Low-Cap BNB Ecosystem Token (MULTISECTOR UTILITY) UNS Project Review

This is a very low cap Bap 20 token that Boasts a very interesting vision for Future utility B 20 token means BNB Chain it's called UNS UNS is sponsoring This video let me tell you what this Company is and then at the end I'll give You more of my thoughts when I say UNS Is a low cap token I mean this is a low Cap token I think that they actually Achieved page five or six on coin market Cap in their first 90 days and actually Now 100,000 Plus on their watch list I Was actually just listening to the CEO Explain exactly what Unice is what is UNS UNS is a Revolutionary Project based B20 token it Is hard for me to understand him at Points so let me just give you the broad Strokes UNS token is a multi- sector Utility be 20 token that enables in Connecting real life utilities to the Digital world UNS is focused on building Partnerships with various organizations In different sectors like agriculture Through Hydroponics farming education Solar energy health care and a crypto Exchange un bridging digital real world To real world utility by integrating Payments through UNS token in in the Essential sectors so we are still very Early for this project this is their Current shop they have plans to expand This shop but basically this is what They do as I understand it they are a

Multi- sector utility token that can be Used to purchase products and services And they focus on specific sectors also They're proud of the fact that their Tokenomics incentivize token ecosystem Growth here is the CEO explaining this How positively different is is UNS UNS Is positively different because not only Traders and hype determine the price of UNS like any other token the price of UNS is also determined by the kind of Profits we make in agriculture industry In education industry in energy industry In healthcare industry of course in the Meaningful blockchain Projects Dex centralized exchange own Blockchain platform and game ISM the profits made in all these Industries are directly linked to the Token which actually means the profits Made in all these industries are pumped To the Token because of which the Liquidity is beautifully maintained and The token is always standard UNS has Been audited by Vera chains read the Full report here also as I understand it Based on what the CEO is saying in this Video they have a un gism platform that Is in development let me talk something About gism platform my friends when you Cultivate vegetables and fruits Virtually on the gism platform you are Rewarded with UNS when you generate Electricity on gamm platform you are

Rewarded with ESS when you support the Public when you support the Patients you are rewarded with UNS on The gism platform and the most important Thing we want to spread blockchain Technology across the globe because Blockchain technology is transforming The world so when you answer BCT related Questions on gism platform you are Rewarded with UNS this is the kind of Social responsibility that we have when It comes to spreading the best possible Ideas across the globe so as I Understand it basically what the gism Platform offers users is rewards in UNS Token for engaging in Virtual activities Such as cultivating fruits and Vegetables generating electricity and Other things uh including things that Help spread crypto adoption as I Understand it this game is still in Development so we need to see what this Game looks like at some point UNS boasts A block completion time of Just 2 Seconds right now in testing on their Test net UNS won the best crypto use Case award at crypto Expo Dubai in 2023 best crypto use case and the winner Is UN [Applause] Bravo UNS your dedication have set a Remarkable standard you have impressed All of us here today everyone a huge Round of applause let's celebrate each

Other this is a celebration after All They have a blockchain summit in Dubai Coming up called Bitcoin enthusiasts at Dubai 2024 this is scheduled to happen From April 17th to April 21st 2024 They're planning to host a lot of great Speakers and participants they even Recently got government approval in Dubai to promote themselves on taxis Recently listed on pancake swap congrats To them for being recently listed on Pancake swap also prob bit now to be Honest with you though let me give you My thoughts my opinion on this project Is that they have a lot to prove they Are very very early that's obvious and They talk a big game we need to see less Talk or actually more tangible Partnerships products and users we need To see the game they talk about the game But besides the talk we need to see gaml Or be updated on development Milestones honestly nothing on their Website or any links they have lead me To believe that this game is close to Being released this shop needs to be Improved personally I'm not buying my Broccoli or spinach here in its current State this needs to look and actually be More like an Amazon which would be their Goal I would presume the CEO you can Feel his passion but in my opinion he's Not the best presenter for the company

And product in that he doesn't instill Confidence in me about the company or Product he really doesn't seem that Knowledgeable on the specifics of the Project or business to me now he has the Vision which is good he can talk about The vision but in my opinion we need to See more things that are tangible hey I Hope they rise to the occasion thank you UNS for sponsoring today's video


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