Meet DJI’s Mavic Mini

Foreign We're here in Brooklyn demoing our brand New addition to the mavic lineup the Mavic mini which is our first drone that Weighs in at 249 grams this guy's really Cool because it's super portable it's Super lightweight it offers 30 minutes Of battery time 2.7 K video 12 megapixel Photos and it's just really the perfect Drone for anyone that's new to drone Photography or videography but also People that are experienced that are Looking for something that's more Portable for their Adventures or daily Life really The pro is definitely designed for a Little bit more experienced pilot light Time is very similar but the camera Specs are very different so the pro has A one inch sensor co-engineered by Hasselblad definitely for those that are More experienced they're looking for Something that's more robust while this Delivers 2.7 k at 30 frames per second It's definitely more for people that are New to this technology that are Interested in it but are a little bit Intimidated by size and price so it Really aims at that category New app is really interesting so we Really like simplified it if you've ever Used the DJI go4 app there's a lot going On in there there's all sorts of Different specs and features that you

Can adjust so we've actually simplified It so if you're new to this you can open It up and you know exactly what you're Doing and then we also have a virtual Version of it too so if you're new to Tech you can actually fly a virtual Mavic mini on the app and you can get a Feel for how to lift it up you know Shift left shift right and that I think Is a really crucial element adding that In will help people get a little bit More familiar before they're up in the Air for real mavic mini will come in two Packages there's the standard which Comes with the RC the Drone extra props And that'll retail for 3.99 and then There's the combo the fly more combo Which adds the Drone the RC it comes With three batteries in total a charging Hub propeller guards and extra props as Well as a carrying case and that will be 4.99 pre-orders will begin on the 30th And we'll ship on the 11th


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