Merge Mining: Litecoin & Dogecoin!

I think it's pretty interesting at least In terms of the merged mining is the Fact that the rewards are different Meaning Litecoin has a limited Supply Right and there's a having every four Years where on the other side Dogecoin Has what's called tail emission meaning That the rewards go on indefinitely and There's been some questions and Conversations around Bitcoin for example About what happens when you know the Rewards aren't there anymore when They're you know significantly less will The fees be enough do you incentivize The miners to secure the network when we Talk about Litecoin and Dogecoin because Dogecoin's rewards go on indefinitely Litecoin's rewards are cut in half and Cut in half and you know become very Little you'll see how the rewards of Dogecoin and you know it's kind of an Interesting experiment because we really Don't know yet but because we don't know How in bitcoin's case if the fees will Be enough once the mining rewards are Not there you don't have that situation You know with Litecoin and Dogecoin Merge mine and you'll also have Dogecoin's rewards coming in on the Other side of Litecoin fees alone so Certainly something to kind of watch and See how that plays out


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