[Applause] Hi TechCrunch my name is Josh Berg I'm The director of innovation Ventures at Magna so at Magna Innovation Ventures we Look to partner with and invest in Startup companies around the globe that Are looking to disrupt the future of the Automobile and the future of the Automotive industry You know any one of us can walk outside And look around and we intuitively Understand that Mobility is ripe for Disruption but what you may not realize And if you're a startup playing in this Space you probably have come to learn Very quickly it's just that the Automotive industry is really difficult It's just a tough place to break into It's hard to sell into there's a complex Webs of regulations around safety Security privacy and also there's Immense engineering and Manufacturing Challenges and that's where Magna comes To play we're one of the world's largest Tier one Automotive suppliers and what That means is that we design engineer And manufacture Automotive components in 28 countries with 347 Global Manufacturing facilities we really Understand Automotive in fact in many Cases we build Vehicles end to end for Some of the world's largest automakers So if you're a technology company Looking to disrupt the future of

Mobility come talk to Magna we can help Auto qualify your concept and we can go To market together and disrupt this Space And So speaking of disruption I'd Like to announce this year's winner of The future Mobility disruptor award and The winner is KDs King's distributed Systems I'm so excited about this Company Yeah absolutely clap Uh what they've done is they've built a Distributed uh compute uh protocol and Really what that is is it's essentially A platform that allows us to unlock the Underutilized compute capacity of Devices that we use every day things Like our cell phones or our laptops but Also with the proliferation of smart Sensors and connected vehicles on our Roads there's an immense opportunity Here and that's why we chose KDs we're Really excited about the company and by Virtue of winning this award they also Get a 10 000 check from Magna Innovation Ventures and the opportunity to Collaborate with us at our Global Headquarters with our RNG Engineers so Thanks TechCrunch and congrats Great thanks Josh [Applause]


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