MatPat Exits the Creator Economy | TechCrunch

Now that YouTube has been around for Almost 20 years we're seeing some Longtime creators finally say goodbye to The platform but how does a Creator exit Creators are basically small businesses Or startups it's just that instead of Creating that sweet sweet shareholder Value they're trying to build an Audience who will keep coming back to Watch their videos giving them that Sweet sweet YouTube ad Revenue but what Happens when veteran creators want to Just log off raise a family and touch Some grass there's a very clear playbook For startups you can get acquired or go Public which is no easy task but Creator Businesses are unique because the people On camera are so Central to the Brand's Identity Matthew Patrick or Matt Pat is A legendary YouTube Creator who turned His video series the game theorists into A full-fledged media business called Theorist with 40 million subscribers Across channels but 13 years later your Guy wanted a break though he uploaded His Farewell video earlier this year Matt Pat has been thinking about how to Exit YouTube since 2018 but when he was Trying to sell his company one issue he Encountered was the valuation Matt Pat Had to convince and investors that the Company could go on without him even Though he was the face of many of these Videos by then he had hired robust teams

Of writers and editors who knew how to Make a quality video and his own role in The creative process was becoming less Prominent anyway so theorist eventually Sold to lunar x a company that invests In Creator IP but the process of Completely divesting from the company is A long one right now Matt Pat's Wikipedia page calls him a semi-retired YouTuber


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