Michael Saylor & SBF (FTX CEO) Bitcoin Market Manipulation (Solana & ETH)

Bitcoin will never die as long as There's one person alive in this world That yearns for Freedom micro strategy And microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor Adds another 2 500 Bitcoin to its Holdings despite tax harvesting lost as Long as there's at least one person in The world that understands Bitcoin and Yearns for freedom right it will Continue it is a uh a decentralized Ideology and you can't kill an idea Like well you can't kill an idea until Nobody is left on Earth that believes in The idea right and the idea is freedom And sovereignty That's the idea manifested in A technology protocol the tech company Led by Michael Saylor has increased its Bitcoin Holdings by 2 500 Bitcoin Despite selling Bitcoin for the first Time ever to generate a tax benefit here Is the information Michael Saylor's Microstrategy bought 2395 Bitcoin for 42 million dollars in Cash between November 1st and December 21st it then sold 704 Bitcoin at a loss On December 22nd to offset previous Capital gains microstrategy then bought 810 Bitcoin Christmas Eve microstrategy Now owns one out of every 159 Bitcoin That will ever exist what do you think About this it seems like Michael Saylor Has truly thought about his Bitcoin Investment deeply fed took us into a

Steep nosedive nearly crashed the Currency when they took the interest Rates from 280 basis points to 180 to 5 Basis points and then they pulled up and They brought the interest rate from 12 Basis points up to 470 basis points in a One-year Treasury and it's kind of like That uh strafing run in Maverick when The guy goes down in the valley nearly Crashes and pulls up and pulls 10 G's And just about rips the Wings off the Plane that's what we're doing except We're doing it with the entire 500 Trillion dollar economy right now and We've got to the point where the pilots Are blacking out I don't think the economy of the world Will take much more of the pulling up Otherwise they're going to crash every Single economy we're going to see more Inflation and the combination of those Things are going to play out against the New reality which is Bitcoin is the only Digital commodity it is the only crypto Asset there is no second best crypto Asset Hey Michael Saylor likes Bitcoin it's True do you remember when Michael Saylor Suggested borrowing as much money as Possible to buy Bitcoin when it was Nearly 60k per Bitcoin claiming that he Knows how it will all end well did he See sub 20K Bitcoin coming you remember This if I told you I know how it all

Ends right once you know how it all ends That that the only use of time is How do I buy more Bitcoin But take all your money buy Bitcoin then Take all your time figure out how to Borrow more money to buy more Bitcoin Then take all your time and figure out What you can sell to buy Bitcoin and if You absolutely love the thing that You're that you don't want to sell it Go Mortgage your house and buy Bitcoin with It and if you've got a business that you Love because your family works for the Business it's in your family for 37 Years and you can't bear to sell it Mortgage it Finance it and convert the Proceeds into the hardest money on Earth Which is Bitcoin so what I would say is Use all your time to acquire Bitcoin Finance entities and weaker currencies To buy Bitcoin or educate yourself on Why this makes sense if you're not sure And then educate everybody around you You know if you're working for a company That's got a hundred million dollars in The treasure you ought to convince the CEO and the board of directors to Convert the treasury to bitcoin that's The most accreative thing you can do That'd be worth billions to them it's Like if you were to say to me Mike it's The year 2000 you're in Argentina what's The best use of your time the best use Of my time is figure out how to get all

Of my money converted into dollars and Get it out of Argentina because I'm Going to lose 99.5 of the money if I don't nothing Else matters make sure you subscribe to Our YouTube channel we drop one video Every day keeping you informed on the Entire cryptocurrency Market the Sam Bankman freed FTX federal fraud case is Really heating up with members of the SEC coming under Fire Gary Gensler crony Just resigned from the SEC due to an Improper relationship with Sam bankman Freed you remember in 2021 when the SEC Tapped this x cftc commissioner as their Own general counsel well this is the Latest SEC general counsel that same guy Dan berkovitz announced that he is Departing from his role at the agency Effective end of year the agency said Berkovitz was an ally of FTX within the Financial regulatory agency and had Meetings with SPF and other crypto Lobbyists so the FTX debacle and fraud Really heating up it's interesting that Solana Seoul is down 94 percent from its All-time high total value down from Seoul down 98 percent the top nft Projects on Seoul moving to eth moving To Matic are you a buyer of Solana at These prices I want to remind you not For nothing there is a Solana brick and Mortar store in New York City Solana Projects are Incorporated within the

Store there's a step in Booth if anybody Wants early access to the next sneaker Drop let me know but Solana ten dollars Today honestly do you think Solana will Have ever recover if your answer is yes Please tell me why now take a look at This chart because you can literally see The moment when SBF was released on bail In this chart Solana trading together With similar projects and then non-stop Selling pressure causing massive Underperformance for the past week Coincidence or is he really that dumb Seems like it's only a matter of time Before Solana gets subpoenaed anyway There's a lot of democratic Organizations planning to return a lot Of their money donated from FTX at least Almost 10 million at least five Organizations have signaled their Intention of returning FTX political Contribution hey hi so I'm SPF founder And CEO of FTX My Accidental theft of Our customers light savings to create a Giant over leveraged Ponzi slush fund For myself is a tragedy that should have Never happened and to all those affected I want to say I am deeply thought sorry I'm sorry Ah I'm sorry Oops sorry I'm sorry I'm deeply sorry So obviously they did not know he was

Committing fraud do you think this is What they should do one by one U.S Political groups are announcing they Will return the millions SPF donated to Them according to CNBC the Pro-democratic Senate majority Pac Announced today that it would seek to Return 3 million in donations from Former FTX CEO Sam bankman freed and Former FTX head of engineering nishad Sai the Democratic National Committee The Democratic senatorial Campaign Committee and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee Announced four days ago their intention To return the 815 000 in contributions They have received from bankman freed in The last few years still no word on if Republicans plan to donate their dark Money donated to SPF but again let me Know what you think about this in the Comments below and keep in mind this is Heating up again make sure you subscribe To the channel we keep you updated on Everything crypto on a daily basis like The video if you're getting value Sam Bankman freed will face judge who Presided over Trump Kevin Spacey and a Whole lot more a no-nonsense Manhattan Judge who has handled a number of High-profile cases will now oversee Sam Bankman Freed's a judge who handled Lawsuits against prince Andrew and Donald Trump will now oversee the

Forthcoming Federal criminal trial of Disgraced crypto muggle SBF that same Judge is also currently overseeing a Lawsuit brought forward by ex-journalist E Gene Carroll who accused Donald Trump Of defamation when he denied that he Owed her in the 1990s and presided over A civil lawsuit against actor Kevin Spacey for an alleged unwanted ass Advance the 78 year old judge has been Described by the media as having a No-nonsense style and is known for quick Decisions you is also no stranger to the Crypto world he oversaw the First Federal Bitcoin Securities fraud Prosecution let's hope that this judge Isn't fooled by Sam bankman freed did You know that FTX deposits were used to Pay off Alameda creditors Uh I don't know of FTX deposits being used To pay off Alameda creditors Actually when we're all tickled to hear You say that he probably won't be However because so many people are Flipping on Sam yes Caroline told the Judge that she's sorry for defrauding FTX customers and knew that it was wrong So people like Caroline or Gary Wang They're saying yeah we committed fraud We knew about it let's talk about this Bear market now to me it feels like 2018 In crypto land there's a lot of fear Uncertainty and doubt just negative bad

Feelings yet there's a lot of Opportunity and probably will continue To have a lot of opportunity for the Next several months this seventh month Period on the eth chart from September 2017 to April 2018 was one of the most Ridiculous periods of my adult life Unless you're there it's hard to convey How insane this all felt people are Missing the fundamental progress that Has been happening and continues to Happen in 2022 uniswap saw 68 million Transactions from three million unique Wallets and totaled over 620 billion in Trading volume that's a lot like the Video if you're getting value I'm going To leave you with this many people are Asking why should I use crypto why Should I be interested in crypto it's Like this historical vid from the 1990s 1995 why should I be on the internet the Internet was once new like crypto hey Why should I be on the internet Why Well by the time we're in college the Internet will be our telephone Television shopping center And workplace and it's already got more Stuff in it than you could possibly Imagine In less than an hour you can visit the Planet Jupiter take a tour of the Sistine Chapel do research on the Rainforest get soccer scores for a team

In Italy chat with a friend in Australia And I even found a recipe for cat food Cupcakes shouldn't everybody be on the Internet Yes


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