MOST INSANE Ethereum Price Prediction (ETH to $25,000)

Ethereum right now is catching this kind Of big bit over the last couple of days As you can see here the cryptocurrency Market continues to Rally in large part Due to the update from the original Story which we brought you yesterday Black rock is attempting to launch a Spot ethereum ETF this is the exact Filing ethereum's price about to explode Black Rock is in as we get word that the World's biggest asset manager that is Black rock filed to list an ETF backed By spot ethereum on the NASDAQ exchange At some point that's stoking some more Optimism that markets could see greater Access and perhaps institutional Liquidity the rumor happened and the Update today is Black Rock ethereum ETF Confirmed they just submitted a 19B -4 Filing with NASDAQ meaning the largest Asset manager in the world is backing Ethereum these are levels that we Haven't seen since April and just for Reference if you go kind of go all the Way back to that April High here that Was roughly just around 2124 and even though yes technically There are five other live spot eth Filings that I'm aware of meaning Vanek Ark invest Invesco Galaxy and grayscale Crypto expert Scott melker explains just How big this black rock filing is listen We've already had ethereum spot ETF Applications filed but it's different

When it's black rock for a few reasons Number one is that Larry Fink has been On a road talking about crypto as a Flight to Quality and the Bitcoin Maximalist screamed and yelled that he Was only saying crypto because he Legally couldn't say Bitcoin the SEC Would come down on him if he was talking His own book that's completely dispelled We now know the truth which is that Larry think is in fact bullish on all Crypto and when he says crypto is a Flight to Quality he means it if you Were paying attention before you already Knew that because in his annual investor Letter last March he wrote extensively On the tokenization of assets on these Other crypto assets Beyond just the Bitcoin spot ETF that they had filed for So when it comes from Black Rock you can Say that Larry Fink is one of the top Five probably most powerful people Literally on the entire planet people Joke that there's uh four branches of The government the executive judicial Legislative and black rock I would say That uh there's just black rock and Maybe the other three are subsidiaries Right I I I don't think people Understand just how impactful black rock Is and just how powerful the full Conversation has not been released yet It drops Sunday have Bell notifications Turned on you do not want to miss this

But understand how bullish this is for Ethereum and ethereum and crypto are Only getting bigger Black Rock they're The kings of indexing right I mean That's literally what they do they Create ETFs they create indexes would You be surprised if we get a Bitcoin Spot ETF six months through year later You get an ethereum spot ETF then you Get a top 10 crypto index ETF and then One day when we're in a bull market you Get a defi ETF I'm not saying these Things will happen but if black Rock's Making money they're going to continue Filing for these products and so will Everybody else again you got to see the Full conversation the interview drops Sunday have Bell notifications on and at This same time just announced robloxs is Exploring adding nfts to their game and We would imagine someday that those Would go off platform as an nft possibly Get sold off platform the gaming Platform currently has over 214 million L active users and just listen to the Updated vision of Roblox and how similar How how easy an integration into the Metaverse into web 3 gaming will be yeah The vision is what we're doing at ROBLOX Is really the future a new form of Communication and a way for people to Come together when they can't be in Person not just communication but Connecting and doing things even at a

Distance so we have people doing Everything on Roblox from of course Playing to learning um at in our office We simulate our office and why does Roblox see value in potentially adding Nfts I know we've talked about this Before but do you ever see a moment Where the platform itself becomes more Open in the idea that you know your Currency is something called robu and Whether those robu could be used off Platform whether we've talked about nfts And and things that could live inside Roadblocks but then get moved onto Somebody else's platform or you know so In other ways yeah I want to I want to Highlight there's there's a bit of a Dream here about objects and nfts moving From platform to platform we do believe Someday for example you know I I use the The fun use case that someday Elon John May come on Roblox and make eight or 10 One unit really cool capes for example And sell them for charity and we would Imagine someday that those would go off Platform as an nft possibly get sold off Platform and then come back on platform What we what we do expect is the Creators whether it's Elton John or Nike Or someone else making a digital item That they would play a key role and have A fair amount of control in that process And many of you were asking me for an Update on xrp if you have a different

Altcoin that you want me to cover Comment down below and while we know That Ripple just won a major case Against the SEC that xrp is not a Security when sold on retail markets but What's the next steps their approach of Regulation through enforcement let's Just bring lawsuits that that has to Break so walk me through the next steps In this case today was the deadline for The briefing schedule for remedies the SEC wants something like $770 million in Discouragement yeah what happens next Well I I I uh in a session that I did in Washington yesterday I made the joke Around I'd like to see the Vegas odds on You you know what what could be the What's called the remedies from the case Look it I think we the SEC in my opinion Has lost sight of their mission to Protect investors and the question is Who are they protecting in this journey And it turns out that the court will Make the judge will make a decision About remedies we actually welcome that Uh I think that in this case you look at What in what investors were harmed and You also have to look at the security Laws and understand are there exemptions For institutional and you know Accredited investors and things like That but look I I think it is a positive Step for the industry not just for Ripple not just for Chris and Brad but

For the whole industry that the SEC has Been put in check in the United States And I'm hopeful this will be kind of uh A a thawing of the the permafrost in the United States and the regulatory Environment in the US for crypto into 24 Is looking brighter the US House has Passed an amendment limiting the sec's Authority to carry out enforcement Actions against Bitcoin and crypto Companies regulation by enforcement is a Practice all too common with this Administration this is particularly the Case at the SEC and chair Gary gensler's Approach towards our Capital markets and Financial services industry but Especially with our emerging digital Assets Community my Amendment seeks to Put an end to chair gensler's pattern of Regulatory abuse a pattern that is Crushing American innovation in capital Formation without undermining our Ability to go after criminals and Fraudsters specifically my Amendment Prohibits the SEC from using funds for Enforcement activities related to Digital asset transactions until Congress passes legislation that gives The SEC jurisdiction over this asset Class and now that this is passed in the House will this pass in the Senate May Make sure you subscribe we drop a video Every single day keeping you informed Let's say top of next cycle Bitcoin hits

Over $120,000 that would be outrageously Great some people say more some people Say less but your best pro projections Where does ethereum hit top of next Cycle oh man that's a tough one I just For fun just for fun nobody knows yeah Yeah well there's nothing that makes you Look dumber than trying to take out your Broken crystal ball and making uh Predictions especially when they're time Based right so I Tred to avoid it but I Will say that uh I thought it was going There last cycle so that should uh tell You my credibility I like many people Thought hey we broke 65 bitcoin's at 69 It just made a new high it's gonna uh Take the uh elevator straight up to 100 Right it obviously didn't so and I Thought ethereum was going to 10 right So I think that uh if if Bitcoin goes Into 120 130 I would expect that we Could see ethereum you know at 10,000 Something like that but in the it would Not surprise me to see it much higher It's like uh now I want to give a Conservative estimate so I don't look Dumb so I'm just going to say 10 instead Of 25 which is dancing around in my Brain but I I don't I don't know that it Gets to something like 25 in this cycle But I I am you know I'm very bullish on The next cycle I think that uh humans Are going to human they're going to pump

These things they're going to you know Speculate and get excited and it's going To happen all over again


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