Most Innovative L1/L2/Cross-chain Project – CoinMarketCap Crypto Awards 2024

The crypto world is like a brand new City constantly building innovating and Evolving for its growing population this Award celebrates the Builders of Valuable new infrastructure L ones L Twos and Crossing protocols that make Crypto easier more efficient and more Accessible for all here are our nominees For cmc's most Innovative project of the Year L1 L2 cross Chain Our first nominee is arbitrum a layer to Scaling solution for the ethereum Blockchain it's taken the crypto World By storm and seen massive adoption Arbitrium is the leading ethereum layer To scaling solution right now arbitrium Has already saved users fees worth over 1.5 million e with over 650,000 active Wallets over8 billion total value locked And over 50% of the total to market Share arbitrum tax stack contains three K utilities arbitrum rollups which uses Optimistic rollups to scale Decentralized apps with a fraction of The fees yet still maintaining ethereum Security arbitrum orbits are ready to Build interconnected Universe of Customizable chains and finally arbitrum An trust a ready made chain that caters For gaming socials and nfts who require High volume low transaction Fees our next nominee is exela a Scalable cross chain communication

Platform secure scalable Universal Connectivity Axel enables users to Interact with any asset any application On any chain with one click Aela has Already connected with over 50 chains Completed over7 billion of transactions And and has over 70 validates in Addition to providing fast bridging Solutions for crypto projects axela has Also made good progress connecting with Large triy institutions partnering with One of the world's biggest fanss JP Morgan axela helped conduct an Experiment that showcased how smart Contracts could be used to manage client Portfolio set scale using blocking tag To execute trades and enable automated Portfolio management of tokenized Financial Assets our third nominee is ZK sync the Team behind zync era and zik stock a Lear to scaling solution for the Ethereum blockchain now it's time to get A bit nerdy so strapping ZK sync is a General purpose ZK rollup platform that Aims to increase ethereum throughput ZK Rollups will be a huge narrative in the Next bull market unlike optimistic Rollups where all transactions are valid Onto proven invalid ZK rollups require Validity proof for individual Transactions this means that though they Are more complex which is why they Currently have less market adoption than

Optimistic rollups they are also more Secure CK Sync has a dream of scaling Blockchains just like the internet Making them easier to use for The Wider Market while still maintaining Ethereum's foundational values as the Current market leader in the ZK rollup Space they could be well placed to do This our next nominee is Celestia Representing the transition from Monolithic blockchain to the new Generation of modular blockchain they're Claiming to be fast scalable and perhaps The most customizable blockchain Celestia is a minimal blockchain that Strategically partitions the consensus And execution layers it only ERS and Publishes transactions but does not Execute them this is done by a separate Chain by doing this it modularizes the Blockchain technology stack and allows Developers to overcome computational Bottlenecks making it more efficient Scalable and unlocking new possibilities For D Builders like the failing of a Sandwich you can change it to whatever You want but on the outside it's still Layer one blockchain [Music] Bread our final nominee is Le R1 Blockchain appos launched in 2023 appos Is one of the newer generation l1s that Use the move programming language the Aptos blockchain relies on Parallel

Execution to handle multiple Transactions at once meaning that Theoretically it could handle a massive 160,000 transactions per second faster Newer cooler shinier yeah Aptos with a Vast network of top VC a strong Community cheap transactions and a high Level of security this layer one could Soon Challenge salana and ethereum if They can deliver on the tech then it Could be a good one to watch now it's Your turn cast your vote now click the Link on screen in the description below Or visit Quan Market do it Before voting Closes


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