Matt Damon Reveals Why He Starred in THAT Advert [ Crypto Espresso 3.30.23 ]

It's Thursday and as is tradition we Look at today's obscure holiday and it Happens to be National I am in control Day that's right everybody I'm in Control look at me I'm the crypto News Host now wait this holiday supposed to Mean that all of you are in control That's a complicated leadership Hierarchy anyway I'm your also in Control host Andrew and this is crypto Espresso your teeny tiny daily shot of Caffeinated crypto headlines first up Crypto firms have been accusing the SEC Of failing to offer clear rules but Chairman Gary Gensler disagrees speaking In Congress he argued further guidance Is not necessary especially for tokens That lack full decentralization Gensler Said frankly of the 10 000 or 12 000 Tokens there are very few that don't Have a group of entrepreneurs in the Middle that the Public's counting on so Those are securities he went on to warn There's a lot of non-compliance among Crypto exchanges and they need to follow Existing rules this is obviously a Position that infuriates coinbase which Is accusing the SEC of Regulation Through enforcement Brian Armstrong Believes the agency is being unfair and Unreasonable in its dealings with U.S Crypto firms Gensler is asking for 200 Million dollars in additional funding For the upcoming fiscal year and he says

The sec's work to catch Bad actors in The crypto space has left the agency Stretched thin figures from Cornerstone Research reveal that the SEC brought 127 Enforcement actions related to crypto Between 2013 and 2022 and that activity Is ramping up but it seems that some U.S Politicians have sympathy with Coinbase's stance Republican Steve Womack who chairs the committee where Gensler was answering questions said After years of funding increases we have An SEC that is heavy-handed with Enforcement and examinations and one That doesn't think twice about proposing New regulations to completely rethink Our markets when Celsius Network froze Withdrawals and went bust it had a Direct impact on other crypto firms in The space one of those was paxful who Ran its earned program through the Doomed lender and for many many months Their customers have been locked out of Their funds but not for long paxful CEO Ray Youssef has now announced that the Company is going to make all of its Customers whole he added Bitcoin is a Tool for wealth preservation and for Many this was money they depended on for The future earning your trust is an Absolute honor and it's a responsibility That I take very seriously the Entrepreneur said all affected paxful Users will be reunited with their

Celsius funds by the end of the week and He apologized for the orc deal a member Of the Russian protest group Riot Has been placed on the country's most Wanted list and Nadia tolokonikova Claims a non-fungible token she created Is being used as evidence the feminist Punk rocker had created a work called Virgin Mary please become a feminist but This is an offense under Russian law Because it hurts religious feelings in a Defiant statement posted on Instagram Tolokonokova says political artists risk Their personal safety for the sake of What they do she wrote the Ukraine flag Nft for Ukraine Dao was sold for close To 7 million dollars and the crypto Community rallied around it we sent Funds on the ground to Ukraine we saved Lives I'm sure Putin didn't like that Either and finally Matt Damon was mocked Pretty mercilessly for declaring fortune Favors the bold and advertisements for hey even South Park did a Skit and now in a rather awkward Interview with the AP the Hollywood Actor has revealed what motivated him to Sign up if you're thinking greed well The answer is a little bit more Wholesome than you might think Damon Explained that his charity was Having a bad year and he donated his Whole fee from the campaign but the good News doesn't stop there heard

About that and they gave another million Dollars to he said completely Just on their own so I definitely have a Lot of gratitude to them and for what They did for our foundation so how many Other celebrities have used the cash They've received from crypto ads for Good causes and how many crypto news Shows use their engagement Spiel to ask You to like this video subscribe to our YouTube channel and click on that little Bell icon to get buzzed whenever a new Crypto espresso video goes live Not many what'd you think about today's Episode well let me know in those Comments below but beware of spammers And scammers questions about our Headlines or crypto in general take the Plunge ask Alex in the description below Alex is always a great resource for all Things web 3 and the meters and that About does it for today again I've been Your host danger these have been your Headlines and we'll see all of your Beautiful shining faces tomorrow


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