Meta is labeling real photos as “Made with AI” | TechCrunch Minute

Photographers are saying that meta is Incorrectly tagging their Instagram Posts as made with AI the issue is Pretty widespread with users from a Former White House photographer to an Indian Premier League cricket team being Affected this even happened to my friend Who just got engaged and he posted Photos of his proposal to make the big Announcement but meta basically implied His engagement was fake he wrote in a Comment I don't know why Instagram is Tagging this is made with AI but I Promise Sebastian is a very real person Meta wouldn't talk to us on the record About why this is happening but if you Look at the technology as a whole it Kind of makes sense why it's messing up AI isn't actually good at detecting what Is or is not AI That's why when for Example teachers try to use AI tools to See if their students are actually Writing their paper there's a lot of Room for error the intentions are good Here it would be hugely helpful if we Could easily distinguish what is or Isn't AI but the technology isn't good Enough yet to be shipped on a platform Used by billions of people meta's Technology is supposed to be a bit more Sophisticated than though in February Meta explained that it uses an imagees Metadata to determine if it's real or Not but some photographers think their

Images are being flagged as AI because They don't have the metadata that Instagram is looking for like maybe After his engagement my friend uploaded The photos from his camera resized them To be better for Instagram bump the Exposure a bit and then saved a new jpeg Without that original metadata that Doesn't mean he's cheating because some Photographers make at least some small Edits to their photos but the line Between editing and AI gen generation Becomes a little hazy with things like Adobe's AI fill tool like if you take a Gorgeous photo of your dog at the park But there's a screaming kid in the Background it's pretty normal to use Tools in Photoshop that edit out the kid But even something so small as that Might get flagged as AI I hope that I Can get this future working because it Would actually be really helpful if this Technology actually worked but I don't Know if we're quite there yet


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