Meet the Most Mysterious Man in Crypto (Shady Past Revealed)

Today I interview one of crypto's most Interesting men a man of Honor a meme Maker a man known far and wide simply as The dev what's your take on all of this Fraud the rug pulls the the Shady Characters crypto has become Unfortunately known for over the past Couple years they need to be brought all Out all F sh down like the game like the Ponzi [ __ ] you know what I mean they Need to be pulled out you know they need To be shot up brought up brought out and Be being aware of the dev is one of Crypto's most Honorable Men if you could Be in conversation with s bank mfried What would you tell Him pretty much what all my [ __ ] videos Say you little [ __ ] now there's a lot Of devs in cryptocurrency they keep the Blockchains running but this Dev is the Dev some even call him the best Dev in a Time when crypto needs devs more than Than ever you're a Dev I think you're a Great Dev but what makes you the best Dev um just never giving up you know Just always being honorable just uh Deving every [ __ ] day you know just Uh yeah don't give up man just keep on Going man tell the truth do the right Thing have fun life short you'd be Surprised how well-connected the dev is The stories this man has to tell hell I I made Bitcoin in 2008 so I certainly Can do this you know what I mean you

Discovered Bitcoin in like 2008 2009 yep Really you were basically around when Satoshi was around yep he's worked with CZ binance Jesse Pal from caken and of Course Aaron and Austin from altcoin Daily with a past so mysterious it's Amazing his story hasn't been told Before I'm not ashamed of what I did When I was little I'm not ashamed but I've never did any anything I mean if if Going to get some weed in Florida and And flying back to LA and then from LA To Portland and making a little ching And Chingy Ching is is something to be Ashamed about I know I guess I don't Know what I'm talking about Then I learned all my Devon from from Selling drugs I tell that to my mom to This day too and she finally gets it you Know that um there was some good behind It and now I'm trying to just make Things better you know I'm just trying To I've showed some People some things and I made it look Too easy to them and they tried to do The same thing to duplicate what I did And one of them was my ex-wife and I Think she's in prison for life so I feel I feel really bad about that I feel torn About that I can't believe some of the Things that Dev reveals in this Interview this man has stories to tell So sit back relax today we discover not Only who the dev was in his previous

Life but also his thoughts on the Black Rock ETF Sam bankman freed the coming Bull market and of course the dev's Latest product a computer game perfect For you to play while we wait for the Cryptocurrency market to pick back up It's a boring market right now Dev There's not a lot going on no price Action everybody's arguing how do you Handle such a boring Market make a video Game Man give them something to do people are Just looking for something to do you Know um tell me about that what's the Game um it's it's an island da Island And a blockchain we want you guys all to Play it and then you guys get real good At it we'll make it harder we'll just Keep on adding to it the game's just Something to give uh take their minds Away from all the corrupt [ __ ] and make A meme you know just just have fun dude Dev I love it you're bring bringing Honor back through memes and games now Yeah yeah and in my notes for the folks At home what I have here is you're Releasing a game on Steam on 929 and It's about to bring honor back it's on The blockchain it's a ridiculous mix of Uh media storylines and gameplay Liveaction video games it's like really Cool for people who are like it's not Just some game this is a game by the Death it's actually a movie

Dude if we put we put months into it man It's it's it's uh there was a bunch that Went to it you know So um that's the first it's the first Time I made the Game but uh I think people are gonna Like it I really do what's your message To people who have been with you for a While in the DBI community and now They're most likely going to try out This game well they know we're all about Honor and transparency and about Cleaning up the garbage out there and Basically that's what the game's about Killing Ponzi you know what I mean why Do you keep deving like what is your Goal as a Dev in this Industry I to help the little guys man So they they'll get [ __ ] up by all These [ __ ] pondy [ __ ] you know to To show them the way to give them a safe Place to have fun and and uh build a Community and and uh just I don't know Just for the honor everybody's looking Forward to a Black Rock Spot Bitcoin ETF Your thoughts on a black rock ETF no good Black Rock no good you're Not you're not a Fan Yeah yeah I can't answer that right now Okay because black Rock's not for the People no no that's they they own the People they get they get they got the [ __ ] Kinga you know what I mean they

Could get they got that fu Attitude you know what I mean yeah you Can say F you that's that's that Attitude there them guys I don't even Know what to say I don't know what to Say we're not about that you know we're We're we're we'll be a year on October 2nd is when I started DBI and we're not going nowhere we're GNA keep this up we want to keep this Thing going so it's not it's not about The money right now it's about finding a Spot for people to have fun build a safe Community honorable community And get rid of all the pony [ __ ] you Know what I mean any message to your Ex-wife who is currently in Prison I'm sorry sorry for showing her Um something that comes so natural to me I'm I'm I'm gifted I'm I I know how to When I when I any business that I've Worked in the line of metal work I've Always been brought out of the shop out Front and sold sold for them I I just Know how to talk to people I just I just I people dislike me I don't know I don't Know I guess I just uh my mom tells me I Missed my calling I should have been a Psychologist I'm like well I'm a little Far from that Mom So interesting and even though you're Not particularly excited about Black Rock specifically am I correct to assume That you're still bullish on a future

Crypto cycle a future Bitcoin crypto Bull Run yes yes for sure Definitely 2025 Man cool cool if you were if you could Be in conversation with s bank mfried What would you tell Him pretty much what all my fck videos Say you little [ __ ] you know what I Mean I don't I really don't know what to He's he's not a good man he's not a good Man anybody that does that to anybody of Backstabbing people even when back when I was young when we were doing what we Were doing we all had ethnics we all had Rules we all we all trusted what we said To each other and we dealt in thousands And thousands of products and uh we Trusted in each other one would fly to Florida another one fly to California Would fly to Portland and we we do we do A lot of Transportation it was kind of Like uh um Johnny Depp and all I don't Know if I can say that but it's kind of Like blow the movie Blow but you know They they blew it up even more more than Forun than blow probably really was but Uh you know I didn't work with cartel You know I worked with uh um pretty much A Mexican Mafia you know what I mean That's not in direct I went to Mexico And I brought it across the borders um I Flew it on planes from here to Denver to To back up to Washington I drove it I Put it in a train I tried it everywh

I've I had friends that flew out of Colomban planes and you know just got Just it got to be a lot of fun it just Uh they get plus you got to live a Luxury life too you know which was fun Too at a young age you know not worry About tomorrow and now I'm trying to Worry about tomorrow because life's Short dude you know what I mean you Almost got so much time on this planet So for sure and I I know I really don't Think people realize that that you used To basically you know do this whole like You know drug uh just make loads of Money with drugs and you know the and The the rich living like you said and I Don't think people realize that but now Part of your crypto Journey going Forward you're not doing that you're Anti fraud that was in your past right Correct correct now now it's all about Honor Transparency and building not just the Community building my customers and the Clientele that I can walk up to and do a Job and don't question how much it's Going to cost they're to question me how Much time it's going to take me to say h Me invoice here you've been here I'm Just going to pay what whatever you know You we you do such good work that um We're not going to question your time or Your hours or what's going on so I don't I don't walk in there and judge like

Most people I work with or work for they Judge people about how much they got how Much when they put their bids in N it's The same price for everybody man give Them a fair price make your little Fair Money and just do your deal and do what The [ __ ] you say you're going to do That's all you got to do the whole whole The whole deal is be able to start job And finish job when you say you're going To do the damn job you know what I mean Of course of course I see all the people Out there trying to just you know rug People [ __ ] just lie and can't be Transparent and honorable at all and all These Pony [ __ ] out there [ __ ] Jumping in and jumping out and you know We're we're we're we're about hanging in There the long you know we're about Building the community and and uh uh Finding a f safe and a fun place to to To develop what we're trying to put out There I like that I like that and then I I guess I'm just having a hard time Understanding what changed you had this Life before with drugs jail your ex-wife Is in prison I guess but like what Changed it's mostly time it's time and I Think Since I came down here in 2002 and I met Uh the first guy I went to work for was A reverend and uh just a really nice man He was like my second father and he Slowed my life down completely he showed

Me a different way of life how how to be And not to be always in a rush to get to The next game the next game forget about The money just just just let's go let's Let's just to have a good time let's Just you know build up a relationship And be honorable and be the person you Want to be so probably just a matter of Just time um I live by myself now I've Been living by myself for quite some Time um I pretty much Um kind of stay away from any kind of Relationship and stuff I just had I've Just had some shitty relationships you Know so yeah most the women taking my Children from me it's just you know just Some crazy [ __ ] so oh that's Sad and I've never wanted to be that Person you know but it's what the [ __ ] Happened you know so I don't you know I Don't know I've I never beat I I have Certain rules I don't beat women I don't Drink and drive and I don't steal you Know I'll tell right flat out some People think they don't know how to get Me because I will tell you exactly how I Feel and that's that's the way it is I'm Not trying to trying to be bigger or Better or batter I just uh I just want To be [ __ ] transparent you know what I mean Dev thank you so much for coming On today it was one of my greatest Honors to collab with you originally and I'm really happy that can bring you on

My channel final thoughts for the Altcoin daily Audience Um hang in there Thank you Dev I mean it I mean it so um It's going to get better it is it's Going to get better we're going to clean Up all this crap and expose them and uh Hopefully everybody will follow that's The whole idea of it you know And that's what I'm that's what I'm Hoping for


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