More companies should have an end of life plan for their products | TechCrunch

In a circular economy products are Designed to be used and reused Drastically reducing waste last week I Spoke with Angus Wiston the founder of a Company that's rethinking what new even Really means when we embrace the Circular economy the founder said Something really interesting that's kind Of been following me around ever since If you clean something it's clean that Makes sense if you recycle the materials Taking aluminium melting it down making A new crib you clearly have something New But what allora baby is planning is Something in between the company takes Cribs that have reached the end of their First life and through a meticulous Process of sanding and refinishing Breathes new life into them the Company's founder says that that goes Way Beyond cleaning it's essentially Remanufacturing each crib before it gets Resold and I think that's a really good Approach and I wish more startups would Think in more detail about what happens When their product reaches their end of Life


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