Meaning behind Founders Fund’s name | TechCrunch

The the reason we're called Founders Fund is that we're a fund for Founders Um not that we're all founders ourselves Although many of us are um and the Reason we think this is important is That we are founder absolutists we don't Generally take board seats we are on Some boards but a probably like a single Digigit percentage of our portfolio Companies maybe low single digigit Percentage um and we always vote with Founders and at the point that a company No longer has a Founder as CEO we are Out we don't invest in non-founder Le Businesses I I think that really Motivates us to behave in different ways Where um we are aligned and you know Founder friendly is kind of a cliche Term at this point like every VC claims That they're founder friendly um but I Think that in practice being founder Friendly means sometimes taking Unpopular positions uh even if you think That it puts the business in an awkward Place


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