“MOST Excited I’ve Ever Been” | Crypto Broker INX Makes HUGE Announcement (Republic Crypto)

I would say that this is the most Excited that I've been in the industry Internationally we're seeing a movement Towards regulating this space us Together Um yeah I think as you hear we're very Excited about about this collaboration Today I interviewed two of the leaders In the cryptocurrency space Alan silbert CEO of North America at INX which is a Crypto broker also partner of the Channel and Andrew dershy the head of Republic crypto two companies that just Made a major strategic partnership check The timestamps down below let's talk About what all this means for you and Let's start how about Alan what's your Background Alan I was a commercial Banker in my prior life about 20 years I Worked for Maryland's capital GE Capital And Capital One bank doing uh Middle Middle Market lending Venture debt Lending uh for regulated companies I got Into crypto at about 2013 so I've been In the space for about 10 years Yeah I mean the transition and the kind Of the funny story is uh I launched a Bitcoin Marketplace for luxury goods Called bit Premiere that was kind of Like I'm dipping my toe in the water in The space and uh we sold a a uh Villa in Bali I think when Bitcoin was six Hundred dollars uh Bitcoin 2013. Um but you know I gained a Twitter

Following and one day Jamie Diamond said Something about Bitcoin and uh when I Was a Capital One bank and I I tweeted About it and Um The Fortune Magazine put my tweet It's kind of the center of a Fortune Magazine article like Alan Silber of Capital One bank said this about Jamie Diamond and so Capital One Bank was not Amused and uh the next morning I had a Meeting with the human resources public Relations uh they were like you could Never speak about crypto ever again in Any Forum because you'd be seen as a Spokesperson for the bank so I kind of Took that as my hint and my push into The space and and coincidentally I met Shy depika the founder of INX within Like the same two-week period so it all Seemed like the planets were aligning For me and this is my way to uh you know Use my regulated experience with crypto Experience and and build a platform the Way it should be built And just to clue everybody in what is INX So INX is both a crypto trading platform A security token trading platform and Also a primary issuance platform for Security tokens so over the last five Years we you know we've built a 24 7 365 Trading platform uh the cryptocurrency Side we trade Bitcoin Litecoin ethereum Stable coins and on the security token

Side we trade uh security tokens that Have gone through the correct uh Security path with the SEC which is what You hear on the news these days that the SEC is squawking about is people not Going to direct the right path so Um we wanted to uh you know talk to talk Walk the walk and so we ourselves did an INX token IPO at the SEC took three Years to get us through we're the first One ever cleared by the SEC and we have Almost 10 000 token holders now they get A cut of our net profits and then other Rights and um and yeah so and then we Mets uh kindred spirits and Republic Well Dan to speak about what Republic Does but yeah the two companies together Are really interesting uh compelling uh Puzzle piece that matches together Extremely well so Andrew Yeah Andrew I think most of you got Everybody saw the partnership on Twitter But before that uh what's your Background and then also what's republic Yeah and I've never heard the Capital One Jamie Diamond story that's awesome Yeah yeah it's a good it's a good one That's so good oh man Um yeah that's awesome so I've been in The space for over 13 years Um engineer I was CEO and co-founder of A company called The Coin Tree we're the First doing multi-sig security and Storage for Bitcoin 2011 24 2011 2012

2013. if you're around you used us we Were they only came in town I was in the Hedge fund space after that running due Diligence and fundamental analysis Engineering teams uh uh most for hedge Funds most which is crypto specific Became a partner at tldr Capital which Was the number one Ico advisory firm Globally 2016-1718. everything ran through us Back then I joined Republic in early 2019 Um to build out what was meant to be the First vertically integrated crypto Investment Bank and we finished that Full integration early early last year And now we're going to this larger Digital Merchant Bank Evolution and and INX is like a Cornerstone of the of that That movement so uh most people know Republic as being the largest private Primaryations platform in the world uh We have over 2 000 portfolio companies Or nearly 2 000 portfolio companies that Have run through that uh but uh there's An entire other layer which is our Crypto layer and so the crypto business Is what I built like six or seven Products and services that sit under There we're known for our advisory arm We have a web 3 native and an Enterprise Advisory arm uh we uh are the largest Tokensation platform globally where we Will physically build the token uh for

Other people architect design build test Deploy audit distribute a full token Ecosystem Um and we do that with Fortune 100 Fortune 500 companies uh big Enterprise Level projects uh I have our token cell Platform we have wallet products which Launched this this uh this month in Treasury Management Services in a series Of funds that's that whole vertically Integrated crypto Investment Banking Stack you need each one of those pieces Right Um and so now our partnership with INX Adds a the basically that the cherry on Top of that that chocolate fudge sundae Uh which is secretary markets and uh and Trading uh um uh training facilities so We're extremely excited about that Relationship Cool so yeah go go into that a little More how does this change things maybe Uln with INX it's just that the projects That are already under the Republic Realm they they now have a secondary Market through INX or what else yeah Yeah so it's it's if there's a lot of Cross-pollination and Integrations Happening here so yeah you like on our Side we Um you know we have the primary raises We have the security token trading on The Republic side they have almost three Million users on their platform so they

Know they've been distribution you know We bring the the regulated broker dealer License the platform and trading Um you know there's different Integrations like the Republic wallet That can be integrated as well which uh Which is a proprietary wallet which they Built Um and yeah it's like what Andrew said Before you hear like there's a lot of Different pieces here so we were we're Really with us together we're going to Cover a lot of different bases you know With tokenization with wallets with Issuance with trading we have a licensed Transfer agent license we have an fx Trading desk so we're you really have a Lot of different uh pieces here that Have been built in the right way Um you know I was speaking on our AMA uh Just an hour ago about you know you kind Of see what's happened in the last year You know it's been like at the total Collapse of many different companies and What we saw in Republic what I think They see in US is is a company that Really built things right from from Scratch and that's why we're both Sitting here right now and um and uh you Know we're not we're not in trouble and You know we're we sleep well at night And we're just here building and Collaborating which is you know what You're doing these kind of markets right

Now although yeah the news over the last Week and stuff you have all these total Ginormous players jumping into Bitcoin ETFs and stuff so this the crypto winter Might very quickly kind of come to an End here because these uh so I see this Is an incredible really kind of bullish Narrative especially in the current Market And uh Alan can you talk about some of The growth metrics you've seen at INX For example I remember when FTX Collapsed we saw all this all these Users head over to binance and head over Coinbase now obviously the SEC is and The next strong and they're going after These guys that maybe pushed a little Too fast have you seen an incredible Amount of growth yeah we we've uh We've Definitely seen material growth Especially in the last couple of months And and users and volume and and inbound Inquiries and stuff I think um it's it The crypto winter is just starting to Thaw and people got scared to take Everything off the exchange platforms And so now they're they're starting to Thaw a little bit Um but also kind of like the beauty of Our security hooker trading platform is It's non-custodial so it's not your keys Not your coins kind of thing we don't we Don't touch the the security tokens they Go from buyers sellers auto buyer and so

Um you know I think that gives people a Great amount of comfort that you know They can control their own destiny Um but uh but yeah it's we're having you Know discussions with a lot of different Players in the space we are are standing In our licenses and everything else has Suddenly become very very prominent in In the current environment Andrew what's your take on the current Regular regulatory status of crypto in The US and what are you most excited for Looking forward We're extremely close to the regulatory Rail uh I testified in front of Congress Uh four or five weeks ago uh in a dual Committee hearing which is particularly Rare uh with the uh the agriculture Committee and the financial services Committee And uh my written testimony from that Hearing has become kind of a Foundationary component of the markets Bill which is being pushed by mchenry's Office Um so when we look at the regulatory Frameworks the U.S this is the first Time that we've really seen the U.S Start to approach Potentially looking how to regulate this Space holistically within the U.S I Think Regulators himself have either Struggled or failed in certain areas and Asked the legislators themselves are

Become are that are adding a lot of Pressure to get this determined If you look at what's happening Internationally with Mika which is the Uh Marcus and crypto act out of Europe Or if you saw what happened yesterday in The House of Lords in the UK with them Moving forward on crypto regulations Internationally we're seeing a movement Towards regulating this space The UK one is particularly poignant Because London is a finance a Global Financial Center and almost certainly London is going to beat the US to Regulatory Frameworks as it relates to Digital assets And that will create a lot of headwinds Uh in the U.S side Um to be counterculture to that right so If if all of a sudden London rolls out These Frameworks they become Internationally accepted they're Connected to every International major Financial institution in the world the United States is now going to be second Fiddle to that particular regulatory Framework and it was we roll out our Regulatory Frameworks we now have to Very much look at the other International regulatory Frameworks in Order for our framework to even work if It's too disjointed right if the US Rolls out their framework and it's Heavily disjointed from the UK framework

That will just create additional Friction and complexities and gray areas At which everyone here is looking for Clarity so I think the US finds itself In a really unique seat because there's Going to be a lot of external pressures Now coming from external markets as they Roll out the regulatory Frameworks and Now legislators in the US are going to Have to digest that and identify how Best to build a homogeneous relationship Between those Frameworks and ours it's Coming right like I always say if you Believe the digital assets are here to Stay and obviously Republican inex very Much feel that way Um it's just a time right it's a matter Of time before we have the people in Place that can can put the right Frameworks in place so the United States Can continue progressing with the rest Of the of the world so we're extremely Excited I know regulatory wise there's Been Um some suits and things that have Happened that have uh you know cast a Bad light in some areas of the space uh Recently but the the markets bill that's Coming I think is of extremely strong Indicator that the United States knows That it has to take action and they Can't be asleep with the wheel anymore What is the biggest opportunity at INX In the future meaning is it security

Token offerings of of stocks that Already exist on the web 2 world is a Tokenized real estate like how do you See this regulated World unfolding Yeah I mean kind of the beauty of a Token space kind of like the sky's the Limit Um yeah uh there's real world asset Tokenization you know it's certainly a Thing you know you can tokenize real Estate art whatever Um it's uh it doesn't doesn't trade as Much as as some other kind of potential Tokens but um you know I mean really one Of the best opportunities I see are Really uh issuers that have a captive Community already so like in the past We've had like for instance like a Premier League soccer team approached us You know they have a captive fan base of Course they wanted to you know tokenize Uh game day revenues and merch revenues And then give their fans a cut you know So that I mean for us I think that's one Of the biggest opportunities because it Comes with a captive distribution Network a captive you know uh an Audience that's you know they're all Aboard Um you know depending on kind of the Company they might be already very Knowledgeable about tokens and stuffs Either have an education hurdle but I Mean the kind of these Community Based

Tokens or fan based tokens or one of the Bigger things that I see but it is also You know you can you can package up an Equity and you can put it into a token And then you could trade at 24 7 365 and Fractionalize it down to small amounts For people you know there's really the Skies the limit I think they'll go on And on I want to pose this question to both you A little open-ended but what do you wish More crypto investors understood about Either your relationship together or Just like the space going forward as we See it evolve D Yeah I mean I think us us together Um yeah I think as you hear we're we're Very excited about about this Collaboration Um and what it means and I think that You know we've both built things very Deliberately in the last several years To Um to meet the challenges of today and Um and and what the Market's looking for The regular is looking for and so Um so yeah I think um You know I think it's a very exciting Partnership and and uh you know I look Forward to what it means for both of us As we look at the space leading up to This Uh in order to participate in the

Security token space and even like Utility tokens to some degree you had to Use multiple vendors right you needed You know multiple different types of Walls depending on the asset that you're Using different custodians depending on What custodians supported what types of Assets different exchanges and so Again does he have this very Discombobulated disjointed space it's Very very difficult to use like if you Wanted to buy this coconut water if you Had to go work with six different Vendors to do it you'd never drink Coconut water right like it just Wouldn't happen so you know we're Starting to now see the infrastructure In place and some clear Frameworks in Place and Um and Reporting in place that these Things are now all becoming integrated Right you can come to Republic we Provide primary issuance we provide Tokenization we provide uh institutional Custodial Solutions non-custodian Multi-asset wallet products and now Secondary Market liquidity and trading Options all within one Platform One Integrated platform and you don't have To now go work with multiple vendors and Multiple wallets and multiple uh Partners that can all sit one place you Don't have to be web 3 native right Everything uh is has a very web to

Experience with the web three layers now As an infrastructure you know under Underneath and so I think when we're Looking at investors or just anyone That's looking to participate in the Space where it's been either daunting or Overwhelming or just cumbersome we're Chopping all those layers down and Making a very streamlined process of Which anyone can participate in that has Always been the core ethos as a for Republic which is to democratize finance I can understand if you guys don't want To answer this but just an honest Question from me do you see an exchange Like binance being here in 10 years Because the total opposite I'm happy I'm Happy to answer this question yeah I Have no problem Um I think binance will be here but in a Different form I think the future of Exchanges there's going to be two paths Um there's going to be fully regulated Bank style kyc AML types of exchanges Like what we have with the partnership With public and INX or maybe what just Citadel just launched like those types Of exchanges will be one side of the Fence the other side of the fence will Be full D5 exchanges true D5 exchanges With some level of Nefarious actor like Bad wallet check right and those will be The two places that exchange that Exchange Commerce will take place

Everything in the middle will be gray Area and will be very high risk so it Doesn't mean that they you know those Exchanges don't exist in you know later On but they will be very difficult to Operate with on board and off board with Um and the other two are will be the Kind of the Prime primary pillars so I Think a lot of the exchanges that we Know now a lot of the international Exchanges will move closer to one of Those directions over time and I think That's just going to be the natural State of things but almost every Regulatory framework and every Jurisdiction is is pushing in those two Directions Yep I would 110 agree with this this is This is the direction it's going to go Into Finance I guess you know I mean They're going to be backed into a corner That you know that's They can either withdraw and try to go Into the shadows and be a total D5 Exchange or you know or they'll they'll Uh acquiesce and become regulated and You know what that entails I want to thank you guys for sharing Your time for the audience all the links For you guys personally as well as the Companies down below check them out but Just final thoughts for the altcoin Daily audience starting with Alan Yeah thanks for having us on I it's uh

This is Varian X this is a very Important milestone in our history it's One of the most exciting things I think Um that we've we've come across in the Last couple years and we were you know Uh very happy to meet up with our public Guys over weeks and many many meetings Getting to know each other Um you know we're going to be a very Important player as a collaborating uh Company under a huge umbrella going Forward and Um yeah we look forward to what we can Accomplish together And uh I would say that this is the most Excited that I've been in the industry And you know again I've been here for 13 Years I've I've tasted every winter Along that path And uh while there we have been in the Industry has been knocked down a number Of times by Bad actors in the in the Last couple years this is the first time That we're starting to see real Fundamental change at a government Jurisdictional level And this opens up the opportunities for Everybody right it doesn't matter where You sit in the stack now everyone will Have the ability to participate in an International Financial framework Um that Gives opportunity to move between

Classes to move between jurisdictions And I I this has always been kind of the Mission of Republic and we are actually Seeing it happen live real time right Now uh and I I could not be happier to Be on this journey with INX or core Component of this we could not do it Without them uh and the the relationship Between those two identities is is Really gone beyond something that's Strictly corporate and is now a true Friendship and I'm really excited by That And by the way while I have you here Real quick what's on the road map for The rest of this year for a public for INX I would say first and foremost is Integrating the Republic wallet and INX Is our top priority that uh you know as We talk about kind of friction points Within the industry that's that's a very Very important component Um to removing kind of that cumbersome Friction forward experience so I would Say top of the list for us is is the Rollout of our wallet which happens this Month and then the direct integration of That wall into into the INX platform Yeah I I from our side yeah I see uh you Know we have a lot of things going on But I think that the the Republic Collaboration Um is my priority for sure and and what

That entails um you know also the Issuance platform you know what Republic Has on their platform and what we can Tokenize Um and uh and trade on ours uh you know We'll we'll go through and and uh curate The different deals what makes sense for Tokenization Um you know I know Republic wants to Move more and more into token Tokenization web 3 for their offerings Going into the next year or two and so Um yeah and the wall of integration is Very exciting for me as well so I look Forward to that Okay


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