MakerDAO is Building On Solana?!

Run who's the co-founder of maker saying That he thinks the salana core Technology is the right thing for them To build the future of maker on and this Is a fork of Sal this is taking the Sal Code base and deploying it in a Permissioned environment and they're Going to be doing all sorts of other Work with that code base to make it fit Their needs but this is sort of a real Strong endorsement of the core Technology powering the salana Blockchain but to be clear this is a Separate Network someone is setting up The same way that polygon is not Ethereum this would be a separate Network that's really a primi Network That meets the needs of what maker needs To meet that being said these things are Incredibly important for the adoption of The technology over the long term we Need more developers who know how to Program on the sauna virtual machine and Maker has a lot of great developers Working on it run is a real OG in the Space and for him to say that hey we Built our core product on ethereum but Like looking at the technology we see Salana and its technology as the future Of the maker Dow that's a huge Endorsement


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