Michael Saylor Gives GREATEST Bitcoin Explanation for ALL TIME (Graham Stephan in shock)

How are how are you so convinced it's Going to be going up in price 20 to 40% A year over the next let's say 10 to 20 Years Michael sailor gives another Mustsee explanation on why Bitcoin is Going up forever you have to buy Something with price Supply in Alaska City and in this clip from the iced Coffee Hour podcast Michael sailor does The impossible so what is the one thing On the earth that you can buy where they Can't make more of I would say Beachfront real estate convinces Graham Stefen the biggest real estate bulll on Financial YouTube that buying Bitcoin Today is a better opportunity than even Beachfront real estate beachfront real Estate is the is the closest Conventional idea and watch today's Whole video pop star IG aelia calls out The founder of ethereum for gas fees and More that's rich Let's talk about gas The gas fees but um the gas TX This is everything you need to know Going on in crypto today that's why you Subscribe and let's start another must See explanation on why Bitcoin is going Up forever beachfront real estate would Be one of them but also Bitcoin Beachfront real estate is the is the Closest conventional idea to a scarce Desirable asset that the politicians Can't make more of what what is it the Government can't print more of they can

Print more bonds M they will issue Trillions of dollars of bonds they could Print more currency so don't buy that Corporations can manufacture more Hershey's Bars and more Kellogg serial And more you know Netflix can stream More videos right so anything a company Can create more of an a factory you Don't want to buy anything an AI can Create yeah you know you want to buy you Know art rights well if the AI can Generate infinite free art personalized Then those art those rights might not be Worth anything so you don't want Anything a robot can do you don't want Anything an AI can create you don't want Anything a manufacturer can create you Don't want anything a politici can Create you asked the question what's the Thing that's least likely to be taxed or Or expropriated seized from You okay and so bitcoin's interesting And beachfront property is interesting But beachfront property is it's illegal To buy it in certain countries in the UAE you couldn't buy it if you wanted to You have to be a member of the Royal Family to buy it that's actually a law In Florida the beachfront property comes With a 2% property tax so that means That you can buy it but you're going to Have to come up with an equivalent Amount of cash to pay the tax to keep it For 30 years but another way to say it

Is over 30 years or 20 years the state's Just going to take it away from you so Maybe you want to buy some floating Property that doesn't have a 2% tax on It and the advantage of Bitcoin is maybe Bitcoin isn't property in Florida Bitcoin but you can buy beachfront Property in Wyoming can't I guess you Can't no right so how do you move your Beachfront property to Wyoming tricky With Bitcoin you can actually move your Bitcoin from Florida to Wyoming and in The worst case you could put it with a Custodian in Singapore or Monaco or London right carry it with you so it's Less likely to get a property tax if you Own the best building in a country where There's a cud toah they're taking your Building like look at every look at what Happened to everybody that owned Property in Cuba Castro took it all Right and so you're you're asking the Fundamental question why do I think Bitcoin will keep going up because every Other investment is being Deluded it's either being uh it's being Mismanaged you know like you want to buy Codak stock or Xerox stock how'd that Work out for you right either your Competitor destroys you the management Team destroys you or it gets unionized What happened you know if you buy a car Company gets unionized and and then it Gets bankrupted by the union maybe that

Wasn't a good investment so companies Have tariff risk Union risk competitive Risk tax risk execution risk Nexus risk Alibaba was a good company but maybe They can't do business in the US right So did you want to put all your money Into a company that'll get banned in the Country you live in that's the challenge There all that stack of Risks you can easily say that it adds up To about 7% per year if the return on The S&P index is 7% if I could get the Risk to go away the return would be 14% And so that's what we call Equity risks And there's a bunch of them but if I go To property real estate maybe the real Estate gets rank controlled maybe the Real estate gets taxed maybe the tax Increases maybe the real estate is Struck by a tsunami maybe the real Estate rusts maybe the the real estate Has the neighborhood goes bad maybe People stop coming to the city right you Had the best real estate in in a city That died because the industry died Right maybe the country fails maybe the State fails right real estate in theory Is scarce desirable but you know we can Make more land half of Miami Beach is All just man-made half of Boston is Man-made look at Emirates a lot of Man-made stuff go to Monaco right now if There's not if if the value of your land Goes up too high they just build out and

They'll reclaim the ocean the entire Airport in Hong Kong is made on Reclaimed land so even land itself isn't Truly scarce and of course ultimately There's there's plenty of real estate in The world I mean if you fly over the United States and you look down you'll Notice that 98% of the country is not Occupied land doesn't make a good Treasury asset the ideal asset for a Corporation or a wealthy person is is is An asset which is uh liquid and fungible So I've got a certain amount of money And on Saturday afternoon if I need to Raise cash is is there somebody Somewhere in the world that will will Create a market for the thing that I Have to Sell and and there is a market for Bitcoin on Saturday afternoon worldwide In fact it's the greatest Global Market There's not a market for your Ranch in Texas on Saturday afternoon awesome Podcast appearance I'll link the full Episode Down Below now let's talk Altcoins Iggy aelia and ethereum also Michael sailor's best interview how Bitcoin will explode to $100 million I'll link this down below as well but Pop star igaz Alia just said this about Vitalic and ethereum's gas fees I'm not Mad at this man's opinion whatever you I I question what you're doing with gas Money so it's Rich actually just a set

This up for a little bit of context Iggy Aelia recently launched a meme coin Called mother on the Solana blockchain Basically another meme coin launched by A celebrity nothing really special Although mother is the second largest Asset by market cap to emerge from memec Coin Factory pump. fun The Outpost is Partially responsible for flooding Solana with half a million new tokens in May alone like many meme coins mother Claims no value proposition position Whatsoever so obviously the Differentiator with this meme coin is That IG aelia is backing it although Vitalic has not been impressed on Wednesday the ethereum founder vitalic Butrin blasted celebrity tokens in General that touted financialization as A means to an end and lack some greater Purpose Iggy sensed he was throwing some Shade and in response tweeted this Vitalic was just hangry and obviously Iggy acting as mother to vitalic and now She's coming after vitalic ethereum for The gas fees this man's opinion whatever You I I question what you're doing with Gas money so it's Rich of you to have an Opinion about Charities and hospitals Whatever the you're saying I'm like That's that's rich Let's talk about gas The gas fees but um the gas tax um okay Okay maybe some people shouldn't have an Opinion sometimes wow wow maybe some

People shouldn't have an opinion Sometimes yet both ethereum and altcoins And Bitcoin are thriving the 34 Bitcoin ETFs now hold over 1.03 million BTC they Bought 5% of the entire Bitcoin Supply In 6 months the asset is getting scarcer And also for ethereum ethereum Supply on Exchanges is at an 8-year low ethereum ETFs are about to cause a massive Supply Shock the direction of this trend is Pretty telling and checking in on Altcoin news the cookie 3 is less than a Week away and I'm expecting this to Absolutely send Lads so I am an investor In cookie as well as advisor and here Are a few reasons that many people are Bullish cookie 3 is a marketing fi and AI data layer designed for web 3 Basically it helps for marketing and Community building for businesses Creators and users cookie 3 for web 3 Functions similarly to how Google Analytics works for web 2 holding cookie Gives you access to exclusive kol rounds And token airdrops and of course backed By the Spartan group and animoca Brands Spartan group one of Cookie's lead Investors has an average retail Roi of 17.13 X with some of their more notable Investments in projects being in Projects like salana polygon and Celestia so disrupting marketing and Community Building cookie definitely a Newer coin to watch obviously always

More we could get into today is just Sort of a jumping off point also join us For Bitcoin Nashville July 25th through 27th use code altcoin daily for 10% off Your ticket this is going to be such an Epic conference come out hang out link Down below see you there


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