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Are we worried about Mark Cuban's Financial status right now why is he Selling everything off why is he leaving Everything we know he's from he's Running for president Mark Cuban is not Running for president so why is he Selling everything what does billionaire Mark Cuban know that we don't okay so Not only Mark Cuban quit Shark Tank Which he has been a staple for a long Time retire from Shark Tank he also sold The majority of the Dallas Mavericks but Will still be the operating partner Meaning does Mark expect a deeper market Crash Mark Cuban is leaving Shark Tank And people think it's because he's Running for president but he told us This morning he's not so what's going on By the way this is Creator Austin Hankwitz breaking it down in 60 seconds Mark cubin is now no longer investing on Shark Tank and he just cashed in on his Biggest investment with the last time This happened being in 1999 when he sold His company for 5.5 Billion exactly 11 months before the Stock market crashed by 83% I mean the Guy timed the market pretty well here Selling in 1999 and some people think That that's what he's doing now timing The market before a big crash coming in 2024 if we head over to the US leading Economic indicators we can see the US Economy declined again in October after

A pause in September the Lei signaled a Recession in October and it's not Looking great and sure online shopping On Black Friday hit a record 10 billion But according to Adobe by now payador Financing increased 47% this year Suggesting people aren't spending their Money but instead taking on debt coming In at a time where Americans also have a Record 1.3 trillion in credit card debt So you tell me is Mark cubin just Hanging it up and retiring or is he Cashing in on a major investment before A crash in 2024 just like he did in 1999 And understanding the timeline of Mark Cuban's cash outs could give us better Insight on what Mark expects in 20124 You see in 1982 Mark started his micro Solutions company it was a tech company Software company way back in the early 80s he sold that 8 years later for over 6 million in 1995 he co-founded four years later at the Height of the internet bubble he sold That for 5.7 billion that's how he Became a billionaire with the internet Bubble then in 2000 he bought the Mavs For a in retrospect very cheap $285 Million they won their title in 2011 and The Mavs sale is the bigger here because I totally understand his reasoning for Stepping down from Shark Tank it's time He said why he's leaving Shark Tank After 16 Seasons but again the Mavs the

Mavs is such a bigger part of his Identity there must be a pretty big Reason to get him to sell let's look at The totality of the deal why $3.5 Billion valuation so he's going to be Pocketing two to three billion dollars In this deal um and and I think for him Keeping a stake he's going to continue To have a stake in the Mavericks so he's Still a minority uh owner I'm told in The Mavericks and he's going to have Basketball operations control so final Say in all basketball decisions moving Forward the why in this deal was at the End of the day Mark Cuban they needed an Infusion of cash they needed an overhead Someone to come in to partner with Mark Cubin because there's two things that Mark cubin has been trying to do for the Last two years Pat that's one he wants To build a new arena in Dallas and the Other thing is he wants to build a Casino District in Dallas from what I'm Told so partnering with the Alon family They're a casino Tycoon Mark hban Believes with their backing with their Support with their partnership they're Going to be able to really funnel Billions of dollarss in the marketplace In Dallas and this yeah the sell the Sales for three billion but he believes This will be hundreds of millions and Billion potentially annually in revenue From from Casino district from a new

Arena and everything around that City so Selling his Dallas NBA team to get a Cash in injection and buy a Dallas Casino that makes sense but again timing Is everything he knows when it's time to Take profit and actually fellow Billionaires who are friends of his who Have recently spoke well of him I I love Mark cubin he is a kind man he's a smart Man uh I've spent some time with him I've podcasted with him uh he throws his Hat in the ring and I will certainly Have have dinner with him multiple Billionaires are also projecting If the Fed doesn't cut soon That's trouble in 2024 I think the Economy will slow a lot in the first Quarter uh the FED will be cutting rates Uh you know who knows exactly when but End the first quarter beginning the Second quarter and what's important is When you have a shift right when you go From the tiing mindset to The Cutting Mindset you don't know are they going to Cut 50 are they going to cut 25 25 are They going to go 100 if the things look Bad right if inflation settles at 2% Real rates are too high and so the The the uncertainty around the Bullishness of the FED right the doish Of the fed or the bullishness for Markets will create the animal spirits The same way the bearishness did and so The yield Curve will go uh to positively

Sloped right it's still negative sloped 23s is I think minus 20 uh that'll go to Plus 60 plus 80 plus 100 um and so some Of these TR Trends are just starting Right the dollar which had been the Dominant currency for a long time all of A sudden will sell off and you're seeing That and so it feels like it could be The beginning of a big Trend shift Bill Akman another fellow billionaire of Marks the markets are assuming that There's going to be a Fed discount cut Sometime next year you have a view on What the fed's likely to do I think They're going to cut rates and uh you I Think they're going to cut rates sooner Than people expect so I think there's a A risk of a hard Landing If the Fed Doesn't start cutting rates you know Pretty soon so you I think the market Expects sometime middle of next year I Think it's more likely probably as early As q1 and while Mark cubin has been very Vocal in the past about crypto in fact He still owns his tokens madic injective And arbitrum this is all public Mark Cuban publishes this to Mark Cuban and actually in an Exclusive interview from a few years ago With Mark cubin on altcoin daily Mark Shares his whole portfolio from what I I Looked on your website you list all your Crypto companies injective seems to be The lowest cap one in your portfolio is

There another low cap altcoin that's Just on your radar that you find Value In um low cap altcoin I mean I'm a fan Of CLA um CLA da right which used to be Highcap now it's about a $30 million Market cap and I'll take a step back to Explain why a couple years ago I went And bought some um carbon offsets Because I wanted to offset my personal And corporate um carbon footprint I own CLA I own ape I own some BLT blocko Because it's um um wallets for Flow injective um Altha which is the um Integrating artificial intelligence to Um to nft so that's probably the other One and I like ocean as well guys this Is an ongoing story I would love to know What you think Mark has not stated Anything publicly yet but he has a Pretty good track record of cashing out Within months of the top I personally Think that this is the reason that he Has not sold his crypto yet again this Is my speculation is that crypto's fine He's he stated publicly time and time Again that he is bullish on the space Even today even post 2021 I personally Think that the NBA they're doing fine Now but maybe in 5 years 3 years when LeBron officially retires I mean he Brings in so many eyeballs as well as They're forced to compete with streaming Again it's just a big unknown where TV Will be Mark's just taken profits

Because of those unknowns again shark Tank is on traditional TV that's only Going down and yeah they're killing it Now but you tell me what you think like Always see tomorrow


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