you know call it bad Actor you know has done something that Causes a major loss for the industry That's these are the things that Ultimately uh chill the markets and stop Whatever momentum but we've got momentum On our sides right now wind is at the Markets back and uh you know hopefully It takes us all the way through the Holidays into next year with an all time High and uh you know God willing uh $150,000 Bitcoin like always see you Tomorrow


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