Meet The Secret Genius Behind Kitco News.. Who Walked Away From EVERYTHING! 🤯

I didn't feel like I was working as much As I was just having a conversation with People and learning and I think one of The um one of the Privileges that I've Had over my brief career at Kitco was The opportunity to learn from everybody Yes meet the secret genius behind kid go News one of them whose interviews have Garnered tens of millions of views in Total who's had conversations with some Of the top Minds in the space and who Just left Kitco to start his own Venture Of course I'm speaking about journalist David Lynn and today we turn the tables On him and find out his story what's Your background man how'd you get into Interviewing Uh uh well uh thanks for having me guys I mean big fan of your show as well um I Actually met you guys in Miami and I Think I told you the story offline I I Saw you guys and I didn't know who you Were at first but then as soon as you Told me all coin daily I was like yeah I'm a big fan of your show I just didn't Put the face to the channel because you Don't always show your face when you Talk but um I was a it was a huge honor To meet you guys in Miami and uh we've Been friends ever since but yeah my Background I did my bachelor of uh Commerce in finance at McGill University In Canada and then I worked um in Macroeconomics research for four and a

Half years at a firm called BCA research After I graduated and then Um four and a half years later I got an Email or a LinkedIn message from a Recruiter at Kitco who was looking for a Producer at the time and I've been Interested in journalism I did um a Stand as an editor at a newspaper at at College and so I thought okay you know What I was young at the time I was in my Mid-20s let's let's try let's try a Change and uh and uh see what happens And I really like the combination of Journalism and economics that I was able To apply at Kitco which was what Ultimately veered me and Drew me into The company so that's kind of my Background actually before I did Finance I wanted to be a musician Um and my mom said no so that didn't Happen but uh I I I I trained really Hard as a kid to to do music so you're a Producer at Kitco how did you go from Doing two doing interviews and then Doing interviews full-time for them Well I didn't start off doing interviews I um I started off as a producer my job Is to book guests write questions for The anchor and do the post-production And post the videos online and so I did That for about two and a half years Until the previous uh anchor at the time At Kitco Daniella cambone she left for

Maternity leave and then she went on to Move to another Channel and I basically Was given the opportunity to do a few Interviews uh basically subbing in for Her and um I I guess they liked me so They kept me so that I I just kept that Going what's the secret David because I Looked on the Kitco YouTube channel and Your interviews are some of the most Popular ever viewed on the channel so What is the secret to a good interview Um you you guys are just as good of uh Of an interviewer as I am so you Probably know more than me but um look It varies person to person and there's No one I I would say magic formula Um I would say the interviewer's job is To have a conversation and what I Learned from this job is that in order To be a good conversationalist you have To be a good listener and I think too Many people when they go into a Conversation whether it be for business Or for an interview or personal you're Always thinking about the next thing to Say sometimes just unwind don't think About pulling the trigger on the next Thing you want to say and just sort of Listen and absorb and don't say anything Talk when you're ready move on and by Listening you're able to understand the Conversation better and ultimately what Makes a good interview is for the host To understand the topic and understand

What the audience wants to know And ski the conversation in that Direction and you're not able to do that If you're not actively listening Definitely your follow-up questions Throughout the many interviews you've Done are good I see what you're saying With that and something I noticed when We met in Miami originally for Bitcoin Miami and then we also got to spend some Time together hang out uh we were part Of your interview at the future Blockchain Summit in Dubai but I saw you In Miami I saw you in Dubai respect to You I saw you like it seemed like you Legitimately loved the job buzzing Around getting people to do interviews Like legitimately banking those Interviews because you know you're there To work could you speak about that a Little bit Um I didn't feel like I was working as Much as I was just having a conversation With people and learning and I think one Of the um One of the Privileges that I've had over My brief career at Kitco was the Opportunity to learn from everybody that I've spoken to yourself included Aaron And Austin both of you Um learned a great deal just talking to You guys I've had you on the show a Couple times and so all these smart People are talking to me constantly and

I feel like I'm not really working I'm Just having a conversation with cool People so in a sense Um yeah it feels like from the outside I Was working really hard and I was you Know doing eight to nine interviews back Back a day gets tiring at the end of the Day but it was fun for me and I think That's what kept me going was the was The was the prospect of talking to Somebody interesting and learning from Them and that that to me was Um the best part of my job I was in the Position that not a lot of people were Able to be in which is that I was Privileged to be able to have access to A lot of smart people and just have a Conversation with them David the elephant in the room Everybody's wondering why'd you leave Kitko Yeah um it's kind of a thought I've had For a while and Um props to the kid Coke team for giving Me a fantastic learning opportunity but I've been there for five years and I Feel like it's just time to move on and Try something new I've I've only ever Had a two jobs since college so the First job at my macroeconomics research Firm and then the second job at Kitco Both for about five years And I feel like after five years Um

It's it's time to try something new I I Want to expand my Horizon in media and Ultimately I want to be an entrepreneur And and work in fintech and launch my Own products but uh for now I want to Just expand what I've been doing in Media and uh and and do my and do my own Business there and expand from that uh Building on the experiences I've had in Both my previous jobs and so I've always Been interested in in Science and Tech And finance so I want to just steer the Conversation I'll have on my new channel In that direction Um and less about Commodities which I Feel like I've covered extensively at Kitco and nobody in the field does it Better than them And uh of course that'll still be an Asset I cover once in a while but um Ultimately I've left because I wanted to Start my own venture Is it true that you know they say you're Not don't really get the money you want Or move up in the job you want unless You leave because they just kind of take You for granted if you if you start There Um not in so many words but would you Say that's true that Um that money was an issue Money was not really an issue for me and I and I and I I told um I told my former Boss when I left and you know they were

Very generous uh with me throughout my Time there and they've been very good to Me and I told him look money is not Really the issue for me I'm not asking For a raise Um you know I'm being paid well here I'm Just trying to I want to do something New with my life so even if you offer me A million dollars I'm probably still Gonna turn it down Um not that I hate the job I just want To try a different lifestyle So um you know it wasn't that I was Underpaid and it wasn't that I was Looking for more money I was just Looking for a career Exchange So it's more about the creative control And doing your own thing Yes in a way I mean I did have creative Control at Kitco I there was nobody Standing over my shoulder asking me to Do things I mean once in a while I was Given guidance by you know my colleagues But uh for the most part I was able to Do what I wanted so Um there was an aspect of creative Control of creative control while I was There but yeah I definitely have we'll Have more of that on my own and that's Something that I I think appeals to Everybody I mean you guys especially you Started it from the ground up by Yourselves and you've had ultimate Creative control over your career and

You know exactly what that's like 100 and we love it and I do also want to Say that we got a chance to hang out With one of your producers uh John and You know some of the kiko team and we Love Kitco John's and John's awesome Um hopefully we see him again in Dubai Um What is your channel though I'll link it down below It's going to be uh it's going to be Called the David Lynn report I'm going To be covering Economics Finance crypto fintech science A little bit of poli-sci and every once In a while I have a celebrity on the Show it's building on my passions in in Finance and economics and my goal here Is to democratize financial literacy and Provide the audience Access to some of the world's foremost Experts in their respective Fields Whether it be science technology Finance Or economics and the idea is is to have Or to give the audience a chance to gain An Insight on what's happening today and What they should know from an Investor's Perspective and basically I thought to Myself how can I how can I give the Education that I've had in college and Then later in my career basically for Free to the world and I think that's Kind of the ethos of any journalist and That's basically what we've been doing

At Kitco and I think Kitco has done a Fantastic job and I kind of just want to Extend that and and do my own thing with It So this will be on YouTube immediately And New Media exclusively Um well there it's going to be on YouTube and some streaming platforms but Primarily on YouTube and of course I'll Post short clips on other social media Platforms as well Out of all the experts you've Interviewed in the past few years what's A piece of advice or tip that you really Gleaned and took away with value Um You know the advice that I took away Wasn't so much Financial as it was More personal And I think From a personal finance perspective uh The people that have survived recessions Or crashes or lost a lot of money and Recovered from that they advised against Younger people like myself to take on Too much leverage Um take on excessive risk while Trading And it goes against kind of the ethos of A lot of people our age especially what You see in Wall Street bets and forums Such as that there seems to be this Um reward online For garnering too much risk or excessive Risk taking and people seem to be

Petting each other on the back every Time uh too much margin was taken and of Course we've heard horror stories of People losing all their money And worse uh we've heard obviously Success stories of people getting on the Right side of the bed and 100xing their Return and we see that in the crypto Space as well uh but generally speaking Uh I would say the best advice I've Gotten from from people twice my age With twice my life experience who have Survived crashes and recessions and lost A lot of money and recovered from that They have always disciplined themselves To invest only what they're able to lose And they I know we hear that all the Time and I know that's kind of a Trope Advice and it's cliche but it's Difficult to do Um when you're actually doing it and I Think a lot of people who they're who Are starting off trading have a tendency To over extend themselves which is risky And I think that's one advice the other Advice I've heard Um again this is cliche but stay humble Uh all of us as we progress throughout Our careers doesn't matter what we do Um you know if you're a doctor you're a Politician you're a finance your your Media like even me Um as we find success or progress Throughout our careers it's easy to lose

Sight of where we came from and so Staying humble is really important Totally agree I like that I will Certainly be subscribing to your new Show looking forward to it I guess my Final question David is let's let's Manifest the future what is a dream Guest for your new show so not somebody You know you're going to get necessarily But like dream guest for your new show Dream guest for my new show you know I've always wanted to talk to Michael Jordan Um not because I'm a huge uh Nerd when it comes to basketball but I've just admired somebody at the top of His craft It's not easy being the best in the World at anything uh let alone a sport As competitive as basketball so I wanted To understand How it is that he got to where he was And of course he was later also a very Successful businessman so I think Somebody like him would be very Interesting to talk to Hey by the way before I let you go What's generally speaking what's your Portfolio look like right now like 10 Crypto 20 equities Um I was mostly in cryptos actually Earlier of the year Um I sold most of that off I have a Little bit of Bitcoin but it's like a

Negligible amount so I'm like mostly Cash right now and I didn't see I didn't Sell it off because I foresaw this big Crash like I wasn't a profit or anything But if it's basically it it hit a Target That made sense to me Bitcoin I had a Bit of Solana as well I was I was Interested in salon ethereum and Bitcoin Those are my three top Holdings and for Me they all reached a Target that I was Comfortable with so I I just sold it off And uh it just kept sliding down so I Never got really back into it I'm Waiting for it to bottom we're all Looking for that bottom so whenever we See major signs of it move upward I'll Consider getting back in and you know The stock market's been in been an Interesting pattern as well over the Last couple of months it's been on an Upward Trend as well and that to me is Interesting so perhaps we're due for a Recovery in the global equity and crypto Markets we'll see David Lynn I'll be following thanks man Thank you thank you Austin and Aaron Pleasure to be on your show and uh Thanks for having me


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