Lucid Motors hits a new record | TechCrunch

The EV world has been pretty Topsy Turvy Over the past year or so with price Wars A number of EV startups going bankrupt Fisker being the most recent one and Legacy automakers pretty much tapping The brakes on their plans to shift their Entire portfolios to all electric and so It's against that backdrop that we've Been paying pretty close attention to Those quarterly EV sales numbers Particularly with those EV startups like Rivan and Lucid Lucid reported that they Delivered $2,394 Vehicles in the second quarter which When you compare it let's say to Tesla That does not sound like a lot but it is Actually a new record for Lucen and that Is positive news for the Saudi backed Company because they've really struggled With carving out a share in that luxury Eveve Marketplace there are some caveats Of course to this positive news one is That lucid has one vehicle the air which Drives all of its Revenue that second Vehicle the gravity SUV isn't expected To go into production until the end of This year secondly the company has been Experimenting quite a bit with pricing When the air first came out prices Exceeded $100,000 at times and they've Been slashed now with the cheapest Version of the air priced at around $69,900 so because we don't have Detailed sales data we don't know which

Of these trims the cheapest or the most Expensive is actually hooking consumers


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