Marc Benioff on stakeholders

But look if you're in San Francisco and You're the largest employer in San Francisco like we are it's also going to Be about the homeless you can see that When we walk in here down the street You're looking into the eyes of those People who are on the street who the They have to be one of my key Stakeholders that's why we fought so Aggressively for Proposition C Yeah you Mentioned it in the books really Important to us yeah who are your key Stakeholders right and yes it's going to Be those Public Schools it's going to be It's going to be the the women inside Your organization they're going to be a Key stakeholder that's why we fight for Equal pay for equal work that's why That's so important to us right Um it could be for our lgbtq employees That's why we went to Indiana but in all Cases we're looking at not just our Shareholder return we're looking at our Stakeholder return and that has really Created a company that we can look back And say not only you know have we done Well but we've also done good


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