Mark Yusko: Worst Case Scenario for Bitcoin & Ethereum

Just like the Silicon Valley Bank Run Was part of the Kabuki theater to make People afraid of banks why would you Want to make people afraid of banks Well because they're going to give you a Solution coming up pretty soon call the Cbdc And if you people think that's a Solution you're just not paying Attention today I interviewed friend of The channel Mark yusco who is the CEO Founder CIO of Morgan Creek Capital Management and we discuss the future of Cryptocurrency in 2023 including BlackRock getting into Bitcoin the worst Case scenario for operation choke point 2.0 Mark's best advice is best Alpha for Crypto investors today but before all That Mark are we close to an end with Operation choke point 2.0 I fear it's Not at the end it's not the beginning of The end it may perhaps be the end of the Beginning as Churchill famously said so Look I've talked about this this period of Time since the launch of Bitcoin you Know 09 to 15 kind of that first six Years was the first day ignore you phase It's like you have a bunch of nerds and Geeks playing through magic internet Money who cares Um then they laugh at you right so that Was 16 to 21. kinda ha ha a bunch of Nerds and Geeks yeah a couple billion

Here billion there pretty soon you're Talking real money 2022 to now and I think unfortunately Until 2027-ish whatever the number is The then they fight you phase And and look this is a Massive concerted intentional effort Right and people say oh no it's just Coincidences no they're they're not Coincidence Um it's not a coincidence that we're Getting these announcements now with the Big uh you know BTC I mean the big uh uh Fintech Trad five is the word I'm searching for Austin sorry Um big Trad fight company saying oh yeah We want we want to do this Um BlackRock we want to do an ETF for For crypto or for Bitcoin really really I mean think about this Not a month ago I mean it's not even Like a year ago or two years ago or five Years ago not a month ago the SEC was Like you're a villain if you're even Touching this space you're a bat now Everybody I mean Deutsche Bank this Morning and Fidelity over the weekend And BlackRock last week and you know Everybody's jumping in the pool Um now why why is that I will argue that this started a handful Of years ago when you know they Appointed the guy in charge the guy in

Charge right he was teaching A blockchain class at MIT And now he's you know the enforcer hey That's that's weird and you had You know basically all these incumbents Vilified and in many cases now sued So Yeah it's a long rambling way of saying Yeah I think choke point is real I think It's been going on for a while I think Um Sam and FTX were the useful idiots That were concocted to create this Illusion of oh all the bad people and All the bad stuff is happening You know I I used to laugh I I you know You hear people like Ms Warren and and Others say oh crypto is only used for Money laundering and terrorism I was like right the biggest terrorism Tool in the world is the US dollar full Stop right it's not it's not close But what I didn't realize was they had Inside information They were actually doing the money Laundering with crypto through FTX so There's a whole bunch of stuff there That you know we don't even have to dive Into that Bad stuff bad people doing bad stuff so What still scares you about operation Choke point 2.0 because we've seen the SEC already go over the go after the top Exchanges they've already declared They're coming for the little guys I'm

I'm I said this last week On another show that I do every Friday And I'm waiting for the shoes to drop this Week you know I don't have Any Inside knowledge I'm not friendly with Anybody at the SEC I'm not you know I'm Not I'm not repeating anything Untoward I I just I have a really bad Feeling that Some some stuff's coming and You know they've been systematically Attacking The the highest levels of success And I think they're about to go down Into the D5 space and And look if you can literally change the Rules after the game starts That's a tough environment For Founders and entrepreneurs and Investors to win right I mean literally If you dribbled across half court in a Basketball game and they said oh You know we changed the rules you can't Cross half court anymore I mean that rule actually existed in Oklahoma Uh up until like the 1990s for women not Not for guys but for women I had to play Three on three you had to pass the Defense said to pass the ball the Offense and you couldn't go across Mid-court

So you know the average person trying to Play basketball would say that doesn't Make any sense and so if if suddenly Anyone who transacted in defy Is now criminal I mean come on really I Mean that's some crazy stuff or I Shouldn't say criminal you violated Security's law it doesn't make it Criminal but but you know violated Securities lost that's crazy stuff and I Think I think we're that close again don't Don't know for sure but but I just have A really bad feeling that Um reading the tea leaves that's what it It looks like is is coming next How big a deal is the BlackRock ETF Application because to me it seems that Damn Bitcoin is is free and clear Um now more than ever yeah yeah oh look It's huge and look I've been talking About this for a long time you know Everybody was applying and you know the Wink of us Twins and Vanek and and uh my Friends at um A bunch of different firms Um you know we're we're trying to get an ETF approved and I said zero chance like No chance any one of those was going to Get approved people said well why Because BlackRock is the only one that's Ever going to get approved if it doesn't Even they haven't even you know applied Yet like they will and they'll get

Approved and so why do you think that Like well because they're part of the Tent right you're either Under the Tent Or outside the tent and all of us who Are trying to disrupt those Under the Tent Look the trust business Has had a great 800 years That's a long run 800 years of us the plebs trusting the Banksters to safeguard our money and we Pay it's a crazy stat we pay globally Seven trillion dollars with a t Every year For banking Assurance auditing brokerage All the the trust industry financial Services broadly speaking seven Trill Every year And the truth technology right we're Going from trust to truth with Blockchains Can get rid of most of that if not all Of it they don't like that right because That's somebody's revenue and those People are really powerful they make the Laws it's the Golden Rule he who has the Gold makes the rules so Those under the 10 are going to do Everything they can to keep those Outside the tent from getting inside And if that means changing the rules so That they Get to control it now I actually got an Interesting debate this morning with one

Of my partners Which is kind of interesting because I Would consider him pretty far out there On the the decentralization Spectrum and He's like well You know there's no decentralization It's gone you know they've got they've Got control of all the on-ramps the Off-ramps they can put you in jail like You know Andrew sight and Andrew Tate Like well look You go to Romania All bets are off it's like that movie About the guy was smuggling hashish and Turkey right you go into a foreign Country And break some laws I yeah you might get In trouble but I don't think just for Transacting in in Bitcoin you go to jail In the United States at least yet Um but they could pass that law too so He was really down and I was like wow I'd never seen that before and I'm still Of the belief that we can win in fact I Believe we have one right if you're in This space if you're pursuing this Technology You know the fourth part of the quote Right after then they fight you is then You win from Mandela although Mandela Didn't say it some other somebody else Said it for him but Um I can never remember that guy's name Either which is sad because I should

Give him credit but uh we should look That and put it in the show notes but Let's do it um I I do feel like It is a huge deal and I think it sets The stage for A pretty meaningful bull market which You know look I I declared crypto Summer Started on June 15th and I said that Months ago and it's funny because well Why like well it's just the seasonality Of how it works it's four year cycle and You break it into four pieces and June 15th was when we went from Spring to Some I mean from Winter to Spring a year Ago and so June 15th was was going to be The Equinox this year now I again I had No idea that was going to be the day Of the BlackRock announcement and it's Literally the bottom like It's been up only since last Wednesday Or Thursday whatever day that was Um That's weird right I mean that's that's An odd an odd thing but It's fully Expected when Big institutions big organizations Wealthy investors have been doing this For years I tweeted this out earlier Today it's the oldest trick in the book Right if you want to buy a lot of Something what do you do

You on it right when George Soros Wanted to Corner the market in Copper Right what did he do He didn't go out and buy a bunch of Copper he went out and sold a bunch of Copper and spread rumors that copper was Going to zero Then you swoop in and buy a whole bunch After the price collapses and big Institutions been doing that Elon does That all the time and all kinds of stuff That's That's big operators operate is you Don't go buy it and then tell everybody You bought it and everybody clap and Watch it go up you want to buy it Cheaper so that's what I think went on Last year is because again not a Coincidence the day of the peak in 2021 Was the day they allowed the Bitcoin Futures ETF to happen I mean it's the day Well why does that matter well because The banks and people like BlackRock Could go naked short You could create paper Negative Bitcoin You do a short Bitcoin and that pushed The price down and got all the weekends To fold all the leverage out of the System Then they sacrificed FTX to make it Appear that you know bad people doing Bad things

Even though there's not much going on There I mean it's it's kind of like FTX To me reminds me of of Madoff right they Called Madoff a hedge fund problem But there was no hedge and there was no Fund I mean he hadn't made a trade in 13 Years there was no hedging going on And he was literally his brother-in-law Was taking the money and putting it in Bernie's account there was no fund it Was just it was just a bad person doing Bad stuff And that's the same thing it's all Alameda was this big trading firm no no They weren't look at look at the data They were not big they they were not Sophisticated they were not good they Lost their ass in Luna which Precipitated this whole thing so I think it was part of the whole Wrapping it all back to choke point I Think it was all part of the the Kabuki Theater to make people afraid Just like the Silicon Valley Bank Run Was part of the Kabuki theater to make People afraid of banks well why would You want to make people afraid of banks Well because they're going to give you a Solution coming up pretty soon call the Cbdc And if you people think that's a Solution you're just not paying Attention right you should be very very Very afraid of cbdc's

Mark final question again for the Audience all your links are down below In the video description you talk about On Twitter a lot Edge or you know alpha Or advice today in crypto what's an edge You have in your mind You know Edge to me is Is what makes great Players investors people artists Whatever it is great right so what what Defines greatness and there are lots of Different edges right in investing you Could in the olden days you could have An informational Edge Literally you could get information Before other people And it wasn't illegal right you could go Meet a CEO and you could ask him Questions that other people couldn't ask And him or her and and you could get Edge then they you know outlawed that With regulation FD you're not allowed to Go talk to people that other people Can't talk to him why that's just good Research that's just good access that's So not if you're pay to play but but if You're just doing good work or so then It was about An analytical Edge you could build a Better model Well then and everyone had models then It became a speed Edge right if you Moved your computers closer to the Exchange so you could get the

Information faster Okay and now that edge is eroded because Everybody's got high frequency Trading So then it became you got to own the Market makers so it was a scale Edge Right everybody trades through Citadel Like I still don't understand why anyone Would borrow stock from Citadel to go Short Because they'll just squeeze you right Why why would anyone do that why I don't Understand but people do and he makes a Lot of money I mean Ken's probably the Smartest guy I've ever met in my life I Mean the guy's mad genius but Um Says a long winding answer to say Edge Can be many many things but Edge Maybe the greatest Edge And I I hate gives them you know I'm in Chapel Hill and I'm a you know tar heel Fan even though I'm a Notre Dame person That's my sign up there but I have to give credit to Coach K because He's the one that said this to me I was You know talking with him you know Probably 15 years ago and says you know What separates the great players from The average players I'm like well I have some ideas but You're going to tell me so okay I'm I'm Game and he said well the average player As to your investor or anybody really Always focuses on the last play

And think about we just saw the Basketball finals how many times you see It someone misses a shot and they go Back commit a stupid foul because They're thinking about missing the shot Says a great player Always focuses on the next play Right they don't even remember taking The shot total Erasure go back play good Defense steal the ball make a layup And the same thing's true here if if You're constantly focused on the last Play you know the last time someone Screwed you or the last time the Government came after you or the last Time you had a loss or the you know the Last time you missed an opportunity You're never going to do anything right Be paralyzed by fear or an action the Great Edge is the ability to constantly Be looking forward to constantly be Learning from your failures you know the The great coach Dean Smith uh said Jeff To Ralph right when you make a mistake And we all make mistakes you got to Recognize it okay the hardest part Admitting it that's hard because we all Have ego we don't want to say we're Wrong Um you learn from it then you got to Forget it and that forgetting that's the Common theme you got to Forget You Gotta You know go forward and For me right now in crypto the edge is

Uh It's not over right it's not the end It's not even the beginning of the end It's the end of the beginning and so This technology is going to win and We're all going to win But we have to keep focusing on the next Play and are there things that people Were focused on that are going to get Shut down 100 100 Right there are things that are going to Be deemed Securities they're going to Get shut down and we're gonna have to Move on from that uh are we gonna have To play by a different set of rules kind Of like a combo set of rules while then They fight you phases on yep it's not Going to be fully decentralized all the Time Um because the incumbents don't like it Will we win yep we'll win but You just gotta keep Getting back up dust yourself off you Know it's the old adage fall down seven Times get up eight and Um You know Channel Mandela right you know He went to jail for what he believed and Uh came out stronger and and made a huge Impact on the world so yes they will Fight us But if you're here and you're in and You're in the this business if you're

Watching this we've already won Um maybe I don't feel like it right now But we've won Mark thanks man links your stuff down Below uh thank you


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