To further secure America's future and Create opportunity for young people I Will end Joe Biden's war on crypto we Will ensure that the future of crypto And the future of Bitcoin will be made In America we're going to keep it right Here do you think former president Trump Is is sincere about his recent comments About crypto does does does he Understand crypto Bitcoin do you take Him at his word that it would be a Friendlier well so much is happening in Crypto before we get to the big news First of all Breaking Fox Corporation Launches the first Enterprise L2 chain On gelato which is powered by polygon Fox Corporation a top Us Media Company You know Fox Corp launches a verified L2 To help media firms like Time Track Online content use Fox is using polygon To verify the media it puts out Fox Corporation is leveraging crypto to Establish immutable content licensing And verification according to an Official press release the two media Giants Fox and time have collaborated to Ensure the authenticity of Journalism And combat the spread of misinformation In the Press time as the first external Publishing partner for Fox's verify Protocol which uses polygon Tech will Work alongside Fox to integrate Blockchainbased verification into Journalism quote time is proud to join

Foxes verify as an authenticated source Of fact-based Journalism at a time when Access to trusted information is more Important than ever so this is a big win For polygon this is a bigger win for Crypto we're just seeing so many big Companies getting in like it's amazing The news that's coming out now for Instance Telecom giant T-Mobile actually Their parent company deuts Telecom Announced their plans to mine Bitcoin The company also revealed that it's Running Bitcoin in light Network nodes Subscribers of altcoin daily will also Remember that this same company T-Mobile's parent company deuts Telecom Runs an ethereum node runs a polygon Node runs a Multiverse X node I believe T-Mobile is heavily into crypto and They're doubling tripling down now Mining Bitcoin guys smash the like Button you subscribe to altcoin daily For daily videos keeping you informed With everything going on in crypto if You're interested in making money in Crypto subscribe so the big news of the Day is this Donald Trump just got Donated about 30 Bitcoin worth $2 Million from Tyler and Cameron winlos of Gemini exchange why did they donate this Money they cited his Pro Bitcoin Pro Crypto and pro business stance stating That Trump will quote put an end to Biden administration's war on crypto so

This is exactly what Donald Trump has Been saying on the campaign Trail and Now the wi winkos twins are repeating it Saying this is why we just donated You've seen Trump saying this to further Secure America's future and create Opportunity for young people I will end Joe Biden's war on crypto we will ensure That the future of crypto and the future Of Bitcoin will be made in America Otherwise other countries are going to Have it now guys let's be real about This this is a campaign year politicians Want your vote do you think Trump is Being sincere when he talks so strongly About being pro crypto ser seriously I Want your real thoughts on this because I've heard some people saying that Trump Is just yapping kind of using the Cryptocurrency community not that he Didn't change a little bit but he's just On the campaign Trail promising a lot Like listen do you think he's being Sincere with his promises here I will End Joe Biden's war on crypto and we Will ensure that the future of crypto And the future of Bitcoin will be made In America we're going to keep it right Here and a lot of it's going to be done Right here in Florida Right and I will always protect Medicare And social security for our great is Donald Trump being sincere as the pro Crypto president well this is the exact

Question they asked the CEO of Kraken on Squawkbox this morning you're a crypto Company in the US Donald Trump says he's Pro you Pro crypto companies do you Think Donald Trump will take care of you Listen to this answer do you think Former president Trump is is sincere About his recent comments about crypto Does does does he understand crypto Bitcoin do you take him at his word that It would be a friendlier well touch yeah Everyone goes on a journey with with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency I did myself And you know his comments on bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are recent um so I would Hope that he's kind of on that Learning Journey learning more about it when Individuals actually take the time to Learn about Bitcoin cryptocurrency it's Almost always a positive outcome 2024 Will be the the year of of uh more Accommodating regulation and an IPO for Your company uh so 2025 was your Question I think no 2024 oh this year Okay we got to go quicker um no 2025 2025 then is is more you can change so The accting regulation I think we're Absolutely on on our way with the the Passage of this bill in the house and Potentially we get there this year with The pass 2025 and then as far as Kraken You know fundraise IPO all these things Are out there um yeah it's uh timing is You know not something that we're you

Know defined specifically at this point In time okay well it's just so awesome That Bitcoin and crypto is an election Issue even getting the Democrats even Getting Joe Biden to lean a little bit More towards Pro crypto this is Ultimately such a good thing I just hope They're real because there is real value In tokenizing the world there is real Value in crypto assets Nick dukoff the Head of institutional growth for salana He talks about why tokenization and payi Will eat the world listen this is why Crypto is the future I hope Trump and Joe Biden understand this I think money Wants to move and money wants to have Utility and whether that's yield or Being used as collateral and so that Means 24/7 trading that means you know Global markets and liquidity that means Atomic settlement and I think you know Bank customers would like to have that Not being constrained by Bank Window Hours 9 to 4 and I think Market Participants want to have that as well They don't want to only be trading from You know 9:30 to 4 and they want to be Able to trade cross border and they want To be able to take their money Immediately and be able to use it Somewhere else so I think we're on this Path towards Atomic settlement um and The Train's not going to stop when you Take a technology and you make it really

Easy um to innovate on where you're Giving creative control to entrepreneurs They tend to find ways to create value In the market and so for example there Are about 8,000 traded equities on United States exchanges there are 20,000 New tokens created on salana every Single day right and we could of course Argue about how many of those actually Have value but the the fact of the Matter is that there's there's Innovation creativity happening at a Speed that has never been seen before in The traditional Financial world so You're talking about you know money Coming in 2 days a month taking you know 1 to 3 days for you to to take that Money and then be able to invest it in The market that's that's lost economic Value right those those few days imagine If your income is streamed you daily Imagine that you can borrow against Future income imagine that the second That you have money you can go buy Something with the second you sell it You can go buy something else that your Money is earning yield that entire time And then as Stacy said imagine taking Assets that are yield generating and Being able to use those as payment and Settlement for goods and services you Know we call this payi and really think This is the future of financialization Things are really heating up for

Cryptocurrency this year hey let's chat More about this story on the Roundtable App you can talk to us personally on This app I always leave a link to the Roundtable app in the description of our Videos and we can talk about this too Killer whales season 2 is filming this Week I'd love to get your feedback on What judges you want to see new judges Old judges what contestants you want to See season 2 is definitely going to be Big and better for a variety of Different reasons and make sure you join Us at Bitcoin Nashville July of this Year get tickets use code altcoin daily For 10% off we'll be speaking on stage At the Bitcoin conference so come out Talk to us 2024 is turning into such a Good year for crypto really happy to be A part of this with you all and now Really is the time to Double Down triple Down on your awareness of crypto this is Truly the Year see you tomorrow my Friends


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